Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lunch then Rain

There seems to be something big going down today, harassment-wise, but it is hard to put a finger on what it is. It started out with the perps dumping a teaspoon of ground coffee from the just-opened package of coffee (and putting on adversity in opening it and finally cutting off the mangled top of it), dumping it on the stovetop, burner, floor, oven handle and down under the burner in the catch pan. Just plain gratuitous coffee mess, their trademark, as they didn't bother to shake my hand that was holding the spoon or anything like that. Anyhow, only a short rage-ification over that, their brown color games starting up.

After breakfast and when in the bathroom and shaving (always a prime Fuckover activity), they started up the door closing thudding, lock clatter and the squeaky door noise from the hallway, at least ten iterations, and then posted dude talk on the other side of the wall, again from the hallway. Anyhow, when this was all over and I was changing into clothes and putting on my watch, I see it is 1030h. I woke up at 0700h this morning according to the clock, and at most it would of been 0930h. I checked the time on the kitchen stove clock, and then online, and it was in fact 1030h. So... some asshole dialed my alarm clock by an hour in the night, as I had been using it to get up at 0500h for the recent daffodil picking job.

My intown brother phoned during breakfast to respond to the phone message I left him yesterday, about pruning his front bushes, a job that got screwed around last weekend because he hid the extension cords.(He was away in Thailand for a month and I looked after his cat while away, back a week). I said I would come over, and the usual arrangement is that I know where the key is, and find my own way around due to his intinerant garage sale habit. I get dressed in my garden work clothes, and aim to get a bus in short order, and then a sudden need to crap comes on. I duly comply, and then find out the perps plastered my ass in shit in one of the most unusal messes to date, in all nine years of being harassed over taking a shit. So more delay, to take a shower to clean up, and it seems there is plenty of perp mileage in having me remove clothes in short order, after about 20 minutes of wearing them. So... I get set again to take a later bus, and head out into Gangstalk Land, my name for the streets of Victoria BC.

The usual proliferation of high arm swinging gangstalkers are out in place, though not too wierd, and then I am 60' from the bus stop when two dudes arrive 12' in front of me, and don't bother to make room on the sidewalk, which is at least 10' wide, and lo, if there isn't a constriction in the sidewalk due to a panel sign from the adjacent business, and this fucker still doesn' make any room on the sidewalk. His buddy is, and is smirking away, but the dude closest pretends he doesn't have a clue how utterly fucking rude he is, and still doesn't get it when I ask that he move over, waiting for him to go past as I am impeded by the street sign panel (painted plywood). Like WTF; this fucking dude-rudeness is suddenly getting worse, and I have yet to be convinced it doesn't spell orchestrated threat simulation.

Anyhow, the bus comes on time for once, and I was on the city bus freakshow, true enough, there were some odd ducks on board who didn't need to go far, and it always seems most odd that they don't walk instead for all the overhead time it takes to get a bus, (planning per schedule and waiting). I get my usual escort off the bus, this time two women, and lo, if one doesn't pull the identical stunt at the same location as the last time I was there; she is walking on my usual route, so I cross the road and walk on the other side, and lo, if she doesn't jaywalk 30' further and crosses the road to end up on my tail, and lo, if there isn't another fucker coming toward me at that moment, carrying the obligatory cigarette.

It is starting to rain, and as it "happens" (nothing never happens due to random chance in my existence) said brother is driving by and stops to give me a lift to his place. He says the rain is seeming to come to stay, and it isn't the transitory shower, and I agree, and say that I will hang out at his place, and have lunch there (if that is OK with him), and he says it is fine. I also mentioned that I need to go over the timesheet I sent him by email, the record of the cat care in his absence. Fine, and I see he found two extension cords, one plugged in, and had my gumboots sitting outside next to the electric pruning clippers. Funny that for a person so pressed for time that he spends it getting me ready for the pruning job.

All this at 1100h or so, and he tells me all about his holiday in Thailand and what it was like, and what travelling was like and the rest of it, at least an hour's worth. All this time I was listening to him, and then later we went over the spreadsheet I sent him and agreed on the cat care hours. I have lunch there, listening to what he was saying, and just when finishing up he says he has to go and soon, due to garage sale commitments. Fine, I say, I will depart on my own steam and lock up, as it is still raining outside, precluding any pruning work. Then he says he would drive me to a certain location on his intended route that I don't need to go to, and I turn down his offer. Then he suggests another location, which again, is contrary to my intended return direction. Then he finally says he would drive me to Esquimalt and Head street where I catch the bus, and I accept the offer.

Getting in the van turns out to be another First Feral Family stunt; getting in, and recalling that he "forgot" something, going back inside, dithering around at the door, and then pulling the electrical cord from the socket, and finally getting back in. In every instance of having vehicle rides with the FFF, they all started up this constant bullshit of delaying vehicle entry, protracting it or else getting out again, all of them. On the way there I ask him why he has frozen and canned salmon in the vehicle, his trades van, and he says it is for someone. Like WTF; I just had some of his canned salmon for lunch, as did he, and here is taking some along for a mysterious "someone". As we approach Esquimalt Rd where the bus route is, one crosses by 60' ahead at the traffic light controlled intersection. I tell my brother not to go silly over attempting to get me on it, as the buses run every ten minutes and I can wait out another. But he decides that he would, and with a left turn lane and a through lane ahead of him, he takes the through lane, when turning left would of got me to the bus still sitting in the bus stop. But instead of going straight through, per traffic lane markings, he makes a left instead, pulling an all-star perp dumbshit stunt like I have seen them do on occasion. He then pulls ahead of the bus stop, and he tells me it is still there as passengers are still boarding, looking in the mirror, and I bail out, and dash back along the sidewalk to get the bus. I seem to be the last person to board, and somehow, some dude ends up on my ass at the payment box while getting my bus pass out. Funny how it happens, these types ending up from behind me from nowhere, the second time today. I get to the back of the bus where there is a seat, but in a streak of rude-dudeness, one dude has three seats occupied, so I end up sitting over two bucket seats. The usual city bus freakshow ensues, getting five dudes with brushcut hair all around me, and one redcoated hoodie girl. The bus just crosses the blue bridge and is finally getting to my bus stop to get off, and lo, if there isn't two wierds hauling a 17' red fiberglass canoe across the street, crossing ahead of the bus' path. Anyhow, I get off with a four dude consort who seem to have me covered in knowing which direction I headed, away from the canoe stunt.

I walk some two blocks to my place, and lo, if there isn't yet another dude coming at me again. I just don't get it why so many supposed pedestrians are not only walking in my intended path and making a sudden diversion some 10' ahead, but are now making steps to walk directly into me. It is fucking insane that I am not allowed to walk anywhere without threat of collision or worse. Bad enough that I get run-down attempts when on the crosswalk with the traffic signal, but to get someone in my face when walking on a public sidewalk is going to get fucking ugly real soon.

So now that I get to ponder about this morning's games, the big question is what was it all about? My brother making the left turn from the through lane to get me to the waiting bus with a minimum of street transit time, or what? And keeping a sample of the prior lunch food (canned salmon) I had to eat in the van with him? Don't know, but it was all too fucking stupid, and it would never of happened if it weren't raining, as I would of done the pruning job at his place. Go figure....

Relative calm for the past hours of web surfing, with stereo music players and components being a strange "need" to be updated on. I cannot afford any such luxuries, and here I am being made to look at $10k CD players, surely an anachronism by now, as a digital file will sound as good they say. Even some of the high guru of audiophilia have come to that conclusion. Everytime I have a look at all the interesting audio equipment I re-design the ideal system, and I suppose this fits the perps pattern of having me covet particular gear, then something else later, and so it goes, sometimes fed by FFF mentions of them getting a system, which never comes to fruition.

The earmuffs were getting very noisey with this rumbling din setting up in them, and that is how it goes in TI World; objects that ordinarily offer protection are exploited to be deleterious. And of course, that can change overnight, or whenever they decide that years of wearing hearing protection from the cacaphony of orchestrated noises no longer serves their purposes. More like, it is that I have dark green plastic earcups, white acoustic foam, and a metal band and a black vinyl band cover close to my head that really serves the purpose, likely some kind of color and material energetic reaction, unless anyone else out there has any other suggestions as to why the perps parade objects by, often arranging touch or some form of contact in the process. Or, getting close, like today's Fuckwits coming at me. Funny how pedestrians are changing their walking habits; LH drive, coming at me, and today, a sudden burst of a seeming independent gangstalkers that desparately needed to pass me on the R side, even if up against the store windows. Just plain fucking beserk is what the perps are.

An early bed time tomorrow to get up at 0500h for a 0638h bus to the daffodil farm. It was raining most of the day, so it should be boot sucking muddy out there tomorrow pickin daffodils for 20 cents a bunch. A tedious way to keep the cash flow up after the recent perp caused expenses.

Some interesting web site browsing tonight, and that kept me occupied enough for the last two hours, with plenty of bookmark action that the perps like so much. And too, the smudging of my eyeglasses every evening now, one or both lenses to varying opacity, a seeming important evening time testing game the perps have going.

Without further ado, I shall blog off and the next few weeks of blogging will be slim as the farm job sucks 12 hours out of my day, and I suspect it will be nearly every day until the end of Febuary when the let us locals go and had the imported Mexican labor do all the work.


Anonymous said...

Note the JohninSD character who references this forum in almost every post. Also, he writes off my reply about the testicular pain as a real medical condition, which is false. Apparently, John is either a perp or a person with serious reading comprehension problems, because I never said I had severe testicular pains. If JohninSD would take the time to develop 3rd grade reading comprehension skills, he would notice that I said "occasional stabbing pains". Had JohnisSD been a real TI (which he isn't), he would know full well they have access to big toys which can pull stuff like this off (needle pricks to the genitals). Interesting how he reaches this broad conclusion that I need medical attention.

Interesting how JohninSD only focuses his conversations and argues at length about TI's being wrong or delusional or real medical problems, and I've never seen him discuss his own stalking/harassment.

I take this to be an insult, because I have been screwed out of $180 by a doctor working for the perps who did nothing about my severe ear infection, just prescribed me Augmentin with no refills. Meanwhile, the ear infection was never completely healed, yet she refused to grant me a refill.

And I'm not sure what vanity JohninSD is talking about? He's the vain one. He think calls himself a target, yet I've never seen him discuss any details whatsoever of his harassment. I only see him refuting other TI's claims.

Just another perp shill, or a twit who has no clue as to the scale and magnitude of what the people behind this are capable of. I suggest JohninSD go back to 3rd grade and learn how to comprehend written word, or stop worrying about what other TI's are going through.

Well, major forums are infiltrated by operatives, perps, fake TI's, etc., and it looks like he may be posting under several ID's there. Interesting how our "not smarter than a 5th grader" JohninSD can read one post, and jump right to "well he needs medical attention". JohninSD, stay away from little kids, please. Well, maybe he can find a class for old farts like himself who are on the perp payroll, who can go back to 3rd grade and learn how to READ without being around little kids. (What a loser.)

Anonymous said...

It seems odd that a fake TI (JohninSD) can just look at how detailed my posts are, and just write me off as a nutter. I know what I'm talking about here. If he were a real TI, he certainly would have talked about his own harassment episodes, yet spends a huge amount of time researching what other TI's are posting and writing them off as delusional or requiring medical attention in two sentences. Also suspicious is the fact that he writes about me needed medical attention, when my conversations in my home have revolved around me being screwed by medical professionals who don't do their jobs, or another case when office staff "inadvertently" billed me twice for the same visit. I suppose that never happened either; I'm just a nutter, that's all. But his "diagnoses" comes shortly after I had this conversation. And what qualifies JohninSD to make a diagnoses are all, on a goddamned forum for Chrissakes? Is he a licensed doctor who saw me in an office visit?

If JohninSD really thinks he is a TI, then HE is the schizophrenic one, not me.

AJH said...

Answer to: Note the JohninSD character...

I haven't looked into this controversy. But it seems that yet again, TI forums are getting polluted with the wrong kind. A sure way to anger a TI is to deny what they are experiencing, or recasting with a new interpretation.

AJH said...

Answer to: It seems odd that a fake TI....

The ersatz clinical expert who slangs TI's. Know it well, and my arguement is that if they don't have any clinical training then they shouldn't be making these statements. And if they had clinical training, they would need direct patient contact of some kind. That is the polite response at least.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess I got a little upset there and needed to vent. But that is true though, about me having some odd mistreatments by medical professionals. The M.D. didn't seem too particularly interested in solving my problem, and had this lack of enthusiasm that made her seem incompetent, or that she just wanted me in and out of there. And she had the gall to charge me $90 for both the initial visit, and the follow-up, which was nothing but a quick check-up. $180, but I did get a prescription for antibiotics I needed. She denied me a refill, which I badly needed. Surely she would have noticed that the severity required at least one refill? Seems like she wasn't paying attention, and just blindly went about her job.

Now the chiropractor, he did give me good service. However, the office women were getting involved in the all too familiar perp directed conversations. They also billed me twice for one visit. And one visit, I was overbilled, even when I told him my insurance didn't cover the cost.

So TI's do get screwed over or get shoddy treatment by medical professionals, which is why that "TI" got me all mad when he just brushed off the perp doings as "Well it's obvious you need to seek medical attention". There again, it looks like he just skimmed my response, and came to a quick conclusion. But that's what the M.D. did, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it looks like that's the goal, though, to get an angry vocal reaction from TI's. I've been warned that TI forums have all kinds of shills, operatives, and the blind leading the blind types, which is why I never post there. That one TI was getting simple bullshit, at least what I saw on video. Just kids trespassing by throwing Frisbees over the fence onto his lawn. Sure that is one aspect of gangstalking, but gangstalking involves so much more than simple skits like that. I wonder if he's even a target at all. But not all TI's get targeted for the same reason. Some of them just get the simple, classic gangstalking games, and nothing more. I get all of that, plus all of the "extras", like the media (all forms) cooperating with the perps. This is why I don't watch TV or read the paper anymore. I saw that TI was a media guy of some sort, so it could well be he is an operative putting on a good "TI" acting job. There seem to be varying degrees of fake TI's out there.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, I guess I got a little upset...

Sounds like the doctor is in plain cahoots with the perps; not getting past the "obvious" and "medical attention". Read up on various afflictions to be able to come back at them, and challenge the assumptions as well, the "obvious" statement in particular. Another line is to ask " am I behaving normally to such a threat if if were real?" Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, it looks like that's the goal...

I have been jerked around by seeming legit TI's, and it makes we wonder if the ones that I deal with aren't pulling a stunt, a coperating TI. Last year's TI get together was another one where there seemed a scripted conversation, and with a strong foundation of not being any bit curious about my state of harassment and comparing notes. Thanks for the comments.