Monday, February 14, 2011

Instant Flu + Next Day Rambles

NOTE: this wasn't meant to be posted, but it did, even though incomplete. And in renaming this blog posting next day, the comments got toasted somehow. Funny how that happens.

A brutal evening over dinner, the perps rage-ifying me over 50x, in one of the loudest screaming abuse sessions to date. The jabbed me, caused things to move by themselves, put of food crumbs on surfaces where I had no contact/role in putting it there, put on fake touches from no apparent cause, and clattered objects with no seeming contact. Even with flue onset, the assholes didn't let up all evening over enraging me.

I am getting a severe cold or flu, and can feel its onset from head to toe. I didn't need to be riled up any more, as I feel so piss poor from this cold/flu.

Now Feb. 14, 2011
I slept four hours in the evening last night, waking up in my clothes at midnight, so I took them off and got into bed for a 8 hour sleep. And a three hour sleep this afternoon, so this immuno-tussle is continuing, with me taking echinacea and vitamin C to bolster my immune system to deal with this apparent flu. There is some mild coughing, often strategically timed, but the threat of a deep lung infection/congestion from yesterday has abated for now, though a sore throat beckons in its place. In the long past I wondered how I got these wicked flus seeming from nowhere with the worst timing; at a small training sessions or conferences I had arranged, and it just pissed me off I was in such roug shape to attend, or that I had experts from outside giving a presentation. Now I know why such bad timing somehow happens.

Another big flue moment was when we brought a poodle puppy home, or at least my then spouse and daughter did, as I was flu bound and on the couch when the dog arrived, who promptly jumped up onto my chest and sat there, doubtless a perp scripted moment.

So no doubt getting the flu or a cold is a big enegetics change, and it seems that the perps need to do this every now and again, in concert with significant events. Not that I have that totally figured out, but I did start a new breakfast regimen today, yogurt, granola and a diced kiwi fruit. And still the sour yogurt taste got throuh, so will have to find a remedy for this problem as it won't be a permanent solution if this continues. I Note my in-town brother had this same breakfast, so perhaps this is a First Feral Family convergence, and getting me off the breakfast cereal with its brown flakes that are adorned with salt (white) and pepper (black) pinhead or smaller sized dots on them, presumably as some kind of color reference on each flake.

The rage-fication was high this morning at breakfast but has since calmed some, though it shows they have no respect when they bring both of these to bear at the same time. The Fuckwits are out of control.

A second visit to LD last night, now allowed to find the echinacea as I couldn't for my afternoon visit and the gangstalking scene that was SRO.

And another oddity in the gangstalking department; a 4'10" (very small) red coated small woman was doing 60' long back-and-forths behind me at the bus stop yesterday morning, while I was waiting for the bus to arrive. And lo, if she doesn't get on too, and sits in front of me in the next row. My dusk onset redcoat it would seem, and at one point in the ride, she stands up, turns around and looks at me for two seconds or so, and then sits down again. I haven't had anything so obvious as this before, but there is a first time for everything.

Then another first, when at the LD store Visit #1 yesterday, this woman turns the corner to arrive 8' in front of me, and mentions something to the pharmacy staff, having a little social call it would seem, and then in "response" she flashes a strange grin with pursed lips and both upper and lower incisors exposed, then turns the corner out of view. The gangstalking was so bad I took my RX and got out of there, and lo, if there isn't this same woman leading me out again, and to the local supermarket. Normally, the Fuckwits pose as customers, dawdling and dip-shitting to get in my way sometimes, but she didn't and was decidedly without a cover story. Two oddities in one day, the latter putting on a bared teeth pose to seemingly test my reactions to it I reckon. Teeth baring has been noted before, and is a sign of intense hostiliy, something the perps want me exposed to every so often. And no doubt, coming closer the next time.

The regular Tuesday bell practice in the next block started up for my prior tea-time and with the chocolate the perps always want me to eat. This time they broke up the bar inside the package, down to every square but one, it having two squares. And so it goes.

I am going to post this now, as I don't know how my eveing will go, and they could drain me of motivation again, and have me sleep again. Another two hour nap before tea-time in this fogged and clogged state, and also good for inserting visual perturbances too, from the perp perspective. So I will blog off for today, and hope that the flu state will improve tomorrow, but I am not too sure about that.


Anonymous said...

They have been very intense in their jabbings and making me feel "electrified", sending an electrical field through my body. Last night, the pulled off an intense jab to the lower left abdomen again. Plenty of students are getting ill and not coming to class. Also, I've noticed the weather is always the worst on Tuesday and Thursday, going back to mid-January, and it just so happens to be the days I teach.

I get recruiters with "urgent" jobs out of state. This time, it was Loveland, CO. Another time it was Hartford, CT. Always in a far-away state. But this is a bad state anyways for those types of jobs.

Back to the jabbings: they've been more intense with those, very consistently, since last Thursday. Always get intensified harassment on the days I teach, or the Monday before.

I believe I was sold out to human experimentation, that someone powerful who is behind it paid a number of powerful people off back in 2003 or before. I suppose someone Rich connected to human experimentation can "buy" a TI, and that allows a number of people to look the other way via payoffs. I figured this myself, but maybe there was some planted notions about this. My "buddy" insinuated this, that my life as a TI was paid in full, to get everyone to back off and let the assholes go to work. This makes a lot of sense, because so many going along with the harassment seem coached, but also that they don't really feel connected to the harassment (hateful feelings, etc), but are just going through the motions on behalf of the perps.

Anonymous said...

I know some TI's aren't getting this kind of targeting. I feel that some are getting more of the "revenge" kind, where it involves more of a tresspassing on the property deal, but I don't get those sort of things. Like last night, some unfavored dude comes in, and plants himself right in front of where I was sitting, so I can get a nice big look at his fully repulsive unfavored look (physique and clothing). Just stood there for the longest time, like a statue. Then he moves to the left, so he's now in my peripheral vision, but he moves back in my direct line of sight. For revenge stalking, it's much less internal to the target like this, and more "obvious" (like people messing with your stuff and coming in your house and stealing things). Though, the latter could happen if you were an experimentation type target, too.

With that kind of targeting, everything is more full-on, get rid of the target type stuff. Since mine is very structured and organized, with careful placement of gangstalkers with clear defined roles, it has to be experimentation as opposed to revenge stalking. So of course, a target of one kind may not relate to the other's type. That could be why one type of TI would claim another TI's claims are bogus and just write him or her off as mentally ill.

Before they went overt, the perps knew that I was a very detail-oriented person, a stickler for perfection. Like for example, most people can't tell if a record is playing above rated speed just by listening, but I have always noticed that BSR cheapo turntables spin faster than the recorded speed. I even timed to verify. I could compare the pitch of the record or tape on the radio, and compare to my own personal stereo. In this case, I was only 7-9 years of age, and had this cheap JcPenny four-speaker stereo with a BSR record changer. And right off, I could tell the record were playing a shade too fast (like maybe 3-4%). I compared to my parent's Electrophonic stereo (not the best, but had a Garrard record changer), and that was far more on the money in terms of speed.

So the point is, such people are of interest to the perps, those with very fine-grained discerning capabilities. Other TI's seem to be very similar in this regard, for the experimentation side of things. Nobody else noticed the speed thing. Everyone else seemed to have this course-grained, well, it's good enough type of judgment, which always drove me crazy. I also notice when something is slightly out of place, which most others would never notice.

AJH said...

Answer to: They have been very intense...

The jabbings (from nowhere) got worse on me the day they invoked a flu, and am still recovering from, 02-17-2011.

I have no idea how the perps select certain TI's for overt abuse, but there is a good chance they were following the victim all along, likely since birth, as they can then make reverse comparisons of the person's energy based on other parameters such as location, environment and the like. The more I appreciate the details of what they are doing to me, it seems essential that they have life-long data on their victims when they chose to go overt, and become known to the victim. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I know some TI's aren't...

Detection of details can now be thwarted by the perps, something they learned in 2006 to 2007 when harassing me back then. Be it visual, audio (like the speed variation of a LP) or sensory; they will persist in finding out how you know. One of the earlier oddities they did to me was to make the fabric feel of a favorite jacket to be odd; they dithered my finger feel each time I touched the fabric so I thought it was different, a substitute. I didn't use the jacket for a few days and the next time I touched it the familar fabric feel came on. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It's been suggested the DNA of targets is of interest to the perps as well. So, from that, I can see that maybe, the perps must select certain family lines of descent, so they know a particular person when born could potentially be a good victim for their abuse. Most TI's I've seen seem to corroborate this, that they were getting various forms of perp goings on early in their lives that suggested it was happening from birth. Other targets are probably targeted because they may be of use to the perps as perps, shills, operatives, etc., in higher capacities. Those lower-level gangstalkers, they always seem to be "there" where I go, like the perps spread them out everywhere.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's been suggested the DNA...

The provenance of DNA (where it is from) and one's lineage are BIG perp considerations, and might be the reason so many foreigners have "mishaps" when travelling, losing blood or worse. In my case the perps seem to be hounding me over potential lineage related to Turkish, Tuscany (Italy, originally a settlement of ancient Turks), S. France, Catalonia of Spain, Germanic as well as Celtic countries of UK, and Ireland. My direct decendants are from Wales (1/2, father), Scotland (1/4) and English (1/4, charted back to the Norman conquerers of 1066)), so I am mystifyied by the broader Mediterranean and mid-European emphasis I seem to get for specialized gangstalking moments. How DNA fits into this isn't clear to me, but it would seem that residence in an area will create long term changes to one's DNA that will persist for centuries in one's progeny yet unborn. This summary is digested in part from the perp's many games of where they sent gangstalking thought-to-be friends before they went overt in 04-2002. Just think, all the movements of people and cultures all over the world for the last millenia, and here the perps are still at it, investigating some unique DNA signatures/changes that are caused by where one lives, and where one's decendents of long ago came from. It boggles the mind. Thanks for the comments.