Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Scattered Snippets

I was totally cognitively jammed tonight when attempting to do the excercises of my Oracle SQL course tonight. The topic was joins, and I followed the oral and slide presentation just fine. Afterward was the lab exercises and I was so dithered I could barely read, much worse than the present form of usual. I had to write out the SQL code for a few exercises, and then re-read the class text for the latter portion as I was effectively nullified so to speak.

A big day for the perps it would seem; I picked up my mother late yesterday at the airport and stayed overnight at her place and then went onto the farm labor job directly from her place in the morning, driving there, and she drove back, being wide awake from jet lag at 0600h. This created a number of cross-over situations for clothing, morning routine, footwear and the like, not the least of it was packing in a plastic bag so that it wouldn't drop dirt clods onto the other clothing items in my duffel bag. These new combinations of city clothing at work, and no bus trip to the farm, and then leaving early packing my duffel bag to get to the Oracle SQL course was likely the big attraction for them to lay on extra gangstalkers on the bus trips tonight, and likely too, fomenting extra hassle at work over the pumpkin washing that has been a major task of the last week.

I had a significant number of red vehicles on gangstalking last night, then again this morning in the fog, and it wasn't too much of a surprise that my first work task was to pick strawberries in the greenhouse, an every four day event at this time of year, these being everbearing strawberries. There were plenty of other feints and dodges along the way, but I won't get into all the details as this is another one of my cummulative blog postings, gathering up highlights and snippets over the days and then posting. Off to bed now.

No evening classes tonight, but still constrained for study time all the same. The laundry needed doing, the Professional Foresters association needed to be informed of my leave of absence status, and I went out to the LD store to get a USD drive from the strange portly dudes at the computer section.

A big night for the perps' games over their all consuming interest in my financial transactions, in all forms. First there was getting on with a Newegg order to have this PC re-built to an X58 motherboard and the consequent changes to memory, CPU and even adding a new hard drive, because they are so relatively inexpensive. Then off to the LD store, then back to deal with the above mentioned paperwork which included a check, and then onto getting the laundry done, yet another financial transaction when I push the coin tray in to start the appliances running. Last night, I paid the power bill online, after this ridiculous statement that said it was "Past Due" when the billing period ended Oct. 15. This had the effect of getting it paid early, and likely as a "warm up" online financial transaction event for tonight's run. So it would seem that all this specifivity over method, location, of my financial transactions is getting more detailed when they have me do a series of vertical transactions, all in an evening. I also entered my financial details into Quicken when normally I get screwed out of updating it until past month-end.

I will post this tonight as I am slipping on the blogging of late, commitments and all that. The perps seem very interested in presenting topics around plant families and related plants. They set me up to not figure out that radishes' dicotyleden (first two leaves upon germination) are much like that of cress, and both have a hot spicy flavor, and lo, they might be in the same plant family. One of the other pickers asked me if the radish leaved reminded me of any other plant, an odd question to be sure, and now three days later I am allowed to figure out that the answer, "cress", is a related plant. Nor was I allowed to figure out that it was the dicotyledens either, something I know from my botanical forestry training. Access to one's own knowledge and also the ability to make logical deductions is highly constrained to say the least. The perps have been beating on the supplied theme of plant families, as another co-worker went on and on about the fact that he had just learned that pumpkins and squash are related plants.

And it has been busy this week with pumpkin washing, a conveyor with water jets above to wet the pumpkins, have us schmucks clean the dirt off with brushes and then a final rinse before being packed into bins, dirty ones at that. Almost needless to say, the number of orange jacketed gangstalkers has increased, not to mention some pumpkin like faces. In the latter case, a warty faced gangstalker was opposite me on the bus yesterday, not in my forward view thankfully, and lo, if similar warty pumpkins didn't start coming through the conveyor line today. Orange seems to be hot color of significant pursuit by the perps, though secondary to reds and yellows.

The perps have been also re-playing one of their stunts from 6.5 years ago when they had me illegally incarcerated in the hospital. An E. Indian dude arrived, and within a day he had stolen a number of my clothes and a travel bag. I "discovered" (read, mind-fuck and scripted circumstances) that he was wearing my shirt at breakfast time, and he seemed to know that, giving me a stare in return. I had the staff do the honors of retrieving my clothing, but I didn't get all of it back. And so it was two weeks ago when my dayglo orange rainpants of full set just "disappeared" from the work site, mysteriously going when there was no one around to do this, and I was only 40' away on the other side of the wall at the time. And what do I see today, why the personable 37 year long E. Indian employee who runs all the tractors "happened" to be passing by just before and during lunch, wearing a new pair of dayglo rain pants identical to the ones that "went missing", and for which I had to pay out some $50 to get a decent replacement pair. He was doing the loiter and the strut while I was on the pumpkin washing conveyor line for some 15 min. or so (wearing the dayglo rain jacket), and then when I was having lunch he did a walk-by gangstalk without wearing my pilfered rain pants, (and me not wearing the dayglo rain jacket). I mentioned this rainpants disappearance story to two of my workmates, and they didn't say a thing, not even mollifying me with some bullshit even. So it would seem that the perps are testing dayglo colors on differing races, read, brown colored skin content, and they "needed" to yet again, steal my clothes and have an E. Indian wear them, and to have me proximate as well as noticing this pathetic prank. Just to think, back in the 2002-3 intensifed harassment days they pulled this shit off and got nowhere, and now in late 2009, they are back at it again, stealing clothes and having the same "test race" wear them. Not to mention the fact that my out-of-town brother is married to an E. Indian woman, and still the perps are pissing around on this front at my extreme expense. Go fuck your own operatives assholes, and leave the abusees alone, they have been fucked with enough.

Other workplace bullshit is to follow me about with a banana eating co-worker, sometimes in a yellow PVC raingear set. Regular readers will know the Supreme Sickos (SS), often set me up with banana packing/eating gangstalkers, and this is a little more extreme version of it.

Some pics for relief.

Taken 08-29-2009, the view from my apartment balcony. The vehicles in the lower lane, R. facing, are stopped at the traffic light, but in the now usual way of leaving excessive inter-vehicle distance between each other, presumably to accomodate perp games. I haven't seen this happen in any other town I have lived in, and this began when the rest of the life rape did, in 04-2002. A pair of near identical red colored vehicles in opposite directions, and the lower file of vehicles seems to be a blue toned escort for the red vehicle between them, and a black colored one in front of the foursome.

Another picture, this time the vehicles had proceeded, but lo, if there wasn't a same red vehicle lurking in the shadows nearby.

Taken 09-16-2009, on a excursion to interior BC, stopping at Hope for a lunch, with the cooker for boiling water for tea. A weather change from sunny and dry to cool and moisture was experienced, but this would be fairly normal for an incoming front, which there was. This is a civic park, and some 400' away they had three buses arranged and a concrete pouring job. Having seen many tour buses parked in strange places, including a Home Depot parking lot, I get the sense the perps like having large mass objects around me if they can, and then ensuring at least one of them is in a fugly Unfavored color, e.g. brown, yellow. The perps also put great stock in testing the color of redi-mix trucks as well as exposure to concrete in varying ages and conditons. This town offers red and white colored redi-mix trucks, and it would seem the assholes needed to test me out on this color of this kind of vehicle. Go figure.

The silver grey (with a touch of brown darkening pigment) Ford Escape behind the Douglas-fir tree trunk is my mother's, the one we travelled in. This is taken at a lunch break in Hope, BC, and I count five silver-grey vehicles clustered around, plus one black and one blue colored one. Most of the vehicles were in place when we arrived, and it was only after the lunch the perps let me in on "noticing" the parking arrrangements, aka vehicular gangstalking.

That is it, sorry about the less frequent blogging, of late, likely to continue into December.

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