Friday, October 01, 2010

Penultimate Day of 2010 Farm Labor

Sept. 29, 2010
Exhausted after being rage-fied over 50x since I got in at 1755h. I didn't have my usual posse with me when getting off the bus, just this total Fuckwit Asian dude who decided to dart in my path as I was about to get off at the rear door. He was in the rear of the bus, and should normally exit by the rear door as that was closest, but no, he passes in front of the rear door and in front of me to get to the entrance door of the bus. Go figure; only the gangstalking Fuckwit model explains that bizarre bullshit.

The assholes rage-fied me while making and eating quesadillas, and then when doing the dishes and cleaning the counters. Just an extra dose of the usual telekinetic and teleportation abuse; e.g. crumbs that were cleaned up and sent down the drain arrrive again to be cleaned twice. Othe provocations to rage-fiy me were perception fucks, fake touches, olive oil splatter, dithering my motor control,

The farm work place games are recurring, -the Punjabi starings again. or else posing just where I happen to look. I cleaned up the daffodil bulb processing work area all morning, and then joined the rest of the crew to do weeding in the afternoon. The Punjabis were weeding as welll, and when I arrived to do so, they took off for other work. Somehow they knew to go do something else as no foreman came and directed them to change jobs.

Sept. 30, 2010
Final day of work; weed pulling all day while the remainder of the crew did their poses and "just stand theres". The perps like me to do planting, weeding, pruning and cutting of plants, so a whole day of it was total excess in IMHO. When I left the crew bus at day's end I said to the driver, whom I knew from last year, "see you next year, maybe", and he said, "next year, yup". Meaning a more affirmative response and of course a definite event. Just what I need to hear, more detail on yet more of this insane abuse for longer term. Though with the FUD agenda, this could be bullshit, though given the perp's tenacity and huge research agenda, I doubt it. Meaning, they are still fucking me around after eight years and are going to make it nine.

The loony Cambodian male of the twosome, aka pair, that have followed me from the first farm job to the second one, and on the bus each working day, distinguished himself for what I hope to be the laqst time. He sat behind me upstairs and then proceeded to thump on the back of my seat, transferring the impact into me. I told him in no uncertain terms that it was highly perturbing and then he says "do you want me to adjust it (the seat)?" Like WTF; the seats are not adjustable on the bus, and he pulls this line off. So again, I loudly tell him to stop pushing or pulling on the seat, just leave it alone. The phrase, "just leave it alone" is often used in the responnse to the perp's rage-fications incursions when in this abuse center/apartment, so can assume they wanted me to use the same words elsewhere, on a moving vehicle. This past week has been marked by other seat thumpers, though not as obvious as the loony Cambodian co-worker.

Oct. 01, 2010
A FFF visit to take my muddy farm rain gear and hose it down on the concrete patio, then soak it in the utility sink and then launder it. My backpack also got the same treatment, though it was only handwashed with the same detergent and hung out to dr. My vinylk gloves also got laundered, but only later was I allowed to figure out how to flip them inside out and dry without the weeks long effort it was before, mold included.

All that plastics handling of the PVC lined rain gear and then later digging up of long buried plastic sheeting in the rough backyard area I am leveling off got me plenty ofl accompanying loud neighborhood muffler noise, aircraft overflights including the erstwhile SAC bombers (or noise thereof). Often the noise onset or cessation is timed to the instant I let go or pick up plastic.

A city bus trip at 1745h heading into downtown, when most folks are at home. Two negro sentries boarded the bus, one on each side of the aisle, one sitting facing forward, the other transverse.They pretended to not know each other though they got on at the same bus stop, and after four stops they got off together. At least five passengers passed between them, though none of them came to the rear of the bus to "visit me" this time. Past negro proximate Caucasian male passengers have been observed to pointlessly get off their seat at the front, walk past the rear doorway, all to stand in front of me for some three minutes or so, missing some bus stops, and then get off. A "visit the victim" gangstalking, presumably to test me in some way due to the fact that they sat next to the negro and I didn't, some 20' away or so.

And the perps have instilled a huge round of consumer "need" in me; they have me fussed over getting new crockery, a new teapot, a new glass jar to keep my razor in, a new PC toys like a SSD drive, a drive bay insert for playing CD's. DVD's, etc, a label printer, and then other domestic "needs" like new shoes and so on. I reckon they have me lined up for over $800 of "needs" that aren't really needed, except by them. [Postscript; new teapot and jar were ordered, as was crockery and a Kevlar glove for the mandoline slicer acquired three weeks ago. The Antec Multimedia Station was also ordered. Stopping work has become expensive. As always, the perps like to keep me in consumer dreamland, and only some of these imposed "needs" will come to be acquired, even if the notion has been planted in mind for two year or more].

Another postscript; they weakened the cable temples on my eyeglasses, so it looks to be a $150 in repairs or so in the making. And there was no apparent cause or staged event, they just weakened overnight.

Oct. 02, 2010
There are screaming sirens outside as I type up this entry, and that it penetrates my earmuffs with such a volume doesn't surprise me anymore, because if they want a specific loudness they can prescribe, closed windows and earmuffs be damned.

A downtown wander at 1030h to check out crockery to replace the one bowl and two salad plates that I have, the permitted crockery that made it back from my Seattle move in 2003. "Somehow", of a set of four, two bowls went and two plates went missing. I presume they are in the perp's hands, and are extensively used for parallel testing alongside my use. There was one bowl that was broken in a prior move, so I had three that I expected back, and only got one. Interesting that two of each went missing. The four dinner plates made it back OK, a freebie set from my seeming girlfriend there. But as the color and they type of ceramic are of intense perp interest, and appear to convey properties to the food that is placed on them (daily), one can understand how one's crockery is so highly scrutinized as part of this nonconsensual research agenda.

Another item and color of intest interest to the perps is the color and material type of one's bedding. My matress is a futon version, and is in navy blue with white sheets as part of the new set. Navy blue is a common gangstalker vehicle color, and from what I can gather, offers some kind of referencing when I am out and about, especially when on the city bus.

Oct. 05, 2010
A three day stay at the First Feral Family home doing gardening work, always a big deal for the perps. That was Oct. 03 through 04, and it is now Tuesday, and I am back to NOT WORKING again, and now have plenty of time to blog away for the forseeable future as the employment scene is terrible here. Funny that the farm I was working at put an advertisement on the federal government managed job board for five laborers to start Oct. 04 when they laid six of them off Sept. 30, one being me. They already have six work visa Mexicans working there, and two locals, making eight laborers, and they only had seven all last fall, as I was kept on until the end of November. Maybe a scam to make their case that there was no availible workers so to make the case they need yet more Mexicans next year. All very curious, especially when the only way to apply is to phone them. I suspect they would recognize my voice if I tried to get myself re-hired again. Though, as everything I do is scripted, I am sure all contingencies are being managed.

Currently I am getting some kind of thumpy rap music coming through the wall, and lo, if it is at the same volume level when I have my earmuffs on. In other words, the noise attenuation of the earmuffs (hearing protection) is totally defeatable in these targetted circumstances. And the perp know I loathe that vile rap crap most of all, not even according it as musi IMHO.

So, I will get this posting belatedly wrapped up, and start the near daily format tomorrow. Any particular themes for my few readers?


Anonymous said...

Might your term "rage-ified" be conected with the term "Loosh"?

1. Loosh :term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from. 2. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. From books by Robert Monroe. Maybe a play on the French word Louche.
Aliens feed off the loosh of humans for food.
Emotional regeneration involves the replenishing of emotional energy. Let's be more accurate, because emotional energy is just one component of a broader term called loosh, which encompasses emotional energy and causal energy. Causal energy is simply another name for willpower or motivation. Loosh is the energy of focus in this article, and actually the crux of the matrix problem. The matrix is a parasitical machine sucking loosh from its victims. This amount of this metaphysical energy in a person determines his level of ambition, psychic power, and breadth of awareness. With low levels of loosh, one is sluggish, apathetic, naive, and dense.

AJH said...

Answer to: Might your term "rage-ified"...

Might be, though I have never heard of this concept. If there has been one consistent perp abuse it is to piss me off, constantly. Whether they "feed" or like the increased auric glow for better remotely applied research is a matter of interpretation I suppose. I will give the link another read as I am getting dithered as I progress. Thanks for the comments.