Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Running Snippets

1720h, 10-13-2009

This might not get published for a few days, so these are snippets during the odd time I have to key something in.

I finished up on pumpkin washing, 2.5 hours worth, and even in rain gear I was soaked up the arms and into the chest as I was loading the wet and clean ones into bins, and water runs down one's cuffs. I walked to the bus stop and waited for 30 min. until it came, (all the while the centre of vehicular and ambulatory weirds gangstalking), and I am still wet but not chilled. I need a shower to warm up more than anything, and lo, if the fuckers didn't plan to screw me around. The apartment building I live in is having "problems" with the hot water boiler, and no running hot water. Fucking absurd, the one day I want to get warm and I cannot. I suppose they are testing me out on the water's provenance; soaking me with Saanich Peninsula water at the worksite, and then I get to "wear it" for the next 5 hours while out at evening class on Oracle databases. Just the usual fuckery.

Course cough-stalker at it again, 3x

Weird on the bus standing at the exit for no reason and then giving me the suggestive eye while waiting at the rear exit doors, and then the asshole stood over where my seat was. She had the size and comportment of my ex, although I have never seen her before.

E. Indian face time as a coworker, in the greenhouse and outside. Picking red strawberries with him, and then later washing pumpkins with him opposite, 2' away. His brown skinned hands were made to be horribly greenish from the mercury arc lighting and/or perp fuckery. The perps made sure I looked at them plenty and was turned off by their color.

10-17-2009, Saturday
More jerkarounds; why doesn't Microsoft supply a fucking zip application with Windows? I get blocked on downloading the software, and after a day has passed and the notion of using the IE browser has been planted and worked, now I get an error messing in the Install Shield about a fucking proxy error. Excuse the profanity, but this has been a five day endeavor to date, all to get Oracle SQLDeveloper installed as part of my course work learning. One infernal obstruction after another on this front, begining with them totally blocking me with forced typos, wrong file names, wrong command use and the rest of it while in class. I was ready to walk out if this is the kind of entrenched and insane level of abuse I get for taking, and attempting to learn, Oracle SQL, all to re-establish me back to when the assholes ran me out of an IT job in 2002. And not to mention the follow-on imposed learning disabilities they keep hammering me with, as some of the material has been totally forgotten when I studied it last week, in book form, and when in class. Needless to say, I am roundly pissed that I am getting hammered with imposed adversity, even down to getting the page in the book I want from the index, at every moment on the IT course work front. They either leave me alone of I do it next year when the assholes may have calmed down some, screwing me over on other fronts.

Other obstructing bullshit today was the abortive attempt to get my tan-through shirts repaired, as the hems are unravelling, no doubt another imposed act of sabotage. For the last three weeks it was something that I intended to do on a Saturday, just like a year ago when I had to get my new underwear repaired to lower the waistband 2". But no, it wasn't allowed; I get there and the alterations shop is closed, and the new opening hours don't include today, a Mon. - Fri. opening now. The blonde babe (Favored) gangstalker was standing there only 6' away when I came to this determination, sucking on a cigarette. Then when I turned to head to the grocery store with my two shirts in a plastic bag under my arm, she tailed me with her clattering heels. It has been raining all morning so far, and may have abated in the last 20 minutes since going online for the first time today.

It was the perp's favorite game, before noon, to have me doing laundry, this time sheets which they schedule every two weeks. This is the same set, as I don't have a second set, going from the dryer to the bed. It has been this way for a decade or more, pre-overt abuse days even, so only when I develop a sudden "need" to purchase a second set will I know that the assholes are making any progress on the laundry/bedsheet games that are so important to them. The ex was terrible at laundering sheets, worse than me, like every four weeks, and I was rendered to be too demotivated to undertake this task myself. Now I know why.

As a minor aside, the perps seem to like me to add the big thick wool work socks into the same laundry load, as they dirty them up each day, even if I have been working inside all day, or outside wearing my gumboots. This relates to their footwear fetish, and the fact that my co-workers all seem to gather around when I change out of my hiking boots into gumboots. They also go still at that juncture, moving very little, save one assigned gangstalker. Another time, they had an E. Indian stand exactly over the location that my hiking boots were positioned for half the day when wearing company supplied gumboots that day. The E. Indian was on the phone at that time, but he did look rather contorted to be on the phone and stand on the exact location of my hiking boots the day before.

I was obliged to part with some cash to get Winzip as another zip file program failed on install, per above machinations. I suppose this might have been a big deal for the sickos, as they constantly stalk me at the checkout, which they did with some lug dude moving in too close for comfort while I entered my debit card details. The debit card swipe "somehow" didn't work the first time when the lug gangstalker was 4' away, and just before swiping the card for the second time, the dude moved in close, too close for my acceptable interpersonal distance, and was that much closer while the second debit card entry did work. The assholes cannot get enough action around me when purchasing something, anywhere, any method (checkout, online credit card etc.).

On a more positive note, but no less arranged, I "discovered" (read, was mind-fucked into noticing) that I was nearly 15lb less than I was 8 months ago, and with no significant dietary or exercise causal. I stood on the pallet weigh scale at the farm, and weighed in at 186lb with my hiking boots on, which would have to be 180 to 182lb next of boots and clothing. The annoying part of this is that I was mind-fucked into not noticing where I lost so much weight. For the record, I have consistently been 195lb since 2003, no matter if I hiked some 3x/week, or walked for 2 city block hours and a weight lifting 2 times per week. And in May 2007, I reduced my lunch and dinner intake by half, and this did nothing to change my weight. Anyhow, it is for the good, no matter how covertly it was applied and dithering me out of even noticing.

Chocolate time (with tea) was concurrent with a rain downpour. It has been raining most of the day, and then it let up in the early afternoon, the sky was bright even, but the rain came back. Newcomers must wonder why I mention this, but time without fail, there are (usually) adverse weather events time to my own circumstances that have added perp interest, such as ingesting brown colored food, putting my shirt back on when outside in the summer, entering and exiting the same store, and the last most significant one, starting a rainstorm as I wheeled out my bare wood Ikea KD furniture after purchase three weeks ago.

More fuckery; a 40 min. download of Oracle 11g database software, and it was unzipped at the same time, and now I cannot find where in the fuck it went to. No desktop/atartpage icons, nothing in the Programs list, nothing in the Recently Used list etc. Now I am looking for it with Windows Explorer. I have all downloads set up to copy files to C:|Temp, and none of the 1.73 Gb of data is there. These "download hunts" have been going on for the past five years, so this is nothing new, except that they stopped doing this after letting me find out where in the browser to set this up, but it is now fucked with again.

Now, as I continue to play "hunt and seek" on the PC, the assholes sent an aftershave lotion smell under my nose, then concurrently started hallway noise to the right, and outside bus noise to the left. Every thing I do is of substantial interest to the assholes, and they like to let me know. Yesterday the assholes were giving me the floating effects, caused by de-energizing one's temple lobes of one's brain.

All that downloading, 40 minutes worth, and the files have gone missing. And when attempting to re-download it, why, the download button has been stripped from the page that it was on. Another fucking jerkaround on this front, now running a week long.

A new download using IE somehow is working for "some reason". This has been the latest; fucking with Firefox and stripping out links or their usual colored web pages annotations (underlining in color) and then having the same page changed with IE. The entire Oracle single-sign on was blocked using my usual email address, and then it "worked" by using my shaw.ca email. Very frustrating to say the least, and I am sure that I don't know how much fuckery really goes on.

More screaming at the assholes when they blocked me ordering from a website. They already had me go on the phone to tell the credit card company to add a shipping address, and then they turn around and remove more click instructions on the buttons, this time in the suddenly compromised IE browser. Back to phone ordering, should that be availible. I get these fucking "certificate" messages all the time, and it seems like an excuse to fuck me over with a standardized dialog box that goes nowhere.

After re-downloading the Oracle 11g for Windows, I still get an error message that it cannot be run after it was unzipped. And what is it that Winzip still uses those fugly graphics and then makes it worse by using vague icon terms like "New" when they mean "Create". I could never get a handle on why they do this, and it has become a major obsession, duly planted to mind, of the day.

Finally, I was allowed to figure out Winzip, the difference between a file and a directory name, and am now unpacking it. Another cognitive jerkaround, as if I haven't had enough today.

The PC builder never got back to me since 10-09-2009, even after replying to his email that day (going backwards) and then sending a RESEND email to him. Since he pulled this "go quiet" act in September, and twice this month, it is time to cut him lose and get my PC components somewhere else. Like Newegg, where the shopping cart is readied for action, and awaiting a price drop on a specific item. Funny how some people just drag their ass even when dollar bills are waved under their noses. Now that the model of all-encompassing conspiratorial adversity is understood, it all makes sense.

Now I find out that all my effort to load SQLDeveloper on this PC is naught, as it has gone "missing". Not in the programs list, not on the desktop, and not in the list for changing the programs of Windows. I have never had an installed application go "missing" like this, another never-before event in a day of endless PC hacking and fuckery.

A busy day with getting the salsa made to the point I could take it to my mother's place and get it through the food processor. The perps are jerking me around with cutting up the ingredients, and then rage-ifying me with lateral flying crumbs and scraps that take unconventional trajectories while being cut with a knife. I had two fuckwits accompanying me when outbound at the bus stop. And at least 100 ambulatory Fuckwits coursing by at 1000h on a Sunday morning, which is absurd for that bus stop. With the salsa ingredients in a sealable glass dish, I was mightily pissed that it leaked some into my backpack, and also that I wasn't allowed the use of a plastic bag to prevent such a predictable outcome. For some reason, it didn't leak on the way back, then inside a plastic bag I had to scrounge for at my parent's place.

It took three passes to get all the salsa put through the small food processor, and the perps made sure there was plenty of hopping crumbs that landed on surfaces and objects that were highly improbable from the conventional notions of gravity. And with the house empty, they made sure to enrage me all the more; I have been 100% accurate in predicting extra rage-ification fuckery when at someone else's empty house, e.g. in-town brother's, and mother's.

I should note that I am using up the last of the tomatoes my mother grew this year, the ones she fed Weed 'n Feed to. The active ingredient of it is 2-4D for crissakes, and she put it on the tomatoes, the very same ones I pureed. I have never made salsa before, and I am sure the perps have a huge red salsa on brown tortilla test to continue, as they have been doing many more color swappings of late; brown in front of red, vice versa, then green and red and vice versa, and so it goes. Regular readers will know that each morning I put brown peanut butter on my gluten free light grey colored bread, and then they rage-fy me 99% of the time when the red jam is placed on the peanut butter. Adding crumbs or crumb sensations to my fingertips is a regular provocation, as it flicking the ingredients around on the plate, counter or floor, and then not allowing me to clean the knife dry by keeping lineal beads of jam on the knife no matter how many times I wipe it on a bare bread corner.

I did the firewood removal from my mother's property and took it a former work colleague who has MS and cannot even use his hands. I reckon the perps savored me reversing the vehicle in the driveway to load it, putting the firewood in it on brown canvas tarps, putting the rear seat down, and having plenty of dirt and crud accompanying the firewood in and out of the vehicle. I was yet again, fucked around in not finding the intended house as planned, which is now the new norm whenever I go to a new or infrequent location. Last year they royally screwed me over and scrambled my sense of direction on this same mission to the same location. This year they let me read the map in advance, but sent me off to the wrong block, and had a nearby street ripped up to thwart my intended route. I cannot believe the amount of fucking effort that goes into jerking me around like this.

I had my double red vehicle escort while headed to my colleague's house, and one was a heavy duty pickup truck with high stakes that contained at least 1.5 cubinc yards of wet soil. The perps are always keen on having me see and contact soil of various kinds, and this was the deep black organic kind, not too different from the compost pile I am gestating at my mother's place. Regular readers will know that the perps are silly over composting, and that they like to have me involved with it to some extent. Ms. C of the story even got her "masters" composting ticket, whatever that is.

I though I had get some more pictures in, as I have been quite slack on blogging as I am so busy with the evening course and the farm work. All to fund more evening classes should the disability program jerk me around for a second round in the new year.

Some pics;

Another of those strange reflections that finds it way into my apartment; pre-overt harassment, I never saw such odd reflections as well as ones that can find me six stories up. Taken 08-22-2009; nothing else is too odd or unusual about this picture.

Yes, there was a legit fire in one suite in View Towers, but six firetrucks plus supporting vehicles, one ambulance and one police vehicle? All to spread the yellow colors and the vehicular mass they like to plant on me. Taken 08-27-2009, 1632h. Some of the fire trucks are not visible in the picture as I happened upon this event on my way to my apartment and got a better view of this clusterfuck. As above, this is all legit to a point, except for the excessive numbers of firetrucks, but to be fair, I am no expert on how they go about fire call outs for tall resident

A red and white vehicle pair in the lower left corner, one of the color combination hallmarks that every TI sees, especially for the absurd frequency of encountering vehicles that are backing up in their proximity, red and white lights ablaze. The ambulance is in the livery of the provincial fleet, and one can assume the perps have sufficient influence to ensure such a large service is painted their chosen colors, (white and red, cube van on the right side, parked at the street).

Enough of my bloggings, time to post this. If any more riotous abuse erupts I will tack it on the end.

More vexations on the web browser front. The assholes have begun to degrade Firefox on some sites, stripping out essential buttons and panels. So... I go to IE and lo, if it isn't all there in technicolor and detail. And lo, if it doesn't work, and even will display My Account in newegg when it doesn't accept it in Firefox. Then, with a pending pre-order of Windows 7 I got for half price in July, I want to add an Oracle text that has the exam guides. But both browsers are coming out trashed, but there was sufficient half buttons with a half displayed action description for me to change the shipping address and the credit card info. The deal is that I have to ask the Amazon.ca folks to add the Oracle text to my existing order for crissakes. These jerkarounds as to what I order, from which browser, with which items are getting extreme and fucking stupid. Never mind it costs me a whole lot of grief, and if this one doesn't work out, more needless expense.


Anonymous said...

Hi John its Greydove, long time no speak.

I have a good one for you- on the train home as usual. Was minding my business eating a sandwich, in a private booth, two-seater on my way home- later than normal, when a stretched faced female perp walks in.

Complete with extra pancake foundation, bright red, overdrawn lipstick and dark sunglasses .....at 7:30pm.

I knew it was gonna be a bad one, but luckily she didn't sit next to me. Instead, she sat next to a poor normie eating his dinner- a slice of pizza and reading the paper. She selected a seat RIGHT next to him although there were two directly across from him, and many other empty seats around the train car. He was forced to shift around a bit to balance his plate and newspaper. I was outraged for him.

Poor guy was so calm about it, I actually smiled at him in sympathy and he smiled back! She of course had a s****load of packages and rustled them around rearranging them for about two minutes full for no obvious reason. First placing one on the seat, rustling it into position a few times, then placing it on the floor between her feet. She just couldn't stop trying to get attention.

Oh and she also gave a BIG sigh when she sat down. Just so everyone could notice she had ...arrived.

Then she took out her headphones and unraveled them by stretching her entire arm out into the poor man's personal space. I was watching the whole thing. He looked up when she did this, but still didn't appear annoyed. I would have gotten up and left.

Anyway, just when you thought she had completed her fussing, she digs in her bag for a few moments, takes out a mirror and begins to REAPPLY MORE lipstick over her distorted red mouth (which by the way was artificially inflated through silicon injections)

She had taken off her glasses by now, and her eyes were some of the blackest I've ever seen. Still the poor man ate his pizza, calmly, apparently undisturbed. Oh, he was a trooper!

Now here's the kicker, and the reason I knew I had a direct hit on this perp. She then GOT UP and MOVED to another seat before the train left the station!!!!!!!!!

After all that.......She didn't even stay in that seat. And do you know why????

Because she hadn't gotten under his skin!!!! She hadn't gotten her energy meal and she was trolling, looking for someone to irritate.

It was so obvious, and I'm just glad I was able to witness it first hand.

Hope you're doing well.


Anonymous said...

One thing perps seem to be doing is throttling my internet. My cable modem connection crawls slower than a dial-up at times. I can guess what they are doing, but in case it's coincidental, I don't want to say what it is; don't want to give them any ideas.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hi John its Greydove...

I am doing as well as expected, given the total capture of my being by remote means. They mostly run me like the real me, but add at least 50 vexations per day to keep me vocalizing. Many hundreds of fake touches, most often on the inside of my arms, per day, and so it goes.

As for that vignette you conveyed about the train booth and the female instignator that arrived, and then departed. The perps like to place very strange people as minor disruption agents. Though, an alternate take would be that the pizza eater wasn't a normie, but part of the show, and designed for you to express sympathy for him. The perps like to sometimes create sympathetic characters for me to engage with, however briefly and often by visual means only.

Thanks for dropping by.

AJH said...

Answer to; One thing perps seem to be doing...

The internet speed and PC processor speed are of interest to the perps, as well at the colors of the wires and PCB circuit boards in one's computer. I suspect they are measuring things that just aren't widely known in our present physical world. This PC's parts will mostly be given to my perp abetting mother in a few weeks, so I suspect this will generate another round of intense "color stalking", in all its various forms.