Monday, October 25, 2010

Glasses Swap

The full Rx glasses I am wearing are to be sent away for a week or so, and my old partial Rx glasses will be substitued in their place. That means I won't have up-close sharp vision, something that will be sure to be exploited by the assholes who constantly fuck with what I see. It just hasn't been enough to play double vision games like they have been doing for the last year, getting progressively more intrusive, not to mention the myriad of improbable extraneous reflections that somehow bounce off the inside of my lenses for me to see. And of course, these reflections are in the color theme of the moment; more red dressed Fuckwits and more red vehicles = more red colored reflections on my glasses, even with no red colored objects around. (And as well, red plasma beams coming at me from all directions, including some from the red lint they placed in the bathroom sink drain.)

Said glasses were customized with cable temples in spring 2009, a job that got fucked up "somehow", as they cut them off an inch shorter than directed and then after complaining they were too tight, they "repaired" them by inserting an inch of another metal, along with gobbing solder on the two joins on each side. This time, I am getting two new temple pieces and getting the self-destructing cable temples repaired, as "somehow", without the excuse of any adverse event, the cable temple portion has partially unraveled. Another one of those sabotage jobs without the pretense of an apparent cause.

Other provocative bullshit this morning so far has been a cereal flake that somehow escaped the closure of the bag, taking a 12" lateral leap onto the front L burned of the adjacent stovetop, and seamlessly slithering through the burner coils, through the center hole of the catch pan and onto the galvanized surface below the stovetop. No tumbling or bouncing, no sir, a straight shot like on a pool table.

This was later followed by a leap of jus-poured coffee that lept out of the carafe as I was finishing up pouring hot water in from the kettle. This adroitly managed large drop of coffee "joined" the spout off hot water just as I was finishing pouring, and landed on the stovetop to represent the just poured coffee that was in the carafe, as well as the skiff of coffee grounds that somehow escaped the spoon when loading the carafe.

Other related bullshit was that I had no chocolate bar with coffee, as none were left, and substituted chocolate spread, eating it straight from the jar. It seems that they wanted me to have chocolate (think brown color exposure), but without the effects of the light blue plastic packaging of the usual chocolate bar.

Other Fuckover nonsense is that the toilet won't quite unplug itself, though it flushes normally, as a backflush of brownish water arrives at the last second of flush completion.

And a new razor insert to shave with this morning; that is, to shave my face and a full frontal shave, the latter now the norm since this was uncharacteristically begun in 2007. The significance of that is the perps like the teflon rub strip to be run all over my front, and then come at me with gangstalker wearing Gore-tex anoraks of all colors, but especially red. Because, it seems, Gore-tex is a teflon membrane, and no doubt there will be some energetic interactions between the two teflon exposed sources they are looking to remotely detect.

And they are getting me out early, immediately following this blog entry, to go to the opticians and see to my glasses. Not forgetting in the least that my very favorite attractive female blonde optician will be on duty to see that my glasses are duly taken care of and sent away across Canada to Ontario to have them repaired. And I am sure she will be wearing the fugliest red outfit she can find. Stay posted.

A one hour nap this afternoon, and I did not need the sleep in the least.

My outing covered four stops; drop off extra items to the local charity, optician, drugstore/post office and then the supermarket as the milk prematurely soured again (like every time by five days or more). The"bum run" was on, that being an inordinate clustering of vagrants doing squat, but sitting around in doorways, and even the guitar playing was on. It was raining big time, but I had my umbrella with me, which just might be a non-wearble color reference item the perps like me to have, as they trialed me with it yesterday. So.. the blonde optician was on, and she had her face smeared with some kind of makeup all over, I don't know what one calls these full-face applications. She was less talkative today for whatever reason, but within normal range.

Then off to the drugstore/post office where yet again, I get this infernal notice a week after I pick the parcel up, but I want to be sure. The Asian gangstalker who tailed me in was there also to loiter around me at the checkout, having purchased nothing, and making himself out to be an extra obvious Fuckwit. I went to the shaving section after th PO to attempt to get another three blade shaver that will fit in my glass jar for keeping the blades sharp in solution, and lo, if there wasn't a stocker/stalker on a footstool next to where I wanted to access.

Then after the checkout, and onto the street, and lo, if the Fuckwits are coming at me in LH drive mode again, attempting to walk exactly in my intended path all because they haven't the gumption to front for their abusive insanity. Some even make a point of standing there to avoid a collision, or else do their distant dependent stupid shit again. And even the heads down, umbrella obstructed vision gangstalkers somehow knew to avert a sidewalk collision when coming straight at me. The shiftless males, vagrants and the hoodie dudes seem to make up the major gangstalking population as far as I can tell. Definitely more dudes doing posing and loitering these days, with the women doing some kind of introductory gangstalking and then take off to have the dudes fill in. Ditto on the bus last night, with one fucker standing behind me that I didn't know about.

The supermarket had yet more dudes showing up, as well as a plethora of stockers/stalkers doing their gabbing on the side, and they knew I needed milk as my lead-ahead stalker from one aisle turned and then stopped at the milk section. The fuckers cannot leave me alone at every location I go to in the store; they are posted there in advance, and then slither in again when I depart, and then show up yet again at the check out and then outside. Today, it was the big hatted dude who made sure to tail me in the aisle and then at the checkout. I get back to this apartment lobby, and no "door service", though this happens about 20% of the time. Once I get inside, and the elevator arrives, a negro dude in a blue hoodie exits and mumbles something, with his zipper open to his belly button to show of his bare skin underneath. How fucking absurd that anyone would dress for a rainy day like that, especially when the cotton hoodies offer so little warmth when wet. So it would seem that the perps are wrapping up their highly Unfavored (male, negro, audacious skin display) demographic group specimen in an Favored color (mid blue) garment. Like WTF; just leave me the fuck alone and able to get a job instead of this insane abusive harassment with these fucking wierds.

A series of clunkings are getting through my earmuffs as I write this, and earlier, when reading another TI's blog posting, and then making comments.

And what is with these infernal employment games? I had two positive contacts with recruiting firms that I spoke with, and they each are advertising a job for which I am qualified, and neither contacted me in advance. Like WTF; a chance to get an exclusive lock on my services and they post the job on Craigslist for crissakes. A five month gig even, and that would be something if it materializes. I ordrered two books from Amazon to help me out and study for the interview, and it is going to take three fucking weeks for them to arrive. By that time, the job interviews will be all over. Back to the helter skelter world of studying off the web, and the messed up excursions that takes. The perps have me imagining that I have already got the position when no interview yet. Like, it is a major slight to not even call me up about it, which is another way of saying, "don't bother". We shall see where this is going in a week or so, or else it is back to putzing for landscape laborer jobs, none of which I seem to get responses for either.

Some pics from the summer that were finally downloaded; and I see that the download feature on this Blogspot is getting corrupted so some pics won't load into this blog. More fucking sabotage.

Taken 06-15-2010, 1748h; yet again, these intense faux "reflections" that somehow end up being directed right into my apartment.

Taken 07-16-2010; three white vehicle parked in file, a space and then a similar toned silver-grey vehicle parked in the same side, and a red vehicle passing by, as if doing an inspection. A white pickup stopped at the traffic light, and with the all too-familiar gangstalking prop of vegetative foliage in the box. Eight years of this fucking arranged stupidity and they are still at it.

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