Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Buses

A full day of Oracle SQL class today, and then I was screwed out of an hour in getting back as the assholes ran the bus three minutes early, and Saturday public transit service sucks here and as bad as anywhere. I walked for 45 min. with my heavy briefcase slung across my chest, and naturally was the focus of the sustained vehicular gangstalking action. There were some very loud vehicles, the usual motorcycle noise, and of course, the ordered formations of vehicles according to color, size and type (SUV, station wagon, pickup truck etc.). Then another ten minute wait at a bus stop that was closer to town with my weirds, the ambulatory gangstalkers that are pre-positioned, not to mention the ones that amble by, wait for some five minutes, and then walk off. There wasn't any excuse to not know when the next bus was coming, as the bus stop had a schedule on it. That feature made for two fuckers to loiter around me, one on each side while standing on the sidewalk, as all the bench was taken up before I got there. Then, with five gangstalkers ringed around me as the bus was arriving, only one other boarded the bus, and there wasn't another for at least 20 minutes.

I am getting my regular coughing Fuckwit in the Oracle database class still, now three weeks into the class and he hasn't got any better, har, har. But he is getting more coughing help from a female that has also taken up by timely coughing. They especially like moments of cognition, the "I get it" (learned something new) moments. So... dual coughing in differing tones, and often while keyboarding as well, as it seems they cannot get enough of the right noises in while I am alone in my apartment, typing this blog as one example.

I also get nailed with voice changes, where my voice changes each time I ask a question, perhaps once per two hours or so. No one else in the class notices, or at least, pretends not to notice. I also got the intervening asshole stunt, placing a Fuckwit between me and the instructor, some 15' away, and then said Fuckwit managed to pull this off again immediately following me moving my head to maintain my line of sight while speaking with the instructor. Beware of the bobbing heads. I get this frequently, like today, at bus stops where the Fuckwit plants themselves in my line of sight to observe oncoming buses. Then if I move, they do it again. Today, the Fuckwit did this just as the bus came into view, and delaying my determination of its imminent arrival by some 20 seconds or so. All that for that trivial pursuit, though in keeping with the rest of the infernal harassment.

I got the excessive pissing need while there at the college, three times in one morning without any fluids since breakfast. Quite the feat, and the piss volume isn't too impressive either.

I was responsible for building Oracle databases from 1990 to 2002 before all this harassment started, and if the perps were lurking over my shoulder then like I think they were, it seems that they are ready to start me up again on this track, for whatever purposes they have in mind. Don't ask me, but this upcoming PC upgrade is all about getting a very fast PC, the most leading edge one I will of had to date. A $400 CPU, the low end of the price range (Core i7 920 D0) is very spendy for this (now) low payday abusee, and the perps are experts at planting the "gotta have it" notion, and spend weeks, if not months building up this planted demand.

Other dropped hints suggest that I will be on contract in a half year or so, and not doing the farm laboring work that is mostly funding this out-of-character PC upgrade. The perps also get to press on with their agenda and have my mother using this PC's components in a new case, save a hard drive and a video card. Given that the perps are totally obsessed over the color of wire sheathing, PCB (circuit) boards, plastic clips and retainers for connectors and also lining up many more copper colored gangstalking vehicles than before, it seems that this upcoming PC re-build has high (and longer term) expectations attached to it. And the phalanxes of silver-grey vehicles may be part of this campaign to inculcate me with metal colors. I get the odd gold colored gangstalking vehicles, usually later in the progression of the formations on a longer outside/public activity, say, more than 15 minutes.

Of minor note, they had me upgrade my PC power supply in July, and the old one stored in the closet, wrapped with some packing sealing plastic to keep the wires bundled together. (My mothers' PC, using this PC's hand-me-downs, will use the old power supply). Naturally, better PC power supplies have just hit the market, all to remind me of what I could of had if I was allowed to wait it out. And no SATA 3 motherboard (for hard drive data communication); the standard was due for release in mid-2009, but lo, if there weren't some implementation problems associated with it, and it will likely be next year before motherboards are built to this new standard. No big deal, but these kinds of events just seem to "happen" all too often. Another post-purchase jab was have me to get an email sale notice from the supplier of the CPU that it is $50 less for one day only. This isn't the first time for this sale, but they wouldn't give me the sale price when I went there in person in mid September. Not a big deal, only a day's wages.

A few last pix from the last of the batch I uploaded this week.

Only one picture of the strange in this batch, and this is it. Taken 09-20-2009, 1115h, a nice selection of arranged blue tones among the vehicles in the sunlit area, some parked, and one waiting at the traffic control. If you zoom in by double clicking (?) you can see a red vehicle behind the tree, hiding a vehicle in the parked file. And lo, if not a red vehicle parked at an orthogonal direction on the far left, partially sunlit, with a typical ambulatory gangstalker setup, the Fuckwit in orange against the red background of the vehicle behind him. Vile combinations red and orange ar popular arrangements for me to see, even if a fleeting glance. In this case I didn't see this until I loaded this tonight.

Harassment Central, sporting a new Ikea shelf unit on the left, a recent aquisition that was finally allowed to be assembled after lying about for three weeks, along with some pine wood that was purchased a day later, only to be taken back a week later. Wood "buddies" they were, lying on my floor and having me step over them until it was shipped out as the intended project wasn't going to work.

Another view of Harassment Central; a studio suite is all it is, with a downstairs storage locker.

The camera introduced the fugly reddish glow, but this is the kitchen with the vaunted frypan the perps find so interesting, especially if I am drying it with a tea towel. They wouldn't let me dry the straight handle until two years' of ownership. This aluminum based frypan replaced the copper bottomed one which had nearly all of the spot welds all give out at once in spring 2007.

A fuzzy pic of the Ezekeil brand of tortillas, made of seven sprouted grains, and a staple in my enforced diet. They alternate me with another brand made of sprouted wheat, but the Ezekeils are much more flavorful. Am I the only person to have the package opening end upside down (the zip lock end at the bottom), and then the top seam just "blows out" by itself (seemingly, and not the first time), and then extracting the tortillas from the now modified top? The black bulldog clip is a regular "feature" to close plastic bags as the zip locks nearly always "fail".

Time to get this one launched, and out there in the blogosphere.

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