Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Perps Go Beserk in the Morning

The perps pulled more beserk abuses first thing, starting at 0630h when a procession of outside noise, heavy duty vehicles and buses, none of which would normally be audible at six stories up, came one after the other when awakening me at 0635h. Prior to that, some very vivid and extended dreams about vineyard pruning as a paying job. I have been sucked into applying for such jobs over the last three years, all to no avail, and there were some listed online last night, though I didn't apply, owing to the logistics problems of transportation and onsite accomodation arrangements. So a vineyard pruning job isn't exactly an important event for me, as it means squat after I apply for one, going by past experience. But for some reason, this consumed my dreams for at least 30 minutes before getting up, and was no doubt planted for someone else's benefit.

The breakfast time abuse started out with a total jerkaround, literally, as they pulled the bottle of Italianissmo fizzy fuit concentrate from my grasp and dumped it on the kitchen floor, all to then use this as an excuse to pressurize the container and create pink foam on top and have it leak out the top along, by then, placed in the sink. A few minutes later they flicked water around on the floor, something they have been prone to do more of late, and including in-town brother somehow flicking water over his groceries two days ago, ones that I used. Then they Pseudosweated me at breakfast, as if sweating from heat, when there wasn't any, all to have more sweat/water running down my arm and off my elbow. The back up beeper noise started up while having coffee and chocolate, and kept up the whole time. How they pretend to arrange vehicles that spend over five minutes backing up is beyond me, but very likely it was a noise-only event. After the dishes were done, and the counter and table cleaned, why, they put two pink colored water flickings on the floor, coming from nowhere as the Italianissmo mess was confined to the sink. Then when shaving they cranked up the Pseudosweats again, having sweat/water running off my arms and nose after I had repeatedly towel dried myself exactly where it was originating. A long way of saying the perps are going more abusive and disruptive, and this is their opening "statement". Never mind it has been a given for the last 8.5 years of this insane abusive imposition in all its facets, including sharply constrained employment prospects, something that is now allowed to annoy me. The last month of forced no job looking was an extreme piss-off, and rationalized with planted notions that there is nothing I can do about it. Well, there is as a matter of fact, and that would be from the obits if I had any choice in the matter. Close to nine years of this insane abusive inanity because a multi-billion dollar budgeted outfit doesn't have the gumption to show their face takes the cake as far as organization beserk-ness goes. Then to fuck with victims for this long over freaking crumbs, lint and doghairs (not my dog, but the assigned ironic name), and planting gangstalkers around them, as close as they publically dare, is a total outrage, never mind family and the rest of this dumbshit town in obsequious obedience.

An earlier two block trip to the ATM to deposit my recent earning and to keep myself out of the red for all the expenses the perps put on me last month. And lo, if the freaks weren't out, and yet again, a "sidewalk challange", where someone oncoming doesn't seem to want to get out of LH drive mode, coming straight at me. This time it was a cyclist at a crosswalk; said cyclist was to make a Left turn, but instead of advancing into the intersection like every normal person would, she sits back, on the crosswalk and then when the light changed, she was still in mid-crosswalk. And when the crossing hordes started, she then dismounts, and walks her bicycle straight at me, making to run me over with it until she diverted 6' in front of me. I cannot count the number of "sidewalk challenges" of like kind I get in a week, as the perps have me forget to think about it afterward.

Anyhow, a part cash and part check deposit, and for the perps this is terribly fascinating, not to mention unloading two pink-red $50's and five green $20's. As always, the perps are totally nuts about financial transactions, and doubly so when it involves cash and our colored money here in Canada. And the assholes totally dithered me at the ATM, only allowing me to unfold one bill at a time, and not allowing me the optimum method to unfold all the pre-arrangeg bills. This protraction gave the pink-red (like a $50 bill) dressed granny gangstalker asshole longer to poiter some 6' from the ATM for no reason, there the entire time I was transacting. Another pink-red dressed granny came in the door as I was about to exit, and at least a half dozen red dressed Fuckwits were circulating with the other pedestrians/gangstalkers on the street. My outbound gangstalkers somehow managed to arrange themselves again for when I was inbound (return route). Plus the bums and "just stand theres", plain dumbstruck as to what to do on a city street in this town. A stop at the shoe store to get some expensive laces for my shoes, and more likely, to have me hand over a blue $5 bill for them, all part of the perp obsession over wallet contents.

Apart from that perp managed outing to the ATM, I suspect that I am being kept in for longer today, a partial shut-in day, and for some reason that often follows an ATM trip. They want to have me the rest of the day in front of this LCD and whatever color referencing that provides.

Three zappings in the last five  minutes get me riled up; with the earmuffs on the assholes put on a noise simulataneously with the zapping, gettting an electrical and acoustical response at the same time. And having me consistently yell at the assholes after a zapping is done.

Another incandescent light  bulb needed to be replaced, only there some four months, and for the perps, that is way too long, so they sabotage the bulb element. And too, the almost regular event of "repair the bulb and by standing on the relocated chair that one was formerly sitting in at dinner". For some reason it is important for the perps to have me stand on the chair, and this is their excuse/entre to make me do this.

The Asian brown-stalkers out tonight. As I stepped into the too small lobby and Asian dude was sitting on the couch looking decidedly stupid while this Caucasian babe on a cell phone walks immediately in front of  him, and keeping her head down and pretending not to notice imminent collision, she walks over where I am about to step into once free of the door. I cannot say there was too much Asian gangstalking in the local supermarket, my destination, but when there was some "capture time", keeping me at the checkout,, some 6' away there was this pair of Asians not doing very much and with a Caucasian staff member doing their cluster fuck thing. Then an Asian behind me at the checkout, but that wasn't for long and off I went to return to this torture pit, aka, apartment.

Some CD ripping tonight, and being reminded of all the music I have missed, as most of it hasn't been played since 1996, when we moved to a farm (still a family then), and in 1999 I moved to Everett to keep the whole thing financially afloat, which I did. That didn't earn me any concessions on the divorce, but enough of that nonsense, all perp rigged at the time of course. I once wondered if my lawyer was in contact with someone else, as she seemed remarkably informed. And why they would blink heavily if there was some discussions in play, and it seemed they were holding out for a different result, and had this unerring knack of screwing me for more. Anyhow, like I said, the entire episoded was rigged from begining to end, and I will leave it at that for now.


Anonymous said...

I want to mention another aspect of targeting I've noticed: Fidgeting.

It seems that the perps love to call attention to themselves, and I can always tell when they want attention no matter the age, race, or gender of the person. For example, this morning on the train (as is often the case) a few people were trying very hard to get me to notice them.

One man stood directly in front of me about 5 feet away, by the train doors, and I could just "feel" his energy as soon as he walked in. I never once looked up at him, just saw his legs walk into the car. I kept my eyes averted but he kept flexing his legs, and bending them, as if doing some kind of exercise, to encourage me to notice him out of the corner of my eye!!!

I fought it, managing to avert my gaze long enough that he finally got off the train. Another perp sat down next to me, this time a short, rotund, Latina woman (a type who happens to be a repeat offender) proceeded to kick one leg out, every so often, at random-- like a child!!! This of course was AFTER I had percieved that horrible "look-at-me" energy dripping off her. Other people were minding their own business and did not cause me to feel this way. Strange...

And last week I was on the train and felt distinctly claustrophobic because one of these annoying types- a man- was sitting right next to me. When we got on, the train was relatively crowded, but as the journey progressed, people emptied out. Of course, as the PERPS would have it, the man who irratated me ended up staying til the very last stop!! My stop.

I mentioned the bizarre nature of it all to my friend who was riding with me, and of course he was like: Oh its because you're thinking about these people that they end up following you, bothering you, whatever. I'm like that chances of me getting annoyed for no reason because of someone's energy, and then that person starts acting up or ends up following me are a million to one!!! It happens way too much to be coincidence!!

AJH said...

Answer to: It seems that the perps...

There are public fidgits out there, and they seem to be able to monitor one's realtime responses (and aversion) to their provocations. I don't know if it is entirely for provocation alone, or if their greater motion is for testing more energy interaction. Having them change the position of their feet is VERY common in my experience, as it seems from yoga and like practices that there is much energy emanating from one's feet. When my parents were still at their place together when watching TV in the living room, they would often fidget by moving their feet simultaneously though they weren't looking at each other to arrange it by any conventional means. At first I thought it was that I was too notice-prone, but after 40x or more per evening, I had to conclude it was orchestrated for reasons known to the perps, these two Prime Quislings, the keepers of the First Feral Family. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

When I first started to realize I was targeted for experimentation, I was led to believe it was some Latina woman I knew who had a dad who was a Free Mason who was "behind this". The license plate on one of his cars was your typical Masonic license plate, with the number ending in 9, with a letter. I've read the Masons have this thing with license plates and numbers, like they add up to 13 or have odd numbers like 7, 11, 13, or whatever.

I was deeply mired into that way of thinking. But then, I realize, all of that can be arranged very easily, even without the help of the perps: all that's required is to have the license plate manufacturer "follow" the standard Mason practice of using odd numbers, paired with a letter somewhere to make sure the number itself is unique and not shared with another plate.

Discovered all of what I previously though about Masons were all bunk. Sure some perps are Masons, but it would take a lot more than some ancient cult to pull something like this off. It has to be an agency involved with the govt. with enough backing from someone powerful to pull it off.

They really had me going on the Masonic deal with the perps. But a lot of TI's claim Masons are responsible for their harassment. I guess the real perps can use this as part of the mind games.

AJH said...

Answer to; When I first started to realize...

I think that the Masons are bit players in all of this harassment scene. Sure, I seem some gangastalking Masonic licence plated or decaled vehicles, though not many. And the "number thing" as I call it; yes, there are some odd iterations and repetitions that I experience, and maybe the Masons have their need to arrange numbers, but I find the "coincidence/oddity value" to be a stretch. The technology and capability behind TI and other's harassment and manipulation is so advanced, and so wide and deep, that I cannot see the Masons as central players in all of this. And we are talking supressed science of EMF (Maxwell's original equations), ignored science ("How I Control Gravity" by TT Brown in the 1920's) and of course the many adversities of Tesla and all who followed, many of them unknown, and many working today under financial duress often due to strange tragedies, including murder. Whatever the perps are after, beyond 100% mind control that is, is likely of so important and so critical to them, they are willing to expend billions hounding innocent TI victims as part of the deal. And in my case, the seeming city of 300k pop. seemingly aware or involved. This is only one example of course, as other TI's likely have as much invested in their abuse as do I. Multiply that by all the TI's, and it is a very big financial number (even if they can teleport instead of taking a flight), a HUGE organizational commitment, and they have been at this for over 200 years of TI abuses (per the book, "The Air Loom Gang"), and likely a whole lot longer, even many hundreds of thousands of years. Just my take on all this, and wondering where it is all going and how much longer in purgatory I have; - four years they tell me. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I believe it does go back pretty far, like you said, to the late 1700's. Mozart succumbing to a mystery illness just before age 36 is one example. He suspected there were "cabals" responsible for having him blacklisted from gainful employment. And the mystery illness wasn't such a mystery, as most experts seem to agree it was Rheumatic Fever, not a deliberate poisoning. Recently, there was a theory it was a form of Strep infection, that was common in Vienna at the same period Mozart died. But you never know though. The entire sudden death seems a little suspicious. Especially since there was a "fall guy" to blame everything on: Antonio Salieri. That was back in 1791, around the same period as the Air Loom Gang.

Supposedly, they were just "rumors" that Saleri poisoned Mozart, but in light of the organized stalking deals, it sounds like a deliberate vicious campaign to get the public attention on a supposed "poisoner", when somehow, he got Strep or Rheumatic Fever. It's possible there were efforts to experiment with bioterrorism with the whole Strep infection deal, but that's just speculation without any solid proof. The circumstances surrounding Mozart's death seem suspicious, and according to Mozart himself, he was sure he had been poisoned. But it wasn't like a poison like Arsenic; it was probably a deliberate effort to get him infected with some illness. I suspect that as much as a "gift to the world" he was, there were in fact powerful entities that decided he was expendable. And throughout history, you'll find recurring examples of such artists who had an untimely demise. Even Buddy Holly and Jim Croce and their plane crash. It seems interesting that those people who were just starting to take off in popularity would die in a freak plane crash.

In the 80's, I did listen to strictly classical and Jazz, because there were those horrible trendy 80's songs out there. That's how I know so much about those composers.

Anonymous said...

Also, Edwin Armstrong was suppressed too, as he had many lawsuits filed against him. He is the "father of FM". Interesting that David Sarnoff asked Armstrong to investigate a better method of transmitting music and speech. He comes up with FM, and then Sarnoff sues the shit out of him, as Sarnoff owned some many AM stations, any FM station would be a huge threat. But it's interesting that Sarnoff himself was the man who asked him to investigate a superior method in the first place.


"Howard Armstrong contributed the most to modern electronics technology."

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe it does go back...

Yes, the perps have been a covert and constant companion of us naive humans all along, and more in music and the arts than all save science IMHO. Eva Cassidy was another phenomenal singer, died at age 33 y.o. from skin cancer, and was for a time, the biggest selling posthumous selling artist after Elvis himself, another likely purgee. Even now, many say she was the most versatile singer of the 20th Century; check Amazon for the many glowing comments. She was "whacked" before she became a star even, surely a state of interest to the perps who seem to engage in constant functional decomposition of every human intent, thought and concern. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also, Edwin Armstrong...

An interesting story; and surely one ripe for perp manipulations with electronic delivery of voice and music to us plebes. Thanks for the comment.