Friday, October 29, 2010

Week Day Doldrums

A bleak shut-in day so far, which is odd for a weekday, as Saturdays are the perps' favorite tied-to-the-desk days. But they were in fine form this morning, giving me some screaming action over their provocations of moving the dinner plate when attempting to spread coconut butter on the tortilla on the said plate. When I held the plate so it wouldn't move, why, the assholes moved the tortilla. Plus crumb and dog hair inundations, especially the latter when shaving and cleaning the counter top surfaces. So... when these imposed provocations and planted reactions get to this level I always ponder what is different that would cause them to enrage me, as it always seems to be a supporting activity. A new jar of coconut butter was opened this morning, the first since two months ago, and I know the perps are fucking nuts about me eating this particular food item.

Just like when acquiring it recently, the perps were all over me. I had intended to purchase some before setting off on my recent road trip but that didn't happen, largely because I need to borrow my mother's vehicle to do so. As it "happened", when visiting my brother, sister-in-law and niece in Kamloops, we visited a health food store and I introduced coconut butter to them. My sister-in-law picked up one jar, and I picked up two as it was simply more convenient to do so. Anyhow, parallel testing me for the same foods from the same locations isn't new, but an almighty gangstalking surge erupted as we went to our respective cashiers, and one can be sure that purchasing coconut butter is a BIG DEAL for the assholes who have been assiduously inserting themselves in and around every food item I have touched or selected for the past eight years. At breakfast the next day I had some of my sister-in-law's coconut butter, but as far as I could tell, I was the only one eating it there. It was purchased for my niece who is a mighty picky eater, and she didn't want to even try any. Call it the First Feral Family sit-around while the victim eats coconut butter.

That might be one explanation for why the perps went fucking beserk on me this morning at breakfast, or it might be because I did a nut shave for them last night. They like to bring on the noise from the hallway and the elevator outside this apartment when that happens, and often follow-on mornings get extra attention. Of a minor note, I was using a Gillette 3 Extreme razor insert/blade for the first time, as they had me botch modifying the Shick razor handle and had me throw it out along with the three blade insert. The Schick had two teflon rub strips, one green and one yellow, and the Gillette had a same green and a white rub strip. Not that I give a shit, but as I have come to find, it is off intense fascination for the sickos. While in the bath tub, a piece of black lint arrives exactly on my right big toe, over top of the brown toenail they gave me. I don't know where this fluff is coming from, but it seems to arrive at the oddest times and places. I can get into other details over this topic but will refrain, and modesty too is a planted notion I have come to find.

I learned yesterday that a Data Modeler position had been filled, one I had applied for four days previously. Since I have been in contact this this IT firm in July, I was expecting that they would let me in on the job before I came across in on Craigslist. But no, I found it there, and yesterday, I found it was filled. Which leads me to the topic of "bait" job postings. An awfully high percentage of the posted jobs are from local businesses, or have content related to my past career, experience or aspirations. I suspect this wasn't a real job, it was purely "bait" right down my alley, me being the involuntary pin. I see that anthor local IT shop was also advertising this job and that also "happened" to be in discussion with me in 12-2010, and then suddenly went incommincado. And they didn't contact me about this latest Data Modeler job either, so WTF? If IT recruiters suddenly stop communicating then there is something else going on, based on prior experience.

And noise all day long today, strangely getting through the ear muffs, on an as needed basis (their needs). When I sat on my bed and read some of "21 Dog Years" about a cubicle worker's life in the early days of, they cranked up the noise such that was at greater volume in my ear muffs than when I took them off. Of note, the book is set in the early days of, 1998 to 2000, and I interviewed with them in mid 1998, for a Data Modeler position. An interesting experience in any event, and certainly begetting more empathy. Even my book reading is charged with sychronicities that just boogle my mind as to how do they arrange all this.

A new book on gangstalking I see, Closing the Gap. I haven't read it and nor do I know the author.

It is firecracker season, only a few days before Halloween, and all the more rarer that they are illegal here. But... legality never mattered to the perps of course, their entire organization is predicated on illegality, more than the mafia even. The firecracker noises are amazing in that they are timed to initiating and viewing a new web page, turning a physical page in a book etc. Just to think, I am going to head out into the night for my chocolate fix, as that is the BIG EVENT of the day it seems, keeping me cooped up just for that.

A trip out to the local supermarket begat the usual Fuckwit gangstalkers coursing around me. Then it got worse at the checkout with an additional staff member doing an encirclement and eventually walking out the customer aisle where I had just come through. As always, the moment of financial transaction is a BIG DEAL for the assholes.

A mellow evening with endless plasma pattern flashes on this here LCD while listening to videos and audios. Neko Case rules this evening. Time to blog off and end this scene for the day, such as it has been.

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