Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flu Fragility

After all those daytime sleeps yesterday, I feel that I am getting better, but am still feeling fragile for attempting anything major. I even got screwed with a PC crash last night while ripping a CD, and now find that Exact Audio Copy knows about this, and suggests putting the CD in first. Fricking lame.

No major events planned today, except maybe a sortie to the local supermarket to get more of the syrup concentrate, aka cordial, as it was the only saving grace to offsetting the yogurt sour flavor this morning. True to form, the perps had me totally "forget" to add kiwi fruit in the yogurt mix, not realizing this until hours later. It is extremely rare that they let me have fruit with breakfast, a sore point that I have long given up on. But one can discern that yesterday was a fluke, and back to a no-fruit breakfast again. We are closing in on 9 years of this insane abuse, and here they are pissing with what I have for breakfast for the first major diet change at that mealtime. We have a long way to go yet it would seem.

And in Windows 7, in the lastest upgrade that was installed after the repair events last month, I see that the one dependable Control Panel got dumbed down into categories, leaving me bereft of finding anything useful. There was nothing wrong with the big long list, and I could get to where I wanted about 90% of the time. And now that it is dumbed down into categories, with too brief explanations and not enough meat, I am batting 10% at most. Why does Microsoft continue to meddle and fuck up useful features, especially of the system admin kind, often the last resort to getting the problem resolved?

A three hour nap on the bed, the last 40 minutes oof which was spent in a totally denergized state, unable to get up and in full hearing of the noise parade outside. I don't think I am well enough to go daffodil picking tomorrow, and so for another day of this health hiatus.

Next Day, Feb. 17, 2011
Feeling better today, no long naps in the daytime, though not 100%, and not wanting to go to my Thursday yoga practice. A 10.5 sleep last night, and while nothing new in the sleep duration sabotage end of things, it might suggest that the vitamin C, echinacea and Cold FX may have stemmed the tide of being flu bound for longer.

And still wrestling with the CD music "ripping", a dumbshit name for copying and compressing, as Ripstation Micro was duly installed and the first thing I get is "unable to enable Autorun". And lo, if my email wasn't responded to and other Googleing hasn't got this particular error identified. One long jerkaround, getting anything to work and operate without undue hassle. The Iris Dement song. "Easy is Getting Harder All The Time" was written for TI's, though I am sure she isn't one and has no idea who us poor schmo's are in Disenfranchised Land.

And I sense the perps have crossed the line owing to two recent events of making their gangstalkers overt and seeming without apparent purpose, as well as recent unconventional gravitic events. For the latter, the line was always that there was a sliver of plausibility to their games; a blob of food would arrive unseen on the counter but as I wasn't watching that particular location in detail, and that I was handling food, it just might be that it was me. Given that this "happens" (this one example) 40+ times per day, each event still has that sliver, that remote chance, that it wasn't them. Add them all up, and of course it was them, as I never had so many such problems with crumbs from nowhere or like food handling ever before. But now, food pieces just erupt, without any causal plausibility and lob from jar to countertop, covering 12" of horizontal distance without any remote possibility that it was by my actions. There was no question that the opening of the coconut butter this morning was a big event, as the sirens came on for it, but when a 1/4" blob of it leaps from the jar and onto the counter by itself, the perps have crossed the line of ostensible plausibility. They have been pushing this for many months now, maybe even six months ago, but now my existence appears to be a no holds barred unconventional gravitic abuse scene.

On the gangstalker patterns changing, I noted in the last blog posting about a gangstalker who was friendly with the staff at LD and who then does a lead-ahead gangstalking to the adjacent supermarket, also doing that odd teeth barring episode as part of the arrangement. Last night, also returning from the LD store, a brown T-shirted dude is coming toward me at the entrance to this building but stays outside, doing his coughing act while I open the door. Like WTF; it is cold and no coat, and then seems to be coming toward the door  but instead, loiters outside and then coughs, and then disappears. Blatant, and no cover story of being an underdressed pedestrian or apartment building dweller, just there for the brown shirt and the coughing act. Anyhow, this might all seem very subtle to those who read this blog, but it seems from this perspective that the Gangstalk and Abuse World that I have been consigned to are going to get worse, and without any apparent guise or pretense. Or plausibility that there was a conventional reason for each single event anomally of the conventional. Mind you, I get jabbed and whacked some 100+ times per day from no apparent source, but never when I am watching for a repeat. This too will likely change is what I am predicting.

Began the first daytime ripping of CD music yesterday, only one CD, but another five today. I don't know why this is significant, but after months of doing this activity only in the evenings, even if I had all day available, this sudden change of habit can only be perp managed. And I suppose, having some 300 CD's sitting around is also a big deal too, all those surfaces, pits and lands, just fascinating stuff for them. Back in the high abuse days with head pain pummelling I would place a CD next to my head and get instant relief, though interestingly, they are not magnetic.

Only a half hour snooze before dinner, unlike the marathon daytime snoozes of the prior two days. The perps got me up when they vibrated the bed. Which vibrates me of course, and I can do without that sensation running through me.

Busy ripping Cd's tonight, the system crashes magically disappearing tonight. At certain moments the overhead pounding started up, especially while listening to Laura Nyro samples from Amazon.

Before any more sudden PC crashes I will blog off and post this.


Anonymous said...

Today I realize I may have been setup by a recruiter for a minor fuckover job. I was contacted by a recruiter out of state Thursday, and she set me up on an interview with a specific person and time on Friday. She told me to meet with this one recruiter in Moon Twp. at 2:30, and a specific name. But when I got there, that recruiter was busy with another interviewee at 225PM. So the recruiter told me to wait. It wasn't until 300PM that he got finished, and he had me fill out all kinds of paperwork, including signing up on their website, and filling out a tax form, signing other forms, etc.

But when I finished with all of that paperwork, it wasn't until 330PM I was able to speak with him. I told him where I came from, and he said YOU DROVE ALL THE WAY FROM [the town I live]?! He was all flabbergasted, and when I told him about the other recruiter from the other office setting me up with a specific time, day, and person, he told me NO I COULD JUST HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU BY PHONE! He was a little frustrated. And of course, it seemed like the whole deal was a fuckover job by this "Marque" at the other office. He said his office was the main office, and she shouldn't have done that.

It seems this "Marque" just wanted to get her little time in fucking me over, like many others have done before her, by having me drive all the way into the bigger cities. It seems she was co-oped by the perps for this, and they needed me to pass through the City, where I can experience the radio stations there, as well as the tech systems that are supposedly there to work on TI's. It seems another goal was for me to waste an entire day on this. But I did work on a job with my dad in Moon Twp. a long time ago, 1995 to be exact, so maybe the perps wanted me to "revisit" the area I was in 1995 to get some readings.

Anonymous said...

That whole experience had me dressing me up in my interview suit, complete with tie and jacket, and it was all unnecessary. So now, I had been reading about how to clean the suit. From what I've read, the best choice is probably to get the suit pressed only, as repeated dry cleanings wear out the fabric, I was told. I have worn the suit about 5 times since the last cleanings, so maybe the perps wanted to get some mileage out of its "worn-in" state.

AJH said...

Answer to: Today I realize I may have been setup...

Yes, the perps have done this to me at one time, where one office of the firm doesn't (or pretends) know what the other is doing to have a "cluster fuck" moment. And sending you back to an old location where you once lived fits the perps pattern of heavy provenance research interest. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: That whole experience had me....

Laundering of clothes and especially of dry cleaning is a vital perp management consideration, often wearing differing launderings at once between suit, shirt and socks. The perps like one to go long intervals without laundering if they can, more do-able in a suit that say, socks. The perps had me keep my suit from my IT days, and in a nice hanger bag too, and got me recently motivated to have the pants adjusted for the slightly larger waistline they are keeping me at. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

And also, it seems like a big portion of that whole episode was filling out my Social Security number and other personal info. The woman at the other office told me to bring two copies of my resume and two forms of ID. I almost did bring my Social Security card, but thankfully I didn't. Odd how the recruiter didn't require me to fill out the top part of the tax form (the exemptions part); just the bottom half where I was to list my name, address, phone number, and of course, the SS number. I started to get notions (maybe planted by the perps) that one goal was for them to scam me into giving up personal info, because who knows who works for that company? There could be some major perps there, and now they have my info, including my Social, which they could use to cause some trouble for me.

Also, the recruiter had me go to one of the computers they have there and fill out some info. I'm starting to think they may be trying to frame me up for looking at questionable sites on the internet. Also, they are probably trying to see if would look up some questionable sites, and they would be right there, stored in the cache.

Anonymous said...

Here we go: an article about the whole "death" experience:,8599,1842627,00.html

I'm sure the perps are still on this one, the exact perceptions etc. that take place when a victim dies.

AJH said...

Answer to: And also, it seems like...

The perps also like TI's to divulge personal information, and they regularly noisestalk me at the moment that I do. Or related signing of documents. There is something that is pyschically unique about furnishing private information that the perps want to capture, so I would not worry (yet) that it was all about a scam. And all the better for the perps that you do this in written form, and turn around and do it online for the same reasons. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here we go:...

I will have a look at it, but the perps have a macabre take on death, yet another of their obsessions in all possible physiologic and causal detail. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think of that, but it does make sense now. Signing a document involves a "signature", and each person's handwriting is unique, and unlike any other person's. So, by doing a reading while a person is signing a document, the person can capture that "unique" "signature" that goes along with the actual signature on paper. Also, furnishing personal info invokes some sort of different brain patterns than normal, I'm sure. It seems the goal is to see what changes take person in a person's mental activity between furnishing non-private and private information (such as address and personal ID details).

What's odd is that it was yet another temporary agency. The "job" is was to apply was for a staffing agency, and I found it odd that a staffing agency would need to screen applicants for another staffing agency. When I told him about the job I was supposed to apply for, he seemed to have this odd "recognition" about it, like he know what I was talking about it. And again, there was the numbers game involved with this, such as how much was I willing to make. And of course, the length of time it took to get there. The important part seemed when he talked about how long it would take to commute to the (possibly phony) job: 40, maybe 45 minutes. Again, the numbers were important to the perps, just mentioning those numbers alone were important. And of course, the salary was $50,000. Again, another important number for the perps to have me gain exposure to.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I made some mistakes in the previous reply: I used "person" instead of "perps" in one instance, and "is was to make" instead of "I was to make". I know the perps can have a person make rudimentary errors like this. And last night, I managed to drop a roll of Aluminum foil on the kitchen floor. What's unusual is the massive amount of foil that came unraveled on the kitchen floor. I just then figured having the aluminum hitting the floor was a big deal at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The long list control panel does seem much better than the new dumbed down tab version in windows 7.

kind of an interesting post below.

Anonymous said...

Vista isn't too bad, actually. It's the VM subsystem that seems to suck. For example, it puts large chunks of RAM in swap, that XP doesn't seem to do. Maybe the Vista VM is simply tuned for memory greater than 4 GB. With 2 GB of RAM, watching a youtube video, for example, is sheer hell. I see the page file usage around 800-900 MB, and while this paging is going on, the video freezes. But then, Adobe Flash seems to have its problems as well. IMO, YouTube would be better off going with Silverlight or Java than with Flash.

AJH said...

Answer to: Vista isn't too bad,...

I thought that Win 7 was better in one respect and that is the backup methods and jobs. I had a regular backup job and it worked fine. After the system rebuild I get this dumb-down backup that only takes image files, nothing else. And I have a need for this service as three albums were mysteriously deleted in the last week, through no effort of mine. Thanks for the comments.