Saturday, October 31, 2009

Leaf Raking Again

It is leaf raking, and the perp sickos do like me engage in that activity. Apart from pissing me off with leaves that somehow repeatedly slip through the tines of the rake, or otherwise take unconventional hops and trajectories, I haven't quite figured out what they get from the exercise. This was at my in-town brother's place, and he and his Thai girlfriend seemed to be ensconced in the bedroom while I was leaf raking. The perps like to script those with a post-coital glow on them, and I suppose this was just such an event. In the pre-harassment days I would get the odd invite to a couple's place where it seemed they had sex just before my arrival. Since the harassment began in 04-2002, the perps have arranged couples having sex overhead or next door at least 20 times. If one follows the work of Wilheim Reich and "orgone energy", he indicates that sex is accompanied by an orgone energy release, and it seems the perps know about this as well. That he was the only person to have his books burned in two countries, Nazi Germany and the USA, is a left-handed compliment that suggests the Supreme Sickos (SS) were still at work after WWII.

I expect the leaf raking activity will continue over the next three months, and I do note that my in-town brother has been doing some of it himself, a change from last year for whatever reason, despite his disdain of house and garden maintenance.

And I see he had his tail light of his pickup truck bashed in, supposedly by another driver. The perps often scripted tail light bashings and repairs on my vehicles, at least four, in the past two decades. So another mystery is partially solved, the reason for so many tail lights of my vehicles getting smashed, losing their reflective coating or having the panels drop out. No doubt they wanted me to see the damage more than anything; I must have some peculiar magnetized properties by now, some 7.5 years of living in a densified magnetic field as measured by reputable instruments, and no doubt this was a prime consideration in having me proximate to yet another damaged tail light. (My take on this is that there is some kind of light to plastic interaction energetics the perps are attempting to quantify, and it might be part of their vehicle interaction scenarios they like to arrange around me everywhere I go). When I came back via the city bus freakshow public transportation, why, a pickup struck was parked at the front door of this apartment block; they drove over the curb and sidewalk and parked the vehicle between the sidewalk and the building entrance which is 20' set back.

I got to do my month end accounting today, an activity that is highly noisestalked and fraught with cognitive and obstructive fuckery. They changed the dollar amount on my online bank statement at least three times before it would balance according to the reciept I had and the categorizations I was attempting to use. This marks the first time ever they let me do this on the month end date. Last month's accounting was finally allowed to get done by Oct. 13.

Another activity that was allowed to be concluded was the nearly 10 month designing and detailing of my PC re-build that is to begin Nov. 03 to 07, and why I will be offline for that duration. (Or longer, especially if designed fuckups are scripted, which is nearly certain for the general complexity of getting parts from three online sources). The perps had me ready to get a Gigabyte X58 motherboard, determining the very model that suited my needs, and a month before the order was to be placed, why, most of the eligible Gigabyte X58 motherboards were unavailible on my version of the internet. It was only then, and in conjunction with the original PC rebuilder who sells Asus gear, that an alternative Asus product was selected at $75 more. Said PC rebuilder also went south on me and never read anything that I wrote in terms of specifications, and stopped email communications for no apparent reason. This is a guy who exchanged four or more emails in an evening when the final parts were to be selected. Another go-figure case.

What is guiding the perps as to which PC motherboard is to be my choice is unclear. It could even be the colors of the PCB and the sockets for memory, CPU and other add-in components. I note that the selected Asus motherboard is black and blue, fairly neutral colors for me, as oranges, reds and yellows piss me off in some way, which might be an artifact of their mind-fuck games, or it could be an expression of subconscious associations, likely negative ones. I haven't yet figured out what my reactions are, versus those planted per mind-fuck games with respect to the freakshow they arrange, and the lurid colors they like to juxtapose. I had three freaky dreadlock hairdos on my way back from my in-town brother's place, and normally I get none on that route. Male skinheads (totally bald) are also featuring these days, especially the shining pate variety for whatever reason. That doesn't cover the Fuckwits dressed for Halloween either, as there were plenty of them too.

I have largely been sheltered from Halloween activities and the goodies that go with them this year. The perps steered me away from the candies, even if chocolate, and for the 100g Milka bars they like me to ingest three times per day. According to the month end accounting, the chocolate habit is still $140/ month, and a big dent in my limited income the assholes ensure. Though to be fair, the price for this chocolate is much less than other brands, and likely the attraction is for them to have the plastic wrapping, and not the foil packaging that is typical of this kind of product. As always, the color and materials for packaging of my foods and everything else is absolutely vital to them, and a subject of continuing and significant scrutiny.

I suspect all the recent farm related work of packaging cabbages in brown cardboard wax boxes is an essential perp exercise. They still harass the shit out of me each day that I place red jam over brown peanut butter on my toast each morning, so green cabbage in brown boxes isn't too much of a stretch for their color juxtaposition games. Time to call this a wrap for the evening, and ponder the slings and arrows of insane abuse gone amok for yet another day.

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