Saturday, February 12, 2011

Science Time

An unexpected day off from daffodil picking, getting a phone call from the farm manager to say that the fields are going to be left alone until Feb. 13th, when picking will resume. I got to complete on my errands today, ones that got started last week and needed me to come by and pick things up. One pair of shoes had to be fixed, and alterations to six pairs of dress pants, and the Seasonic X series box and extra cable sets was "forgotten" by the outfit that was fixing my PC last week. And I see it has slowed down since resuming the FLAC ripping of CD music files using Exact Audio Copy (EAC). I have no idea why this is so, but I see that the Google settings and the Firefox settings are now both allowed to persist, so those vexations were removed.

And a hour nap attack before I went out the door to the next block to get my alterations, as she hadn't finished them yesterday when she said they would be ready last week. She said she was sick one day, and maybe so, but as it "happened" I had today off, per afternoon phone call, and had a demotivated spell about picking them up around 1800h when she closes up the shop. I have to say, it was an excellent job all round, and the two pairs that had the crotch pulled in feel a whole lot better when wearing them. And of course we all know who can remotely manipulate "eelings and perceptions, and are getting better at it all the time, now planting micro-objections should they see fit. So, with six pairs of dress pants, all that I own, getting altered to fit, is this a harbinger of an office job under the perps' thumb, or was it just an exercise is having them removed for color combination purposes from the closet only 4' away from this desk as I sit and type? As always, I have no idea, and want to be left alone.

This year might be the transition from disabled (har, har) to real work, and maybe some decent income, though there are so many loose ends on this concept it is difficult to say. Do they want me to continue horticultural work, the fancy name for farm work, or are the petroleum and earth diggings more important? Or, is it the database and information storage work more important? All three are major perp themes, and each has had some rotation in the scheme of things, the farm work having limited earth diggings exposures, such as pulling weeds and picking potatoes after the tractor has dug them up. I saw some grey colored soil on the sidewalk today, having to go over it due to a constriction in full sidewalk width, so it is likely that the soil exposure games are also tighly bound by the color games they like to play too.

I am cleaning out some bookmarks and have enough to put together a little science that the perps seem to want to share with me for reasons only known to them. That is the topic of subatomic particles, neutrinos in particular. As we function on Earth, we have millions of neutrinos passing through us every second of our lives, and it seems that they come from the sun, directly or through the Earth and through us, and similarly from other sun-like planets from afar. And if I am suddenly finding neutrinos interesting, you can be sure it isn't me, but a planted theme from my keepers. Have a read if you find this interesting, as it seems the perps do, making this TI World all the more interesting, fraught as it is. A new neutrino observatory in Antartica is near completion, and it seems that it is needed to understand these particles and where they come from. I am sure there are other objectives in all this that only the perps know about, and they aren't saying, except by way of inference that the plight of their TI abuses are tied in too. If you follow the link, click on the blue graphic for the short story.

Another link on neutrinos and how they might be influencing radioactive decay rates. It seems that the sun is on a 33 day rotation, and that the neutrinos are somehow influencing radioactive decay rates which are supposed to be constant. This introduces the possibility that either the neutrinos are having an unexpected effect or else there is another mystery particle emanating from the sun. Neutrinos are relative lightweights, and are not expected to be able to influence radioactive decay rates. Enough on neutrinos, and I have no idea if this interests the readership or not, but seems to be part of the perp quest, or more like, set of objectives that have attached to their abuses (they would say experiments) of TI's in total. Another way of saying that they won't be done for years, maybe even ten or more.

Another science activity the perps like me to know about is quantum entanglement, the property of shared energy and spin, such that if one subatomic particle (ion, electron) of a pair (or more) is perturbed, then all are instantaneoulsy perturbed in the same way, even if apart (detectable up to 25 km so far). And so quantum entanglement now detectable in solid state by us Earthlings, moving along on what might really the perp agenda. Enough science, but it was interesting that the overhead clunking started up as I was composing this paragraph, heard through my earmuffs for hearing protection (blocking out perp noise as much as possible, though likely with other agendas in mind, such as having green plastic objects either side of my head with a connecting black vinyl band).

Next day; meant to post this last night but was consumed with the fact that my CD ripping was going so well and wasn't sabotaged by a suddenly slow PC.

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