Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Commute Circumstances = Extra Nutty Event Orchestration

A brief summary of today's perp nuttiness. All was relatively calm on the farm work front, but my parents came to pick me up there for my early departure to attend the evening Oracle SQL course I have later. Prior to my parents arriving at the farm, there were three large corporate jets that were timed to fly overhead about each five minutes or so, all of them in differing white and navy blue livery. (For some clues as to why navy blue, read the prior posting).

When driving with the First Feral Family, not only was there an absurdly increased vehicle traffic volume and all the coordinated color games that go on so all three of us experience much the same events, but they went all out afterward when I got back, partially via ride, and partially on the now familiar public transportation, taking the city bus. I had my freakshow, as well as a retard babbling to his handler for the 20 min. bus trip.

Then when I got in, there had to been 30 to 40 rage-ification stunts to keep me riled up, and thats when I knew this was no ordinary evening course attendance. I had some extra time after my brown tortilla and red salsa to have tea and chocolate some 20 min. before heading out. I also got extra riled up as the assholes reminded me that I had some clothes in the washing machine, heightening the annoyance level all the more, and then the elevator came ever so slowly. I get to the last block enroute to the regular bus stop, and there was a file of six buses end to end, with a single orange-red postal van in the file. There were flashing police vehicle lights coming from the area I intended to catch the bus, and when I got there, why, four city blocks were bounded off by the police emergency tape, and no buses when I got to my bus stop. None for possibly hours even, as I haven't yet found out what the emergency was about.

So... after doing a wander for a block, I was finally allowed to figure out where to catch the bus given the re-routing that became evident. Naturally the freakshow was ready for me there, and out in force at 1800h, with an absurd number of pedestrians for this government job town. And then again on the bus, with the driver walking the length of the bus to attend to some Fuckwit that wanted to get off, but didn't as it turned out. I had one of these events back in 2001 when living in Seattle; just before a turn, the bus driver walked the length of the bus to ream someone out on totally spurious information supplied by this strange negro dude, who went to tell the bus driver. Anyhow, I had my Asian posse clustered around me, and including a fellow traveller who also tailed me on the campus.

I got the class some 15 min. late, but I suppose that was OK, as I got there at least, instead of bailing not taking the bus. True to form, the instant I was ready to quit this bullshit, being a public spectacle, the bus then arrived. Another part of the bus stop stalking was having a concrete splattered "tradesman" loiter in the bus stop, who put down his can of brown Barq on the seat and left it there. Later, when I went to sit down, the can was still there, and I placed it under the navy blue steel seat, and as I was doing so, a negro came into view and crossed right in front of me. Given the insane perp highjinx over the color brown, this was no coincidence, seeming to be a brown reading on me while another brown object (person) slides into my view.

That's it for today, totally unedited.

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