Monday, October 26, 2009

Cabbages and Pumpkins

A busy Monday on the farm, picking cabbages all morning with the East Indian old timer, and then into the afternoon on brussels sprouts. The perps like to keep me on picking the Brassica family of plant it seems. The usual litany of float plane and other aircraft noise was in the background, and occasionally a jet noise to add some more noises of what they are looking for.

I got plenty of "brownstalking" when getting the cabbage picking truck readied; the so-called staff were all over me sporting brown cardboard at the outside doorway, and then again in the dimlit area of the builiding where we staple the waxed brown boxes together. And that includes the E. Indian, adding more brown color into the scenario, and I was in my orange dayglo rain jacket, likely another benchmarking color. It is too tireseome to report all the brown color games that go on in any given day, but the heavy gangstalker coverage was all the more noticeable for whatever reason.

Then onto pumpkin washing inside, although wearing raingear as the conveyor is awash with water and the water jets seem to find me and deflect off pumpkins at me. I was dressed in raingear for 90% of the day, and they like to gun me with plasma beams when on the cabbage picking duty, specifically weighing boxes, counting the cabbages per box, and when driving the flatbed one ton truck to accompany us for the shortest distance to pack the 50lb box of cabbages from the field to the truck. The usual cloud and sunlight games were in place, and it seems that highly variable weather is on order. From rain, to a balmy sunny, then a later hailstorm when I was inside, and then later, stiff winds for my walk back after getting dropped off by the supervisor, instead of a freakshow bus trip. Besides, the freaks are in the vehicles coursing around me, so it is no loss for the perps, and likely presents a challenge for them to model the same freaks on the bus and then from an adjacent vehicle.

A nut shave last night with accompanying noise to ensure the concept of privacy is for quaint thinking folk. The significance is that they put on more navy blue vehicles around me after applying a same navy blue razor the night before. And lo, if the BFI garbage trucks in their navy blue livery weren't out in greater numbers, outside my apartment and then "stopping by" the farm fields I was in.

I don't get it as to why when I shop my need for rebuilding two PCs, that the party doesn't respond in a timely way. The three time jerkaround PC builder who put the power supply in July has faded out after three reminders to continue the dialog, and then the next outfit, who I have dealt with extensively in the past, haven't responded to today's email. If waving money under someone's nose doesn't arouse them, then there must be some kind of fix going on. It is fucking tiresome to say the least to chase businesses down to agree to something they ordinarily would do. And just image the limitless fuckery when attempting to rebuild two PC's and not have anything go wrong; e.g. motherboards, disc drives, DVD drives and video cards. Then onto sending parts back and attempting to get new ones. Now why did I do this?

Sometimes a party is assigned the role of changing the relationship; from being apparently helpful in the scripted way, they then turn around and become an asshole for the most insubstantive reasons. This "reset" to asshole level credibility/reputation happens often, and I have no idea as to why or when the perps script these kinds of jerkarounds, but they do. The new apartment manager did the same thing this week; loafing in the lobby office and he asks me if I live here when it was me that let the lanky Asian babe in the front door. Some two months ago the manager came to fix the toilet and I had an engaging chat with him then. It seemed that he "needed" (read, Supreme Sicko, the SS), to reset the relationship from cordial to near rancorous, or at least, that is what my minders seem to be suggesting.

Pathetic, especially after a weekend, but I need to get to bed soon as the imposed "tiredness" is upon me, especially since I started a new activity, accessing my course database from home, and running SQL. It seems the perps need me to do this in two locations, and after three weeks of insufferable jerking around to get the remote access working, they want to limit this inaugural event. It fits the pattern.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, that you get these people being reset to a "default" of "asshole" personality after a period of being nice. I get this all the time. One person might be consistently pleasant, and then for a period of maybe 2 weeks, be very insulting and rude. Then later, be all nice and friendly again.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting, that you get these people...

These sudden and unprovoked "asshole" temperament events go back decades, long before I knew I was tailed, monitored, scripted, surveilled and whatever else is included. Some co-workers would suddenly become a jerk over nothing I said or did, and thereby become unstable/unpredictible in my estimation, even if they were pleasant beforehand, and then again afterwards. Little did I know they were serving another party's dictates.

I don't know why the perps do these sudden personality reversals, but of late, it seems important to them as to who, and how they are regarded, delivers information. This even extends to the race of the individual providing the information. If you read Deepak Chopra's books and how everything is embedded with consciousness, especially information, you get an idea as to what the perps are up to. Thanks for the comments.