Monday, February 21, 2011

Fire Alarm Bell Noise Assault

A Merciless Monday, THE day for perp fuckery and hijinx, and lo, if they didn't outdo themselves by putting on the fire alarm in 10 second bursts every few minutes to accompany me back from a stay at the First Feral Family home, and round of errands in town before that. Now back an hour, and the alarm first went off when I had just put the laundry on in the washing machine, having suffered a plainly gratuitous toilet back up and using a towel to mop up the water. So... a more urgent laundering need, and lo, if they weren't ready for me with the fire alarm noise after exiting the laundry room. And more of the noise to track me back inside my apartment, bell outside my door and no escaping the noise. Then again while journalling, and again with tea and chocolate in my mouth, almost a given for how often they noisestalk me with brown food in my mouth.

A morning of near uselessness, as my mother wanted to purchase seeds and plants online and I was doing the helping, and both times she bailed out at the Checkout as the shipping costs were either too much or incorrect. The website was also horrid for navigation, and the perps made sure I knew about that, forcing me into extra navigational blunders when I wouldn't of done it myself. I suppose this would be another "financial transaction warm up", doing her shopping on her PC, and getting to the final commit moment and then my mother bailing out. And she was full measure for phsyically blundering into me, emanating saliva spray and then getting way to fucking close, raising her head to be next to mine. It is just fucking apalling to the lengths the sick assholes will go to get some family quisling (or other) in close to me when they haven't the gumption to declare themselves and this insanely abusive agenda they have been humping on, trashing my life every minute of the day. We are closing in on nine years of this abuse since it erupted in 2002, and was arranged to keep me from having a decent job, having a vehicle, having money and a normal existence. Now, I get nudged with fake touches some 100+ times per day, rage-ified with extra conventional gravitic abuses and other staged adversities some 30+ times per day, not to mention the gangstalking scum that tail me everywhere I go.

Then the afternoon spent chasing parts for my in-town brother's 4" hand grinder to use for cutting metal flanges projecting from the FFF house backyard patio, yet another absurdity in FFF doings going back some decades.

And for the second time this afternoon, the yelling dudes outside, coming from a nearby balcony. The perps must really think that I need to hear more dude talk, when less would be just fine. One of this afternoon's big events was at a electrical repair shop with plenty of dude talk as this is their beat it seems. One blonde woman in pink was flitting about, stud in her forhead for crissakes. Where do they find so many fucking wierds?

But it seems that the fire alarm noise has ended, though I would not be surprised should it sound off just when having evening tea time with chocolate to have a later day/nightime lighting conditions comparison. They haven't done fire alarm noise stunts for over a year, which is quite something when they were weekly, with the big yellow firetruck coming out to visit and the baragge of flashing lights outside. They did get an ambulance show in earlier when I was driving with my mother. And the street was plugged so that forced the ambulance to go on the opposite side of the road in the oncoming lane, traffic pulled over. Obviously, a big day for the perps, attempting to replicate what they find out about me at the FFF house Monday morning to elsewhere in town.

Some thundering noise erupts from the kitchen, heard through the earmuffs, as I recall last CD ripping session where to invoke Windows Media Player, I had to go to the File Explorer and use the Open With... command that pulled up WMP, the only way I could find it since it went missing on me. Such are the slings and arrows of living in a total life sabotage environment in constant monitoring for exacting adversity at every move.

More CD ripping tonight, the Complete 1950's Masters of Elvis Presley 5 CD box set was duly copied and compressed to disc. And in the course of going through my music library I discover that someone has been deleting them, leaving one or two behind to let me know that I am missing the rest. And I check the log files that I dutifully saved, and the full track quantity did get compressed and copied. Like WTF; what is the fucking point of that sabotage?

Anyhow, enough nonsense to report on and to blog off.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that these people are more dedicated to their gangstalking than it is to more important things in life. For example, I get a small percentage of students showing up for class, but all I have to do is pass a gas station on the way home from said class, and viola, there are a whole bunch of college-age babes just hanging out in front of a convenience store/gas station, with some weird older guy in the mix. For some reason, these games are far more important to people these days than actually showing up for class or work or whatever. And when people aren't gangstalking me, and feeling all "good" about it, they're being kind of mean to me, like they just don't give a shit about anything else other than feeling good about belonging to the perps' gangstalking group.

Since they appear to value irritating targets with their BS above everything else in life, I really wonder what they are getting out of gangstalking a target. I sure wouldn't do this, engage in a mobbing of a target. That seems like a waste of time to me, when I could be doing far more useful things.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've noticed that these people...

I see gangstalkers as biofield sensors, and also not forgetting that they are wholly cooperative and could of "warmed up" for an hour or more before the TI arrives on the scene. Whatever the ultimate perp agenda is, the gangstalkers and all other operatives are totally dedicated to it, and by using remote nonconsensual means. Just think of them as mindless Nazis, as that movement surely had plenty of mindless believers in its deranged agenda.