Thursday, October 29, 2009

Helicopter Days

Here is an interesting link, Gang Stalk Denial Syndrome. Even my doctor says I am being persecuted, so I am in alignment with his clinical determination.

1945h 10-30-2009
A semi-eventful day today; the 2010 Winter Olympics torch run was in town, and when looking the intinerary in the newspaper it looked like I would be avoiding all the worst of the nonsense, as it would be travelling in the opposite direction to me. But lo, if the head honcho at the farm didn't give us some off-work time to have us farm workers go out and see the event as it would be stopping nearby. We all piled in the bus and went there, likely for a major gangstalking show. The PA system didn't have enough power so I could barely hear the proceedings, and the RCMP helicopter was circling overhead the entire time, to give us more speech drowning-out time. A farce as far as I was concerned, but a break from cabbage picking all day. Later I did weeding in the greenhouse, much more amenable as laboring work goes. At the Olympic torch presentation there had to been at least 20 police out doing their back-and-forths, not to mention planting themselves in my line of vision when the stage was occupied. A roving cameraman was also on obstruction duty when the torch bearer came by. The torch bearers were dressed in white, with same-white tight hoodies, and looked decidedly clinical, research clinical even.

While picking cabbages in the open fields this morning there was plenty of helicopter action, at least a dozen fly-pasts, and they were doing some tricky piloting in the stiff breeze that was scripted for today. Said breeze was used as an excuse to blow the empty cabbage boxes off the truck, and have me retrieving them from a ditch in the lee of the breeze. Yet another delay in getting going with the job; there has been a number of "forgets" (weigh scale, wrong cabbage type boxes, etc.) of late to cause someone to go back or else delay our departure. Later, two boxes "showed up" in the upwind direction, and when I asked the foreman how on earth they could of got there, he just grinned.

Another traffic accident, though not a convincing one, on the S. bound lane of Hwy 17 held up the bus for 20 minutes when homebound, and I couldn't help noticing there was at least eight vehicles parked on the side of the highway similar to the putative accident site. All the flashing lights were there, police and ambulances, and one mushed in red colored vehicle at the side of the road, but I wasn't really convinced there was an accident for sure, and not a delivered wreck to simulate an one. I have been past countless vehicle accidents since the harassment bullshit started in 04-2002, and mostly the site lacks any convincing evidence of an impact. I have made this observation known to my few vehicle passengers at the time, and they all went quiet.

The delay of the city bus from the above putative accident was also augmented by the assholes shutting it down afterward in mid-route for some strange reason. I couldn't believe it; they were doing a driver switchover at the usual location, and then "decided" to take the bus to the maintenance depot instead. I walked the extra ten minutes, and lo, if the vehicular traffic wasn't ready for me; high speed road traffic and they were massed as if the commute was on, when it was the wrong direction at the wrong time. I reckon the perps must of put on at least 5,000 vehicles today to aid their gangstalking madness.

Once I got back to my place, they kept the helicopter noise on overhead, heard through the windows and walls, and during my dinner making, eating and doing the dishes. It was still on an hour later for my laundry doings, a regular work day feature now. And through all of this, the assholes started up their provocations to keep me ranting and rage-ified by my "reactions" (read, mind-fuck script). They like to nail me when I get back and through my apartment door, and kept it up with simulated touches, fingertip jabbing, fingertip burning sensations from nothing hot, crumbs that aren't allowed to be picked up but can mysteriously hop from my fingers, spillings, food flicking, olive oil flicking, planting of dog hair on my countertop, and hammering my speech with impediments while screaming at the assholes for another provocative incursion. Lets see, "only" 40 rage-ifications while the helicopter was circling outside for whatever reason. I had even two concurrent (accompanying IMHO) helicopters for my extended walk back from the above mentioned city bus service truncation. And more often, the perps like to rage-ify me while I am bent over, often dealing with undone shoelaces, yellow and brown leaf arrivals on the floor from nowhere (teleportations are ubiquitous and frequent) and other introduced crud on the floor.

And one must not forget the pee games that are increasing of late. Yesterday they fucked me out of getting off the bus at the correct stop, and forced an extra 20 minutes walking time, and pulled the "need to pee" jerkaround, forcing me to piss behind some bushes while on my knees to hide that was only 80' from the bus stop I later waited at in the afternoon. Yesterday's morningtime oubound bus commute was extremely dark for some reason, and I also got screwed over by taking short naps on the ride, and then was fucked into panicking, "thinking" that I had missed my stop when I was well short of it.

Today's post outbound bus trip was also fraught with the "need to pee" for the last five minutes, and I was truly glad for getting off at the usual bus stop, and having porta-potty construction site outhouse to piss into within 30' of the bus stop. The construction crew hadn't arrived then, so I could get my post-N. bound bus trip forced pee over with and not have to resort to more public exposures. They made me pee four times before noon, when I can go all day without having to piss, some six hours.

I am still not done with adverse circumstances; the toilet was good for at least five plungings before it would clear, and then a whower to clean up. Of late, the assholes haven't been screwing me over when taking a shit, but suddenly decided to enrage me all the more by way of toilet fuckery games. No overflows today, thank goodness. The toilet and shit games immediately followed having tea and chocolate, a double 2x100g portion no less, and likely was all about brown color exposures and related color games they indulge in. Call it tactical shit games, or perhaps "browning around". And you read that correctly; I have no choice but am compelled by this mind-fuck insanity to eat twice the "usual" (read, imposed habits) chocolate. I don't think there is any other "habit" that imposed more than the chocolate games, costing me over $200/month. Yet again, another expensive and unaffordable "habit", all to serve the asshole's consuming interest in the color brown.

And lets not forget that all the field cabbage picking on the farm this week; dark brown waxed cardboard boxes to contain 50lb of green or red cabbages, packed by me for the most part. All that green inside of a brown container just might be yet more of the perp color games that goes on ad nauseum, and into the throes of their collective insanity.

Thats a wrap for tonight, onto some leaf raking at my in-town brother's place to scrounge up more cash for the upcoming PC upgrade, scheduled for next week, keeping me from blogging from Nov. 03 to Nov. 08. This is the much planned PC upgrade where I invest in the Intel X58 architecture, and pass on most of the old components onto my mother in a new case. This should be of intense interest to the perps, as they seem so focussed on the color of all objects and what influences that brings to their energetic studies they impose on me, and get plenty of family quisling support.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that on Oct 31, just after mid-day, I witnessed a very low-flying helicopter outside. Interesting, because I almost never get helicopters. So why now? They are a curious sight to me, as I almost never see them at all around here. It could be a life-flight, however, so maybe it wasn't scripted after all. But then, you never quite know, when you're a TI.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting that on Oct 31...

I don't know quite why the perps have so much interest in buzzing some TI's with helicopters. There is a significant air vortex created by the rotor wash, and we frontline TI's know that the perps have endless fascination with vortices, e.g. air (tornados), water (flushed toilets) and whatever other medium is conducive to their ends. Plus there is the noise association. And in my case, I have had many flying passenger hours in helicopters in remote camps in summer jobs in the 1970's. They will even fly them in close in parks that I have regularly hiked in, close enough to see the rotor wash among the trees. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Well, this heli wasn't quite so close as to cause rotor wash. It was flying unusually low, though.

They do seem to have fascination with vortices, as they seem to love gangstalkers mention words like tornado and hurricane. The topic of black holes comes up frequently, too. And black holes seem to be very much like a type of vortex, albeit one that uses spacetime itself as its medium that it spins in. Black holes do shift and move around, like tornadoes. They used to love have me talking about black holes, gravity, and the space-time continuum after or during class in 2006. I think perps are fascinated with this topic, and love having me talk about it, like I'm giving them a "Free" lecture or something.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, this heli wasn't quite so close...

The perps routinely noisestalk me over terms that are pertinent to them, like teleportation, gangstalking etc. They also like to arrange vehicles moving in a contra-concentric path; me turning right while their vehicle turns left from the side street I am turning onto, a 90 degree corner and crudely emulating a partial vortex. I reckon there must be some basic (perhaps psychic) neural energetic signature (correlates)of these terms and concepts, and that is the main reason (after total mind control) they hound the shit out of us TI's, and set us up with terms that they operationally utilize. This can also be aided via exposures to movies and television, and other media, including PC gaming which emulates some of the physicality of the experience, depending upon which concepts. One major concept/theme the perps routinely hound me over is that of armed struggle and strife, wars, battles and the like. It does make me wonder if much, or even all, of these events weren't arranged by the same assholes for their agenda. And then they blame it upon us war-prone humans when such neural energetic correlates would be universal to all beings, including the extraterrestrials who may have been here all along. Just my speculative ramblings, but this too is another theme the perps like me to know, as I would never of arrived at this unless they made it so. I had no prior knowledge of the TI experience, gangstalking and extra-conventional gravitic harassment until they went overt in 2002. My knowledge of the alien agenda and the huge number of consistent experiences of abductees was next to nil before then, and now I have been led to such experiences by way of books, internet and local newspapers. Anyhow, I will refrain on going deep on this topic. Thanks for the comments.