Friday, February 04, 2011

Zaps in the Night

My third or fourth night of some 3 to 4 hours of sleeplessness, followed by permitted sleep for 4 hours. As usual, no ill-effects or tiredness each day, and no cummulative effects. The usual head turning, one side, then the other, and back again, usually on the heels of noise from outside, all those hot-rods running around town at 0300h on a Monday night, har, har. But they did get more vicious; four zappings last night with simultaneous noise at the same instant, varying the noise some each zapping event. Deep clunks, light clunks and sharp tapping variants now accompany the zappings. And a never-before too; a simultaneous light flash with the first zapping, seen through my eyelids or else it was a direct neural intervention and simulation.

And too, they have me scream at the fuckers, post-zapping, but now they have made my voice hoarse to add yet more sound/noise variations into the mix, the putative result "from" rage-ification screaming at the assholes for so many times this week, to extreme rage levels of the 2003 to 2006 days. A visit to the in-town brother's place later today, to retrieve the pruned willow stalks from his bathtub that I put in there yesterday, part of this sudden need to do wicker weaving, for the perps no doubt. Wicker furniture and household items are a big prop for the assholes, and Ms. C of the story had a wicker couch that was likely part of the entire scene before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002.

The laundry is on, always a big Fuckover activity, though they now leave me alone in the laundry room for the most part; so sudden arrivals of the coin retrieval operator in the too-small room or other smelly dudes. I had cotton towels and garments in this load, a bit unusual as they have me do separate towel loads for the most part, or else have me do towels with the bedsheets (same color). Maybe laundry item color complexity is being increased in keeping with the onset of much greater numbers of brown vehicles and brown wearing dudes on the bus and in ambulatory situations. The negroes are still getting the white color clothing treatment, though the one fucker who was stopped in the doorway for some deranged reason was wearing a turquoise colored hoodie. It seems turquoise might be another entre color, where they put browns, reds and yellows with it. Or else, have brown, red or yellow wearing gangstalkers follow the turquoise dressed Fuckwits. And it so happens, the umbrella I got last year is turquoise, the "must have" Blunt Umbrella that was delivered from New Zealand for crissakes, but it is a nice one, and hopefully the assholes won't steal it.

A visit to the in-brother's place, he still on holiday, returning tomorrow. I pulled all the willow stems soaking in his bathtub and did my mat weaving, and what an insane perp managed rage-ification exercise it was. Some three hours later I managed only one of the two frames, and had enough. And the perps still fucked me by loosening up some of the ends that I had tied down with wire. It never fucking ends; constant sabotage of every thing I do. And all the worse when the assholes send me onto a new activity.

Some music ripping tonight, the first in three weeks since the PC started slowing down, apparently "from" the antivirus software. And I see that it has slowed down yet again, so who knows where this one is going. Sometimes I wonder why we don't have a collective music database out there, and if we submit proof of purchase or ownership, then we should be able to download the file with all its metadata. Never mind everyone ripping their own music all the time, and we can make sure that these central versions are 100% bit perfect and lossless. Dream on.

Other PC sabotage continues; the Firefox tabs aren't coming back on restart, so I am obliged to open up my usual 4 tabs or so every Firefox browser session. The Google settings keep getting changed too,a and they have greyed out my ability to have more than 10 pages displayed per search. And the mouse pointer takes sudden and unbidden arcs to the left to go off this display device, usually when no fingers or hand on the mouse. Go figure.

More bad news on the income tax front; the grant I got for taking the Oracle database courses is deemed as income, so I have a $3k of extra grant income to pay tax on. And of course I wasn't allowed to remember that, "finding out" from my T-4 slip I got in the mail todat.This wretched daffodil picking gig that will start next week was to pay for the PC sabotage of the last month, some $500 worth. I will be digging myself out of the income tax hole by the end of the next month. I can hardly wait.

Anyhow, onto posting this and blogging off and possibly another partial sleepless night again, if this current nightime pattern keeps up.

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