Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Daffodil Day Three + next day revamp

The infernal sound of motorcycles tonight, at least the fifth went by as I started this blog posting. Earlier, motorcycle noise accompaniement while eating chocolate with my tea.

The maser balls are getting very persistent of late, more like mosquitoes up north, that just keep coming at one.

Daffodil picking started 1.5 hours later than usual, due to frost conditions which freeze the stems solid and make picking problematic. It seemed like another big perp event day today. A nut shave last night usualy brings on the crazy stuff the next day, and it began with the work delay, where I spent 30 minutes in the staff room that was heated. Then the bus driver found me, (har, har) and so it was time to put on my rain clothes, also very good for muddy conditions. And so, with the three E. Indian women who started today, I was driven to the picking fields, where we waited close to an hour. More male banter of course, not to mention a couple of male ponytails for me to be exposed to, fucking disgusting if you as me. But the perp seem to want to expose me to these irregular gender hair and clothes, and all the better if I loathe the sight of them. Or more accurately, before the perps went overt/beserk on me in 04-2002, I really didn't care either way as to if males wore ponytails, and all the rest of the now called Unfavored demographic groups, but since then, the perps have rendered me down into instant dislike mode toward any Unfavored specimen.

I suppose this morning's male banter was to continue with that at the end of the work day yesterday, this over-extended joshing that went on, seemingly much contrived. But I did learn that the Greek army recruiting will go back three generations to determine draft eligibility, and one person recounted how their friend, born to Greek parents in Canada, was pulled off his departing flight and sent into the military even if he spoke no Greek for 18 months of service. One of those interesting factiods that the perps will likely arrange for me to repeat sometime into the future, which is how it usually goes, as information source and retained knowledge is a huge component of their harassment and abuse games, as if 100% remotely applied mind control weren't enough.

Another 315 daffodil bunches picked today, making it a $63 day, not exactly the road to riches, but at least something to do and to keep the cash flow up after the latest plundering by way of PC repairs after the sabotage attacks last month. Plus a new power supply, and all that was good for $450. And I see this PC is slowing down again after last night's CD ripping, only getting two done. On with the PC sabotage show, and I am still getting my Google settings changed on me after each shutdown, and the same for my saved tabs on start-up getting removed, and forcing log-ins each time I start this machine up. Freaking tedious.

And I finally noticed, or more like it, the perps reminded me, that there was an inordinant number of produce trucks and prepared (ie. cut up) produce trucks driving near the daffodil farm property yesterday, and too, "happening" to be frequent in parking or driving the roads on my morning walk to the bus stop. So now, I get it, sort of; having me cut daffodil stems for a living also has some kind of common energetic properties with cutting food up, plant material as well. And accordingly, I did some research on plants, and that they have a means to communicate with each other, and act as biosensors in effect. And this site (Randall Fontes) isn't the best for a logical presentation, but is readable enough to convey the ideas of there being an energetic medium whereby plants can actually communicate with humans, and vice versa. The perps had me read the book, The Secret LIfe of Plants, by Tompkins and Bird back in 2003, and it was very readable and objective. It is most interesting that these revolutionary experiments are parked and nearly forgotten, even if this book stayed on the NY Times bestseller list at length. And Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was also prominent in his day of researching plant communications, and that plants feel pain, though all too typically, it wasn't widely followed or researched since. He also detected EMF signals from plants in his radio wave studies.

Three long paragraphs got lopped off and I am screaming pissed that I spent 30 minutes putting this together and got screwed again. And in it I did say in it that I am so fucking fed up with the escalated sabotage that I don't want to be around when it gets any worse. Being at the end of one's tether for 8.5 years is enough. I am blogging off and am totally infuriated that this diumbshit Blogspot/Perp Front didn't save my work.

Next Day Rewrite;

What was I mentioning that was so important that it got deleted? Was it the turban setup at the end of the work day yesterday? One non-turbaned E. Indian, one smooth turbaned (pale blue) E. Indian, and then another with a more ragged edged turban (light blue and white). The backstory being that three E. Indian women joined the daffodil picking crew yesterday, all long time pickers, and ones that I met last year. And I suppose, the three variations on E. Indian head wear was that these were the three spouses coming by to pick up their mates from the returning crew bus. Well I suppose, but given that the perps having me loathe the sight of turbans and nearly all head adornments, hoodies especially of late, I reckon they were doing a "turban test" on me just as I exited the crew bus.

But no such excuse for the Volvo vehicle carrier truck making a corner at Fort and Douglas streets, the heart of downtown and near my bus stop at 0720h. A full tractor-trailer load of Volvo vehicles was at least one mile from the Volvo dealership and headed in the wrong direction altogether. So what was it doing there if it wasn't gangstalking? As a background on this, the perps had me owning and driving a Volvo 245 from 1991 to 2006 until I had to give it away, being made too broke to keep it. So... it would seem there is some kind of Volvo steel (and other materials) interaction that the perps were testing, and that they wanted a bulk lot of new ones, without the engines running, and some stacked, as it was a two deck car carrier. I cannot count the number of vehicles that "happen" to be towed or else carried on the one vehicle tow-carriers in my proximity, but every so often the perps need to run a car carrier worth of new vehicles past me. They had me in a car dealership part-time cleaning job from 12-2008 to 08-2009, though not Volvos. I suppose it is as close to owning a new vehicle that I will get, for whatever that benefits the sickos.

Other perp jerkarounds was a blatant case of pit-lamping me at the bus stop yesterday; some asshole pulls some 60' away off to the side of the road and leaves his headlights on, trained on me. Not even the usual bullshit excuse of reading a map or some such, just blatant headlight stalking. It doesn't get too much more obvious, but the pit-lamping, or "brighting" some TI's call it, has increased of late. And if a vehicle has only one headlamp working I can be sure it is trained on me alone, whether driving or as a pedestrian.

Another jerkaround was the pre-maturely soured milk; the Best-Before-Date was Feb. 14, and it was off on Feb.08. Then I went to the local supermarket to get groceries, "forgetting" the milk. The same deal the next evening of  Feb. 09, when I had a shorter list, though with some distractions, and yet again "forgot" the milk. I was royally pissed as I don't forget these kinds of things on my own. And now, Feb. 10, they let me get the milk, but it alone, and not in a grocery bag. I got the final stare from the cashier, much like I did earlier today when at the bank, getting rolls of coins. WTF; the same stare at the same moment in the transaction for the same duration.


Anonymous said...

They've been causing a significant amount of pain in my balls as of yesterday evening. There's been this gradual ramping up and down of testicular pain, and it's been uncomfortable. To accompany this event, I noticed when I checked my Yahoo email, the picture that showed was some guy with his mouth wide open, signifying my "yelling" about my testicular pain. Again, the perps have many connections to pull this off in real time. I figured the shills riding around in cars with their mouths wide open was supposed to signify their "plans" for making my balls ache all night and into the morning hours, and they have done that.

I could never understand why anyone would want to be a gangstalking shill. I'd rather have a mind of my own, and make a stand against the oppressive assholes who are trying to isolate me, make me a research rat, and make my life uncomfortable.

Other shenanigans scripted by the perps include some weird things going on in my Tuesday/Thursday class that I teach. On Tuesday, one student was pulling the falling asleep act, sleeping for over half the class period. At the end of class, he acted scared, like he was suddenly scared of me and had the get the heck out of there. He did that today, too. And this time, the Director comes in, and motions to the student sleeping by pointing towards him. I called his name, and he wakes up and was like "Wha wha-?!" And she (director) says "Is he awake?", like she was actually amused by this whole deal, and she's usually all business, and doesn't find things like this funny. After waking him, why then he goes right back to sleep again, and is in dream land.

Now, I have a suspicion he wasn't really sleeping, but putting on the "nap act" for whatever reason. Maybe it could be a tactic to get me distracted without having him talk aloud to other students in class. I figured that was the purpose. In the past, I had usually unruly students. This time, I have a low attendance, with the cause student were either working, sick, or had car trouble. Out of 15 students, usually only 5-6 show up, but today, it was only 3, including the one student who was (apparently) asleep the entire time.

I can't understand why anyone would go through the trouble of driving an hour to get to class, only to sleep the entire time. This has to be a setup by the perps.

Now the perps have me on this kick of getting turned on by brown-skinned black babes.

Anonymous said...

Yowch, the perps are doing the jabbing in the nuts routine again. Again, it's after I read certain things, or come to certain conclusions. They are really persistent with this lately. It's 0315 here, and they are still at it with the nut-jabbing (and I'm still awake).

AJH said...

Answer to: They've been causing a significant...

Yes, the perps to like to target sex organs; there was a link one Anonymous sent about this being the center of kundalini energies, but I didn't follow up on that.

The napping student is interesting in that others I am with often get nap struck. At my last office job. one Asian guy napped in his chair for 30 minutes after lunch, and I could never figure out why he was so consistent when he looked so uncomfortable (a near horizontal position with head tipped backwards). All I can offer is that the brain must have some areas turned off when napping, and it makes it easier for the perps to probe deeper, using their remote assay capabilities for neural energetics (or electromagnetics if you prefer) study. And speaking from experience, the perps know exactly how to remotely invoke a nap, and one cannot fight it off, even with keeping good sleeping habits.

And brown babes; you could be my surrogate on that account, as it seems they are still testing me with blonde babes of late, and then after ten minutes or so, a shift of dudes is populated around me, this being on the city bus trips. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yowch, the perps are doing the...

That is familiar, or else nut pinching, making out that they are getting compressed in one's clothes. Its just that this never happened before they went overt/beserk on me. Thanks for the comments.