Thursday, October 28, 2010

SAC Delivers a Maser

That is the Strategic Air Command, SAC for short, (now US STRATCOM) and are often arranged to fly overhead when I am in the First Feral Family backyard, doing yard work like pruning, weedwhacking and leaf raking. It is my understanding that the SAC randomizes their flight paths, but how is it that at least three of them flew overhead of where I was today? And it was spectacular, the contrails providing a trail of the flight path in the blue sky, as it made a 20 degree deviation to fly directly overhead today in one instance. And when I looked up, why, a blackish dot emanated from the aircraft and came right at me, travelling the distance in a second or two. A few minutes later, the Sea King military helicopter made a low and slow pass, the first of at least four today. Later, small single engine aircraft and a DC-9 passenger jet, then a Sikorsky S-76 passenger helicopter. A progression of size and distance for whatever reason the perps have to place this orchestrated aerial show, replete with maser and plasma spiiting aircraft of varying kinds.

The Sea King helicopter was the more annoying as it made at least four passes, but I could only see one time as they like to have them obscured by trees and foliage. Same when doing farm work this past summer, the Sea Kings madee multiple passes over the day, most often behind the trees and landforms. I have noted blackish maser emanations from them, as well as bright plasmic emanations, a light flash in effect.

As usual, when I was doing garden work the neighbors start theirs too; all afternoon chainsawing, lawn mowing and even the odd skil-saw job. This ordered cacaphony again, and getting fainter as time progresses. The big event that brought on the above mentioned SAC aircraft and the rest of the following aircraft was that I was cutting up three 2" trees with lopers so they would be in small enough pieces to be placed in plastic garbage bags. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to parade plastic bags around lately? Too often I reckon. The perps find it very fascinating that I am doing garden work, and I am surprised they didn't direct me to make this my career rather than forestry.

And a freakshow on the city bus again, it seems that they cannot leave me alone on this mobile gangstalking and stunt platform. Tonight, it was the "dos dudes" tailing me ahead to the bus stop, then on the first bus, to the second bus stop, and then on the second bus, sitting two seats away. This wasn't the only dude talk of the day, as they set up some for me to hear through the hedge, the "neighborly male banter" bullshit again. And so they had me covered with dude chat all the way back while on the bus. And one came later, "happening" to join his confreres and sitting one seat away. He has this black coat on, nothing too large, and within two minutes or so, "needs" to do the striptease act, removing his coat to reveal a mid-grey shirt with lots of woven patterns in it. Like WTF; he wasn't overdressed for the bus, there was some cool air circulating, and yet "needs" to take his coat off. I cannot count the number of Fuckwits that have inappropriately done clothing reveals, and even some whackos who have their shirt half on, wandering around in the grocery store for crissakes.

An more Unfavored games; they had two fuzzy haired gangstalkers, one ahead of me by 12' and one oncoming by 20' and lo, if the didn't manage to slowly converge their heads from what I could see, this slow fuzzy hair merge, both aligning in the vertical as well. Fucking ludicrous that this bullshit is arranged all the time for some dumbshit game because the assholes haven't the balls to preseent themselves. 

The sirens have started up, getting through my earmuffs somehow. And what it the deal with getting blocked when attempting to make a "connection" on Linked In? It was legit and it was reasonable, and yet the assholes sabotaged my connection attempt, by their favorite trick, making out that there was missing data to be supplied when there wasn't. They put me through countless rounds of that same bullshit, sending me back to the same web page, invoking that data was missing when it wasn't. This was a resume and job application submission, and I had to go through a succession of pages as part of the first time application process. So could it be, that these offers to be "friends" on Facebook and like social networking sites be monitored by the assholes, and that they are attempting to remotely detect some kind of energy blip just at the moment of making a connection/friend request, and then for follow on acceptance or rejection? I would not be surprised in the least, as any large scale business or public success has at least tacit approval by the perps IMHO.

Oct. 28,  2010
I got entranced (loaded word) with a couple of videos last night; one on Claudia Mullen's statement to a congressional committee, and the other Dr. Robert Beck's two hour presentation on utilizing low voltage electrotreatment for blood cleansing that will treat cancer, HIV, lupus and others, with a high success rate. Also, he claims, based on brain wave patterns, that garlic is a poison, and has to be avoided while having the electrotreatments he promotes, but does not sell. Interesting that the perps like me to have garlic eating spells, and then back off for months at a time, and even years previously. This applies to other like foods such asleaks, onions and shallots. Before he treated himself, he was 290lb, and couldn't get the weight off; now he looks about 170lb, and he also claims his hair re-grew. He indicates there are Biblical references to people living 200 years, and he suspects the parasitic load that we carry is likely the cause of a much shorter lifespan. Interesting stuff, even if a two hour show.

Heavy noise this morning; near constant back up beepers, then a fan hum which was playing extensively last night, and an intermittent heavy whine noise, ostensibly from the transmission from passing heavy duty vehicles and trucks.

I will post this now, and report on the rest of the day in a new posting if all goes according to plan.

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