Thursday, October 07, 2010

No Go Yoga

A classic perp stunt, and a blatant opbvious one at that. Yoga, which I haven't been to for four months as I have been farm laboring, was cancelled because the co-instructor had children that were ill. Like WTF; we have been through this so many times, so often that the excuses for this bullshit have been removed. The coordinator has all the class members' phone numbers for this eventuality, as it has "happened" before. And, why couldn't the other instructor subtitute? And of course the freak show and the flashing light show were arranged, hoardes of ambulatory gangstalkers along with flashing yellow tow truck lights, and on the way back, a curious police vehicle that flashed its lights to make a wrong-way manouvre on a side street to then position itself at a traffic light that was red, and then turned off the emergency lights so it could sit at the red light, and not attempt to proceed with the supposed emergency. This black and white livery of the police vehicle was also new, as they are all mostly white with some blue trim. But for some reason, and driving over where I had walked on my outbound journey leg, and making themselves visible from the opposite side of the street when doing the emergency act, seemed to be part of the show. And what is it with this surge of gangstalkers, almost all of them males, lollygagging and loitering or otherwise looking freaky in their skinheads? Never have so many been apparently unemployed by so large of a covert and abusive Fuckover devoted to one single victim.

So, what was it all about? Introducing me to the name of the new co-instructor, though not in person? There were two of the yoga classmates there, and that is how I learned of the circumstances of what "happened" as to the class cancellation. Could be; the perps go to no end of lengths to have me either forget names, or else have others not identify themselves, or else get the name wrong (me or them). And they will often give me a frog in my throat the instant that I am to mention my name to someone on the phone or other like circumstance. They are that fucking insane over that degree of trivial pursuit.

I made a salad again tonight, with much noisestalking as well as some telported portions arriving in from nowhere to sit on the cutting board. Later, masers emanated from these portions and came toward me. As usual for the masers, their was no sense of impact, pain or other sensations when they pass through me. The masers are being more actively created and managed these days, emanating from me or from something I am looking at and coming at me. Shaving in the morning is a big time for filamentous maser wisps to sit some 6" to 8" off me (coming off of me, some 6" long or so), while my hand moves underneath it and on my skin to apply shaving foam or the face cloth.

The sickos like me to use my Kyocera mandoline slicer with the ceramic blade, cutting up the cucumber or the carrot into very thin slices, something I cannot do with a knife. The perps go to all lengths to have me eat food cut from differing knives, and now they seem confident enough to graduate up to ceramic knife blades. Regular readers will recall that I mentioned a carbon steel knife that was prone to leach rust if not dried soon after cleaning that was converted to a different kind of steel that didn't leach rust any more. The did this to the knife in situ, and without having to remove it from my premises. Just one of the things they can do, remotely applied metallurgy if the proclivity to oxidize isn't to their liking. Which suggests that if I ingested iron filings or similar rust prone metals, I would substantially change my electromagnetic signature and totally fuck them up until it was dissapated within me. I haven't had the ambition to do this either, and I am sure the perps got some kind of disuading mind fuck games should it ever be likely to happen.

Back to knife blades again. They created a small rotten portion on the cucumber for me to remove with a steel knife, and then have me pass the same cucumber portion through the ceramic bladed mandoline. That way they had some slices that had been cut with both types of blades. And although this ramble on varying knife blade materials sounds inane, it is exceedingly important to the perps and their remotely applied monitoring of my digestional processes inside me.

Other perp salad research variables seem to be what vessel I toss the salad into prior to putting in on my salad plate. Up until this week it was the white ceramic cereal bowl, replete with yellowish markings that cannot be removed, and then I "happened" to notice the rectangular pyrex glass loaf pan and used it. As of two days ago, with the extra-conventional and extra-kinetic salad hopping about while I toss it, the glass loaf pan seemed to be reasonably OK, if not the best shape. But as I have a stainless steel mixing bowl as well, this begs the question as to why I cannot use it. There doesn't seem to be a logical answer in this mind-fuck world for many of the things that I am made to do, but one can be sure the perps have a systematic plan, and having me eat salad that was tossed in differing kinds of bowls is a big deal for them. And one can be quite sure the assholes will be gangstalking me up the asshole tonight when I head out to the LD store for a few items.

All manner of overhead rumblings and outside loud mufflered vehicle noise while I do web shopping for a label printer, and "discover" that the two label printer is cheaper than the one label printer. Price variances of various models are 100% or more from varying suppliers. The stuff is often not permitted to be shipped into Canada, which they tell you after going through the entire buying process, and only before the last confirming page.

A trip to the LD store thinking I was going to get their sale prices on mouthwash, per flyer today. Not only did the flyer pertain to prices next week as I found oiut, but the exercise was a setup for the previous customers to loiter (one on her cell phone and hanging around for no reason), but also for the two odd dudes to show up in their long coats and look ever so obvious. Plus a 2' long haired male came to loiter for no reason near the cashier. Every time I am at the cashier of any store, it is a major gangstalking event.

Then a green coated dude dogged me in lead-ahead mode to the LD store, covering the differing artifical lighting conditions and then reverses his steps outside the store just before entry. In the process he almost collides with a woman exiting the store he pretended to not see, and for a brief moment, the perps planted the notion that both of them were coming onto me. The green coat dude then found time to stare at me in all this faux confusion, and then I proceeded inside to view a skinheaded male at at the cashier. (As in Unfavored). After I exited per above "hold up" at the cashier, and proceeded around the corner into the dim light, why, the green coated Fucker arrived again to then cross my tracks. As in blatant gangstalking and dispensing with the ruse that he was actually doing shopping.

And again, the sickos didn't put anyone on at the chocolate section, truly a rarity, as there usually are at least five gangstalkers there each time. But still the Fuckwits who stand in the middle of aisle, putting on the oblivious act as to impeding customer traffic, and also heightening up the probablity that they may start walking and run right into me. This bullshit of getting in my way is getting out of control, as my supposed co-workers did this all the time.

Some time devoted to finding JK Harms' interesting work on the Wayback Machine, duly recovered, and relinked to the right and the Consolidated Link List pages. Also downloaded so I have the files.

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