Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back to Doing Time

For those familiar with this blog, I am now back to the regular near-daily blogging because I have loads of time, as my four month work duration ended Sept. 30. I was doing 14 hour days by the time I finished feeding and laundering each work day, and I wasn't game for much blogging. And it was a six days per week gig for most part, leaving little thought time for writing up blog entries.

Now it is back to pondering my navel and all things in public that are so strange and arranged/deranged.

I did my monthly update of my financial records on Quicken earlier, to at least 20 rage-ification events. The perps liked to stop me from clicking on a category to assign my expenses, which "happens" to be the most frequent one, the chocolate and junk food cost category. (Mostly chocolate, about $160 worth for September). I was allowed to choose "grocery" in the next line down, but not "chocolate" immediately above it. I had to type it in, and then when unique it filled in. Once, it filled itself in without my intervention or direction, though mostly it was obstructed from being clickable. Why this started with the new version of Quicken I don't know, but as always, any new angle to piss me off with their trivial pursuits/incursions is what they do best.

Other activities were getting laundry done, and one item, the shower curtain, had to be washed twice as it "somehow" took on a full hit of lint "from" the jeans in the same load. I have never had jeans lint before, and never had lint problems of any kind in the washing machine either. So while the jeans and other cottons were in the dryer, the adjacent washing machine was put on for a second time, just for re-laundering the shower curtain. And I see that they are pulling out the grommets from the fabric, so it will need replacing sometime soon. That the shower curtain has been laundered only about twice per year doesn't bother the perps any; if they want an item to be replaced they go ahead and sabotage it.The laundry incursions and recent past force plays to have me use the washing machine on one floor and then taking the load to a dryer on another floor are increasing. Even the elevation (floor level) is an important factor in the perp's laundry research agenda/harassment abuse.

The laundry, always a perp high interest subject/event, was on when I suddenly had a cleaning spurt to clean the windows in this apartment. That plenty of extra noise and road traffic erupted while I was outside with the white paper towels didn't go unnoticed, and it accompany the window cleaning, replete with the chirping wiper blade. And I suppose that stack of six glass plates in the laundry room, sitting on the counter as supposed giveaways, (that no one has wanted for some four weeks), just might have something to do with the glass cleaning while laundering. The perps often set up window cleaners on my route, and I haven't too much insight as to why, except that glass vibrations around me seem to be important for them.

I suppose the above activity, along with copious and well timed pees before going into the hallway to attend the laundry, was a "warm up" to incite the "chemical ether", that being the window cleaning solution and the laundry detergent interactions. Somewhere I read (Alchemy 2012) that there was a chemical ether, a life ether, a warmth ether and the light ether. The perps also like me to use felt pens, or have others in my proximity use them, as part of their research techniques. I will attempt to find a link to explain the various ethers, and why it might be important to the perps. [Done].

The next event  was for me to head out to the ATM, to deposit a check from my mother, and pick one up from the mailbox when I went downstairs on my way out. That I picked up the check from the mailbox and took it to the bank without keeping it in my apartment for a few days or weeks represents yet more perp managed and orchestrated variants on recieving and depositing a pay check. Regular readers will know the perps are absolutely besotted with tailing and noisestalking me when making financial transactions, and this was no exception. I was herded to the correct sidewalk path due to the Freakshow on the street, and had plenty of Fuckwits wandering into my way to then get out of the way as they approached, or else loiter at a store window (the glass thing again), so to have me pass them by on the right side of me. I had my negro stalker at the next door ATM and deposited the two checks.

Then onto to the optician and engage with one of my very favorite blonde woman proprietors to figure out how to get my eyeglasses fixed. She was sporting a red sore at the corner of her mouth, left side. Surely part of the "blemish" research side games, where the perps seem to want to detect my neural signature of just when attractive becomes fugly.  The cable temple of the eyeglasses, an essential aftermarket add-on, has "self-weakened", (read, sabotage without even a pretense of conventional causal), and I needed to discuss repair options with her. This was the custom job that "somehow" cut the temples 1" short, and inserted a metal piece to make up the missing temple segment. Then they put on the cable temples on the end of this portion. I may get the opportunity to clean up this minor mess, as surely it was perp managed, if nothing else to have a fuckup, though I sense that differing metals in close proximity (end-joined wire like pieces in this case), is yet another perp advantage. And then to have this done to my eyeglasses at the side of my head is just too exciting for the assholes, no matter if the repair lab comes out looking like total buffoons. This little stunt will be $150 or so, whichever way it gets resolved.

On the TI activism front, I see the International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse organization has started up, and has a full plate ahead to attempt to put this issue in the public sphere.

An evening of catching up with my once regular bookmarks I visit, including TI blogs. All to outside noise, plus overhead thumpings that somehow get through the earmuffs I am wearing. The sickos diverted my attentional and cognitive function so I wouldn't read as much as I wanted, and often kept me clueless as to how some of the blogs have changed in the past four months. I suspect we are years away from allowing me to be free of this insane and intrusive research agenda. They have pumped me up on acquiring kitchen gadgets for the last 10 months, and I have yet to use them as one example of a seeming longer term research subject area.

Time to post this, and ponder what my infernal perp abetting mother will be up to tomorrow with her invite to have lunch downtown, some two blocks away. That I am getting hung out to dry until 1230h is a clue, as the perps like me to delay meal times.

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