Monday, February 07, 2011

Daffodil Duty

A day of working in the farm field of daffodils, cutting the flower stems at the appropriate length, bunching them in 10's, and getting paid $0.20/bunch. That is a whole lot of bunches to make a decent payday, and I reckon it was a $60 day, over 300 bunches. And as usual, when starting a new endeavor, or in this case, one that is seasonal and comes around once per year, the perps go beserk with all manner of setups, stunts and other games. Starting with fumbling my fingers, and making sure my fine motor control was duly suppressed and fucked with; constant "misjudgement" of finger actions, missing grasping objects, the wrong side of the knife being used and hundreds of other imposed abuses of my own motor skill capabilities, make it one fucking nasty day. And one to repeat most days of this month to pay for some $450 in blatant PC sabotage they undertook. But, at least th weather was mostly cooperative, almost balmy sometimes, and suddenly changing to a light rain that didn't last long, just a sprinkle. And that made for many differing cloud and cloud color combinations, always a big deal for the perps. And too, STRATCOM aircraft noise was ramped up, at least 15 on the day when they are supposed to be on random assigned flight paths. The Sea King helicopter was back, making low horizon trips W to E and then looping back to the N. to then make the same trip, for some 40 minutes, and at least 10 trips, always seen in the same direction. And the usual spew of blackish beams coming from its radar dome as it swept low across the horizon. And the local float planes were also on their flight paths overhead adding to the aircraft noise. Then the road traffic noise was incessant, along with the color coordinated parade of vehicles, the silver greys featuring a significant amount of the time. Then multiple roofing jobs and their rat-a-tat noise that also follow me to every farm I have ever worked at, some jobs being legit, but others seemed to be only a noise game, as there were no roofing jobs in the direction the noise came from.

Other gonzo stuff today was having me wait outside the warehouse for a ride, and then two staff came in, one being the sales guy, who ordinarily doesn't go out to the field. But he is chatty, and he got out of the Left Hand drive vehicle, meaning the seat where there ordinarily would of been the driver's seat. But as these are tin-can used Japanese pickup trucks, they are LH drive, steering wheel on the R side. In the course of chatting, he took his clodded gumboots off and put on his clean steel toe boots he wears in the office, changing footwear 4' in front of me. And of course I wasn't allowed to have a clue at the time I was talking to him, and only in the last hour did the perps let me on to the fact that this was two of their favorite gangstalking/harassment stunts combined; LH drive vehicles (passenger from the L side, which ordinarily would been the driver's seat in North America) and their footwear and mud fetish. (A third major obsession in the mix, an Unfavored, is that he has excessive long hair for a male, something they constantly hound me with in the Unfavored parade of male gangstalkers). Anyhow, two stunts at once, plus the Unfavored hair.

Picking daffodil flowers will be my big income earner for this month, something I wasn't wanting to do, but as the financial pressure ramped up this past month, on with the plant cutting show, always a perp event, much as pruning and weeding is, and I cannot count the number of those jobs I have done for the past eight years of this insane abuse parade. According to Sir Chandra Bose, plants have feelings, and they evince pain, and this is electromagnetically detectable. I suppose the perps are looking for some kind of universal interaction between plant and me, and are too fucking insane to do anything but attempt to remotely detect it, rather than expediting their objective with cooperation. Even if the assholes have been tailing me and organizing and surveilling me since birth, as it seems

The vision impairment abuse is also on high tonight, so this blog posting will be limited as I will be duly provoking into doing something else. Accordingly, I will blog off for now, and also note that these postings will be much shorter this month as this gig is a 14 hour turnaround until I am fed and done with. Not much time for much else, but this is what they want me to be doing, besides the escalated number of typos tonight.

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