Saturday, October 03, 2009

Inside and Then Out

A Saturday, usually the doggiest of the week, but not so today. I got laundry done first thing, and then a visitation by a handyman I know to see if I could get a wall mounted bookshelf. The short answer is no, and I will have to settle for locating this bookcase somewhere else. But I took up his offer of putting plywood bracing on this desk/shelf unit, as the perps have it leaning off plumb by 8". I braced it for lateral (side to side) movement, but lo, if isn't now leaning forward. I will be pulling the PC off the desk/shelf unit to get rebuilt into something much faster, but whether that will coincide with job of bracing it with plywood is still uncertain.

I thought I would have the PC taken in for rebuilding, but the PC rebuilder has stopped answering my emails. I phoned and he gave me this bullshit over getting too many emails this week and some of them got lost. Just like the paper mail world, as in NOT. But at least I got an indirect answer, and that is he has done nothing of what I requested of him, to price out components. Maybe this is another one of multiple geographic sources the perps put me through; parts from all over the country, like last time the PC was built three years ago. So far, I have disk drives from Vancouver, the CPU from there too. I have a mind to order video cards and a desktop case from Calgary, Alberta if the proposed PC builder is going to continue his flakey ways.

And I have been getting quite a bit of sunshine cycling today; almost instant changes and even flickering of light levels, even if it isn't directly beaming in here past 1100h. I was reading at the time, and it was a perp related theme, but I cannot recall which.

Other excitement was downtown two store visitation. It was like tourist season all over again with the heavy gangstalking scene, especially these loitering dudes looking extra stupid by leaning on the parking meter posts. (Most parking meters are getting pulled in favor of a centralized kiosk that provides a reciept to display on the vehicle dashboard). Given the cautious two year long selective parking meter removal in this neighborhood, I suspect the real reason for removing the meter heads is that their EMF signature cannot be reliably contained by the perps, creating too much interference. I also notice that the perps put 10' tall vertical poles bounding the electrical substations a mile away.

The first planned shopping visitation was a no-go with a herd of some 15 gangstalkers preceding me into the store, and so it was off to get rain pants to replace the ones that magically disappeared from the worksite at the lunch break. All because the perps don't want to have me wearing the same fabric and color for rain jacket and pants. And too, they want color variation, and succeeded by ensuring the only viable purchase was a dark green pair. Other promising lines and styles were "unsuitable"; no suspenders for a bib style rain pant pair, no bib for another, no size for me in another line, and finally in the next aisle, I get to try a XL pair on that was too large, and took the L size untried until I got it back to my place.

I got skunked on the need for a pair of waterproof gloves; none for a workwear store. It is amazing the bullshit that goes on to have me purchase items over multiple locations and product lines, not to mention colors that don't make me puke.

I got my heavy share of the Unfavored among the gangstalking and placed props; male skinheads, wheechairs, two apparently unassociated negroes within 6' of each other, redheads, male ponytails, loud motorcycles and a few more.

Earlier, before the handyman arrived at 1000h, I went to the local supermarket to get items that were "fogotten" yesterday, and also had a two negro gangstalking event, one on a motorized wheelchair no less. And somehow, the regular negro act (lobby lounging) of this apartment building seemed to know this and exited the building 10' ahead of me and walked straight out of the doors and crossed the street where the other wheelchair negro was about to pass by (and running parallel to me). So it would seem to be a negro convergence with one meeting the other on the opposite sidewalk to this apartment building. Again, I don't know what the deal is over these racial gangstalker profiles, but there is less than 3% of the "other" races in this town, and I seem to be getting/seeing an inordinant number of them. One negro making a beeline for the other sight unseen couldn't be anything but orchestrated.

A day of provocations to enrage me, the breakfast cereal dumping stunt being the first. (A new bag to an old bag (sans extensive red coloring on package) cereal transfer went awry, and dumped on the counter and the floor). The latter ended up in the garbage, likely as some kind of stable brown color reference for the chocolate wrappers that followed.

But also a day of insufferable sharp pains in my feet, often in concert with a uncontrolled thought arising. Such pains are partially defeatable by placing the other foot on the pained one and seemingly blocking the pain beams. Regular readers and TI's will know the perps have a fetish over feet, and related socks and footwear. I get no end of in-close attention at the farm work site when changing in and out of my boots to my gumboots. And too, any time that I change clothing; coats, sweaters and hats, on or off, I have my cluster around me for the big event (for them).

And a phone call this morning to the above mentioned PC builder to check out my emails as to what the fuck is going on did not result in any promised response tonight. The usual jerkaround is that just as I legitimately dismiss someone for valid reasons, they suddenly come through to confound the process. Then later halting service with extra minimal communication to keep the angst up as well as the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). It is fucking tiresome that I am managed to this refined level of every possible moment and nuance, as well as sandbagging any commercial transactions I engage in, and all the way up to so-called clinical health care where the real liars are.

Funny how there was no end of X58 Gigabyte motherboards on and now there is only one from the low end, the UD3 model. As I get closer to a purchase decision the availble choices seem to change on me.

Enough persecution for today, onto greater things like sleeping in.


Anonymous said...

They've done something similar in this town here. There was an effort to make Main Street look better by relocating all the overhead power lines under the sidewalks here. I'm sure the 60 Hz electromagnetic fields are too much for them to handle.

Interesting that within the past two days, I've been getting more of the "waking dream" type visitations from "ghostly figures". I had a ghostly figure come out of nowhere and disappear into the closet. It could be a completely natural waking dream, of course, but I've noticed this "ghost" disappeared gradually into this invisible vertical plane. And I can feel myself being pulled into "sleep paralysis episode" type sleep. Kinda hard to describe this one, except you are falling into a sleep, yet you are aware of your surroundings, and feel the helplessness of this "void" where you feel trapped between awake and asleep. Yet, you have all the normal senses functioning: sight, sound, hearing, smell, accompanied by hallucinations that are more like a lucid dream or REM type dream. I think it's an altered state of consciousness where you have conscious-like awareness, yet the brain is emitting different waves, like an REM lucid dream state. I've always had those, even before the perps got a hold of me, and I suspect they may be able to influence what I experience in those states. Kind of a superficial state where instead of lapsing into a sleep, you get "trapped" into a semi-conscious, "aware" state mixed with some hallucinations. Yet no drugs are involved.

AJH said...

Answer to: They've done something similar...

The parking meter heads are getting pulled in favor of a central ticket dispensing machine in the downtown area. And it doesn't hurt to have the drill holes in the concrete exposed for a week or more until the ticket machine is installed. (Referencing the perp's ongoing need to expose me to concrete of all ages, and especially redi-mix trucks and pouring activities.)

The perps can really goose one's entire sleep world now; planting dreams of being awake when one is sleeping normally, and in-between states that mess one up like never before. I have had one ghost like figure standing over me once in 2004, long before they could mess with my sleep like they do now, and I suppose is was a legit (albeit planted) apparition at the time. Now, I wouldn't know what is real or not in the night as their ability to penetrate sleep is now total. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Also, some TI's have claimed the low frequency noise is used to cause discomfort and nausea:

I remember seeing a show back in 1992, where the residents in this one particular small town (I think it was Hueyville, WV) were complaining about this mysterious hum, and nobody seemed to know where it was coming from or the cause. I see a lot of articles about this; possibly, there are a lot of man-made materials out there that seem to amplify low frequency noise. Also, it's interesting in general that low frequency sound, beyond our threshold of hearing, can cause irritability and headaches.

Interesting that "they" think it could be the noise attenuators that factories and gas pumps and other sources are using. They attenuate the high frequencies very well, but allow more low freq. sounds to propagate more efficiently. Ironically, those are the most damaging, as we can't really hear them, but they do wreak havoc on our systems. Also, they believe certain houses compound the problem by acting like a low-frequency wave guide.

Now we're getting into acoustics here, but it's fascinating to study nonetheless. I haven't really got much in the way of sound harassment as such; most of mine seems to be direct neural manipulation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that 17 years ago I first heard about this "Hum", and now I just discovered it has a proper name. I've never heard this "Hum" myself, but recall others discussing it, like not being able to pinpoint a source. Kinda makes you wonder what's going on with this...

Anonymous said...

More on this Hum, which could be caused by electromagnetic radiation:

Kinda scary.

AJH said...

Answer to the three hum related comments;
Also, some TI's have claimed...
Interesting that 17 years ago...
More on this Hum...

I get the HUM occasionally, a loud and protracted shaking for some five to ten minutes, but not more than 3x per year. Though, others in town have complained of it, this shill-centric location no less. As always, I don't know what to believe what I hear about in this town as there are so many perp themes going, and passing on deceit is one of them. In other words, they seem to be looking for some kind of root neural response related to truth and to lies.

Anonymous said...

That Unsolved Mysteries segment that I posted the link to... that's the one I saw back in 1992. Interesting how that guy seemed really rattled, and said "I can't believe you guys can't hear it." More than likely, it was the ELF stations generating low frequency radio waves. In fact, supposedly that's the tech that perps use to cause "instant" running noses and bloody noses.

Also, when the guy goes deep underground into a cave, he says it's actually louder and more penetrating. That seems to be the deal with the perps and their pinpoint accuracy weapons; no matter where I go, I still feel those pinprick sensations, and they still can read my thoughts.

I get a lot of bogus stories; so many, in fact, that I suspect it's a ploy by my perps to prevent me from learning new material.