Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sudden Snow

Feb. 23, 2011
An overnight snowfall, with continuing flurries has the town excited, though I don't share it. But, it has quieted the noisescape, though the inside fake neighbor water running noises were ramped up in partial compensation. But given that even weather is a perp manipulated event I have come to find, though no true for all TI's, I am sure there is some connection to me in all of this. Not the least is a wet blanket of crystallized water, aka snow, and how the perps like to engage in water flicking games. So having the town covered in this white water form color reference is just something wonderful for the sick minds that continue this unrelenting nonconsensual human research on their subjects, me being one of their prime abusees it seems. As far as I know, no other TI gets the same degree of nonstop abuse and harassment as me, to the point that their entire physical world is recast in a new light, and that teleportation is another day at the office for the sickos who continue this deranged vileness. Anyhow, I shouldn't be complaining too much as I am house-bound, and viewing the weather games from six stories above the street in relative comfort.

Feb. 25, 2011
Back to my cell after a two night stayover at the First Feral Family house; some bullshit by the in-town brother over my seeming non-working phone (in-bound calls), saying he was downstairs at the apartment intercom, and he & mother were wondering if I was OK. Like WTF; first of all this is all orchestrated and I am the last to know anything of the script. Second, him setting off on uncleared and slippery streets to then arrive downstairs (this is the downtown area) to make a intercome phone call and not come upstairs to visit and tell me the story in person is absurd. Yes, all the intercom sounds were there, and it seemed like he was downstairs. So I call the FFF Mother and got through and said I was just fine, and that all this apparent panic over me was ridiculous "because" of the snow. More BS calls from the phone company and the "phone problem" was resolved, if it was even at issue. Presumably, their network got jammed because of the call volume and/or equipment failure in the cold temperatures. We already did this bullshit with the same phone company a few years ago, and lo, if it isn't any different.

The upshot of all this BS was that I should go to the FFF and clean the driveway of snow, some 12". I said I would do it when it stopped snowing, which it did in the early afternoon. Why in-town brother wasn't in on doing this I don't know, assuming he was driving around like he made out. So... about 1600h I set off with my pack and headed to the FFF house by bus, thankfully muted from the usual freakshow, though Asian heavy. I got sucked into a mind-fuck to get off one stop early on the secondary route (that I rarely take), and the bus stopped in mid street as the sides weren't cleared of snow. I get off and start tromping the extra distance to the corner where I would of normally got off, and for some reason the bus sat in mid-street where I got off, and not having seen it go by, I looked back, and an Asian couple were running for it while still stopped in mid-street (snowy conditions). Then it must of sat there for a few minutes longer until I was close (60') to the usual bus stop and then it went by, with the opposite route bus also passing by in the other direction. I forget other details, but there was this vehicular convergence (two of three being buses) when I was at the usual bus stop location having walked 200' or so from getting mind-fucked into prematurely getting off. So it would seem they were testing me in snowbound conditions, and having made me walk the 200' between bus stops to the usual location, and then the buses converge. The one that I was on deliberately held back and didn't pass me by until at the pre-designated corner. Today's bus stop Asian events at this corner of two bus stops, Tyndall and San Juan for locals, were also mighty curious (see below).

I cleared the driveway in an hour or so, there being two blue plastic snow shovels, one mid-blue, the other a green-blue. All very important to the perps, the color of the plastic that sweeps ahead of me, when arranged. And as it "happened", my mother did make a single pass with one snow shovel down the length of the driveway. Again, I doubt it, but the swath was there, and presumably it was done with the green-blue shovel, and I would of stepped in an on it former path often while sweeping the entire driveway with the mid-blue colored plastic snow shovel. All very fascinating to the perps, these color variations of late, and what might of swept the ground ahead of me. Not forgetting they had the potatoe digging machine rake up the ground ahead of me doing picking work many times this past summer, and ditto for the daffodil bulb picking that followed. Such is my vocation fate courtesy of the perps; agricultural peon, even side by side with the legal imported Mexican labor. The perps wouldn't even let me learn Spanish from them, which I was prepared to do, as they laid me off from the first job within two days of acquiring a Spanish phrase book and a dictionary. Maybe this year will be my big breakout and they will let me learn Spanish. It seems the perps have a substantial agenda over what I learn, and the peon jobs for the last three summers have pointed in the direction of learning a new language. As magnetized as I am in a 1600 Gauss field, or greater, this must be terribly fascinating for the assholes, should it come to pass.

Yesterday, I got to sit around the whole day inside the FFF house, the weather being cold and blowing snow; no projects to do or otherwise putz with. I even started to read a book, an all time science classic, On Growth and Form, by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson. And while reading, and while listening to the dishy sounding female announcer on KING-FM, my mother duly did her perp-abetting bullshit of running the vaccum cleaner for over an hour, later followed by clanging crockery.

And of course I was removed from this apartment and blog, PC and all, and I suppose that was a big deal. When I got back this afternoon, I see that the bedsheet was turned down some 10" or so; not the way I left it and who knows what perp asshole might of been in it. I did find a 20" long black hair in the bed once, and have no idea how it got there.

This morning, I did the driving duty of getting my mother to the grocery store in the slick ice road conditions of her suburbia road to then negotiate the mostly cleared arterial streets. The perps had been pissing me  off in the morning so I had an inkling this was a big perp event; getting me out driving in the snow with the FFF matron in the passenger seat, and to the usual clusterfuck grocery store. It wasn't too bad at first, the gangstalker scene, but little by little the freakshow kept coming in, arriving from the back of the store. The elder-twit woman parking her basket in mid-aisle and pretending not to notice what a tripping hazard it was, only to reprise gangstalk at least 5x more with her basket in a shopping cart for crissakes. Then the pig-dude came by for at least 10 stalkings; shiny bald head, fat face, over 260lb and orange liner to his coat for whatever reason. These two were the worst tails, on me constantly and my mother abetting by dithering around and backtracking for vague reasons. Then there was the "stalking/stocking" carts loaded with boxes (think, brown color reference) and the Asian store staff, and then there was the negro for some gratuitious reason, followed by the dark Arab who kept loitering worse than a fart in a sleeping bag. Then it was the ball cap dude-force's turn, also on my ass for at least three reprise gangstalkings. Then out of the store only to be lined up by a black Jaguar sitting in mid-parking lot for no reason, and in front of my mother's vehicle necessitating a choice as to which side, of this fucking obstacle to take. And so this bullshit of this Jaguar sitting in mid parking lot continued for a minute or so, and when on the track to pass on the right side, why, the driver makes a turn to cut in front of me and park the vehicle 12" from my mother's vehicle. That meant a trip to the other side to then unload the groceries.

Then a walk through the icy parking lot to the adjacent pharmacy for my mother's medications, and through an upper level lot that was bounded off to prevent anyone attempting to drive up the snowbound inclines. So lo, if there wasn't a dude with a walk-behind snowblower who carved a path for us, as he had been on the opposite side a few minutes ago to loft snow over top of the vehicle when we were first arriving.  In all of this setup my mother needs to hang on to me, not being too steady given the snow and ice conditions, and when we get to the door, why, a greeter dude in black clothing opens the door. Like WTF; no vehicles outside due to the parking lot being bounded off, and then he comes out from this quiescent mall entrance to hold the door open. The pharmacy was only 30' away, and so my mother dithered around there to get her medications, and then found need to check her blood pressure, having first to wait for another woman who decided to use the machine just before my mother wanted to. This woman was in "hang around" mode, and I couldn't figure out why she was sitting around, but anyhow, with three seats I had to wait too. Along the way when this woman gets up, she has her sweater lifted 2" from her pants to show me her bare midriff for a half minute or so, making out that she was unaware. The more putzing and clutzing while my mother did her blood pressure, pharmacist giving her a free card to store her results on, and the assistant retrieving the green knitted gloves my mother left at the counter. And in retrospect, I was seated to the backside of the LCD monitor while this parade of clutzing and revealing was going on.

And when it came time to depart the pharmacists and go through the upper deck parking lot, why, parking was now allowed, and there were some five vehicles or so, drawing from the silver grey and white color schemes the perps like so much. The snowblower and dude was gone, not having completed the job, save to heft snow when outbound. Another arm-in-arm walk back to the vehicle with the FFF matron, and to the parking lot to then squeeze by the black Jaguar, the owner who must of exited the passenger side to get out. Back to the FFF house, and lo, if in-town brother isn't there outside, making out he just arrived in his girlfriend's red vehicle, not using his white van or silver grey pickup truck. He claimed to need to use the FFF PC for him to look up garage sales on the web, as he was doing his usual habit of searching for second hand deals. This isn't the first time, maybe the 20th or more, where he arrives to use the PC, as is in prop himself in front of this color reference source about the time I come to the FFF from outside. Clearly, the Fuckover Force needs to make more brother-to-brother color comparisons using the PC and they need the one-eyed brother in on it too. It would seem that the perps created an accident when he was two, and he lost the use of one eye. No doubt related to the extensive color, light, vision diminuition, vision dithering and related fuckery that started since the perps went overt/beserk in 04-2002 (on me).

And part of the deal for the extra FFF coverage upon arriving was that the shopping bag help suddenly erupted; so it would seem that the perps, via the abetting FFF assholes, need to get more reference data on me as I pass freaking shopping bags to and fro. And have I not complained before that the one of the all time props for gangstalkers is shopping bags? And here we are, almost nine years later since the overt/beserk assault began, and they are still hounding me over plastic shopping bags.

And after hounding his ass for a few minutes or so, why, the ex also arrives to tell her story as to how her BMW convertible (white, red interior, black fabric roof) got bounced around on the highway in the snow two days ago, ended up setting off the rollover protection that went throught the fabric roof and the rear bumper mangled and in the ditch. After four hours in the snow and no tow truck, someone came by and helped her out, and she drove it to the vehicle claim center, where they "happened" to have an appointment opening, and where it was determined to be totalled. By all accounts she got a good settlement, and is now prospecting for a new vehicle. Such a deal, the perps sending her careening off the road with a low speed hit-and-run and now a new experiment begins with a new vehicle, color and trim.

So, in all this, the ex brings brown cookies over, and we have coffee (think perp brown color agenda/fuckery), and more two-tone brown cookies and generally get "browned", as in food and beverage intake. And is it any wonder I had the Coffee Corps out later gangstalking on the city bus? Then the ex and in-town brother left separately, and later when luch was served, this fugly red soup was all that was availible, soup can stuff. Enough of the FFF rescue mission, and off to the city bus stop to get back to my downtown apartment. And for the packed snow road conditons, an aburd number of gangstalking vehicles going by in tight formation, strings in file of four or more, and many of them red colored. For all the "browning around" with the ex and in-town brother "happening" to be there for when we returned from the grocery shopping trip, there were very few brown vehicles on the road, a noticeable drop in prior weeks.

I take the city bus, and lo, if the Asians couple hasn't left their grocery shopping bag (fabric) in the entrance, and lo, if they aren't also packing some cheapshit pressboard furniture off the bus while I pass them in the aisle. Of all the dumbshit and utterly senseless BS I have seen when getting on the bus, this takes the cake to date. Here they are, purportedly grocery shopping and furniture packing on the bus with the streets covered in snow, getting off just as I board the bus (same front door).

Once on board, I see my favorite seats are plugged up, so I get a transverse one at the rear, raised deck portion. I have four Asians arranged around me, but no big deal, as they seem to be the in-flavor gangstalking race of late. Others come and go, and the Asians remain, and one black and white dressed woman gets on two seats over. She ends up making out that she wants to get off at the stop ahead of me, and then doesn't, but instead waits and tails me off the bus. But that wasn't enough, as she then tails me on the street, and even starts running to catch up to me, as I am striding out by now, knowing this tail is on me. She crosses the street on one block, conceding the obvious, and then tails me parallel for two more blocks. What I couldn't get over was the bus stop fake-out; ringing the bell to get off one stop ahead of me, and then hangs back to purposely tail me.

About four stops before I get on, there was a seeming high school influx of 20 at one stop, this at 1350h on a Friday afternoon. Some 15 Asians were part of the mix, sitting all around me and then another cluster at the rear door where it seems the bus travelling population of Victoria puts on its perpetual rudeness of obstructing those who wish to exit (translated, an excuse for body contact just before getting off).

Enough of this; just to let you know its all just as unusual as it has been ever since April 15, 2002, The Real Day of Infamy, and not some concocted deal where FDR locked up his admiral to keep the show going.

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