Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Daffodil Day Two

A second day of picking daffodi flowers in the fields for piece rate, $0.20/bunch. The forced finger fumbling wasn't as bad, but stil pervasive. And the picked ones in hand that were teleported from my hand when it came to bundle them were less, but this insant bullshit stunt was still prevelant. And the stunt of teleporting the brown elastic bands that wer hung on a carribiner in readiness also erupted today, reminding me that it happened last year too. The STRATCOM overflights, or noise thereof, were down to 10 or so today, and the Sea King helicopter doing its low horizon passes was also out for less duration, maybe 10 minutes for three N-S passes this time. But I was constantly dithered as to what number of flowers I picked, counting to ten consistently is not allowed. Any time I switched to another 25 elastics on a carribiner usually brought on all kinds of noise, handling those brown colored elastics is just too interesting for the sickos.

I picked 365 bunches today, when the real pros can get 800 to 1,000, and I don't ever expect to be that good, given that I am managed to be a finger fumbling wreck. I might get to 400 bunches one day, but it better be soon as these are prime picking days, early in the season. That would be a $80 day if I picked 400, so we shall see if that happens or not. Competence is not allowed, especially motor control competance in this TI's world, and maybe it is true for others, I don't know.

And the assholes arranged it so I missed the bus again, having it come 10 minutes earlier than yesterday when they faked me out into thinking I had missed when it went by as I was walking to the main bus stop. Interesting that a layover bus that was there today, wasn't there yesterday at the same identical time. Funny how the perps can unilaterally fuck with bus schedules and timing, not to mention the onboard freak show. though save one strange bald dude in sunglasses, it wasn't too bad.

Much outside noise like backup beeping and heavy duty vehicle noise and church bell practice going on while I had the brown elastic bands on the carpet and was counting them into groups of 25, six in all, to hang on each of six carribiners for ready use in the daffodil field tomorrow. I am now routinely noisestalked, and sometimes disrupted by other when counting bunches of daffodils, counting to 10 to make up a bunch, and too, the elastic bands get counted up as well. Counting items is a big deal, and it makes one wonder how much the perps follow children when they are learning these concepts.

Other bullshit was the assholes waking me up at 0300h and having me locate my illuminator watch to see what the time was, but lo, if they didn't piss with it and not display the time, but then beeped it and changed some of the digital time and date settings. As this is a new watch, and even if the same make, the instructions are different and it was a screaming rage match this morning to get only some of the functionality back. Needless to say, they also fuck with my ability to read instructions, and sending me on the wrong path or obstructing is totally hilarious abuse for the perps. Another exasperation to deal with, fixing the watch settings they fucked at 0300h, per alarm clock.

And I noticed on the outbound city bus freakshow they aren't putting on the dude force around me like on my regular route to the First Feral Family. They need more women around me for some reason, and it was about four of each. The FFF bus route often has  five to ten dudes ringed around me, and not needing a "warm up" from women first, who vacate their seats to have dude show up in one or two bus stops. All too predictable as it is fucking stupid for the sickos to spend 8.5 years harassing me over who I like to sit near on the bus. Stupider and stupider. Bring on the brown skins next is my prediction.

I am going to call this one done and blog off as I don't know if I will get much done later tonight, early bedtimes now.

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