Monday, September 27, 2010

Turban in a Hoodie

Sept. 21, 2010
One of the Unfavored items is headwear, particularly swaths of cloth like turbans and other like garments. And too, the hoodie action is heating up; so many hoodies now for me to see, particularly in a ghoulish profile view. I have no idea what the perps are attempting to emulate as to what I might of seen when a child during the memory deletion years, ages 2 to 5 y.o.

So... a the daffodil bulb sorting conveyor line where I currently perform farm labor, the token Punjabi couple, when they aren't staring at me or otherwise posing in doorways or hounding my ass (aka gangstalking) me in the locker room, have now been re-instated as bulb sort workers. My understanding is that they didn't know enough English and didn't have enough smarts to do the job and got pulled off. Now they are back on, and up to their usual gangstalking and staring stunts. But WTF; why put the wear a hoodie over turban for crsissakes, hiding it in effect and revealing only a portion of it in keeping with the perps typical incremental exposure games. I find it hilarious that this religious garment is being hidden by trendy street wear that is also about hiding one's face and profile view.

Other bullshit this morning on the outbound city bus freakshow as to have one of the most digusting looking co-workers move in closer to where I am seated, and I find it especially affrontive after he scooped my usual waiting spot in the bus shelter. Then he does various posing, the "featured Fuckwit" du jour, being seen in doorways and corners, and always seeming to be just where I am headed. This person is grotesquely overweight, and has most slovenly habits. Truly a sight for sore eyes.

So, he tails me onto the bus and now sits himself in the next row, off to the right side, me off on the left, barely out of view, but at least 10' closer than he every did before (the past three weeks). not long afterward the "babe" (call her the Freckled Babe) comes in and sits down in front of me in the next row seat. Maybe this is one of those scenarios they like to arrange where the disgusting Unfavored obese case is just outside of my straight ahead vision, and the babe at the center of it. Gorgeous straight brunette hair to look at for at least 15 minutes, and then comes an elderly Asian male with plenty of choices to find a seat  by himself, but strangely sits next to the babe. Another 15 minute or so and she gets off, and then he sits in her former seat. This strange seat-swapping has been noted in the recent past, the rube dude selecting to change his seat to where the very favored blonde had sat. I call this "radiance co-opting", attempting to bathe in her remant etheric glow. Just one more repeated strange behavior on the city bus freakshow.

Sept. 22, 2010
A short grocery shopping trip became almost nightmarish; they fucked me out of what I wanted to get, and eventually allowed me to get only a few items. They had dudes-in-deep-discussion posted at at location of the coffee and coffee grinder that I wanted to use for the entire time I was in the store, Fuckwits at every location I went to, plus those that are erupting from behind corners, and then an on-my-heels tail by one of the staff members who seemed to be so intent on bening nonchalant about it. Then at the checkout, the cashier that I had visted twice before now reveals her forearms to be radically tattooe, and the big digusting fat man in a baby blue themed clothing was behind me in the line, pushing way too close. I was glad to get the fuck ou of there, and as this was at least the fourth intensified gangstalking at that store, I can only conclude the assholes have upped the gangstalking side of the harassment, inconjunction with the extra-gravitic fuckery and the noise barrages that have increased.

Another fucker was on my tail at work way too often to be coincidence today, the ducktailed dude came back after someone told me he got canned yesterday. He is like a fucking puppy dog;p mouth open and tongue hanging out and constantly on me everywhere I go. The lunchroom when entering he is exiting, when exiting at the end of break the fucker is entering for some strange reason. He hangs around me before work when I am doing cleaning and readying the worksite, and then makes a point of walking over my platform when he coud of easily gone around. Call it "severe gangstalking" maybe, but this bullshit is now starting to reach the epic proportions of the Fuckover Year of Hell, 2002 to 2003 when they seemed to be trying everything in excess.

Sept. 23, 2010

Got back into downtown on the city bus at 1745h like I usually do from the farm labor job, and I have only two streets to cross at traffic light controlled intersections, and I was the seeming target of a rundown attempt by a vehicle at both. And lets be clear; it was the Walk signal that I was following, and the term "attempt" might be too strong as it infers that I know what their intentions were, and I don't of course. The first one was at Douglas and View streets, and the herd had proceeded ahead of me at initial "Walk" signal as I hadn't reached the crosswalk. A silver-grey compact passenger vehicle came barrelling around the corner, and stopped in the crosswalk after me staring them down and giving the driver the finger, and eventually proceeded behind me. The driver put on the hands display to say "sorry" but as all things are arranged IMHO, it is another so-what. One more block and I waited for the "Walk" signal and then proceeded with no other pedestrians in my proximity. A deep green mini-van is coming at me from View street, making a left turn, and by then I was in front of the vehicles that had stopped at their red light, and I thought I was safe. But no, the green van changed its turning arc and was re-aimed at me, seeming to be wanting to pin me between the stopped vehicles and this one. I then (or more like, felt suddenly compelled) began to run to escape this vehicle, and within a few seconds of that, the driver corrected their trajectory so to make the left turn without incident. The woman driver seemed to be in some kind of state of duress or something, though I did get in my say and yelled at her for being a fucking asshole.

I usually get two run-down "attempts" a month, but this was absurd, two in one 5 minute walk after I got off the bus. Like WTF, I have already had this "happen" to me before, and I don't see why it should continue.

Sept. 24, 2010
Overhead pounding is shaking me in my chair while looking at the news. And it made it through the earmuffs even; at least six poundings so far.

Sept. 25, 2010
The token Punjabis at the bulb sorting conveyor are intent on staring again. I am looking to see where the fuck they are so to avoid them, and then when my gaze falls upon them, they have me lined up with a stare about 80% of the time. They now do the split couple gangstalk game, where they are apart and the only rational choice in walking is between them, 20' apart or so. The amount of time they spend hanging around at building entrances and on the edge of the concrete and packed gravel surface interface is another constant theme. I say "token Punjabi" as at one time within the last decade, there was over 200 workers there at this farm, the vast majority were Punjabi. Now there is only one, and he is the tractor driver and of all other farm vehicles. They had one remaining Punjabi farm laborer last year, who was a joy to work with, but he was moved on to a nearby farm.

The gorgeous Freckled Babe was at one bus stop when I was on the top floor of the double decker bus as the sickos have now arranged for the lower floor to be packed with Fuckwit dudes when I usually embark only three stops into the route. And lo, if they didn't put on an Unfavored negro dude at the same stop, he just "happening" to arrive at the bus stop when the bus did. These strange timings of bus passengers and their equally strange "just saunter on board" habit have become a regular feature. I have caught buses in many cities, and I have never seen a public transportation bus boarded by someone who "happened" to be strolling by, and not even looking to see if it was the right bus or not.

This being a Saturday without the usual regular commuters, I was  surprised to see the Freckled Babe on the bus on the way back, and lo, if the negro didn't somehow get on board too. And both exit at the same stop on the way back, opposite the one they both boarded on in the morning. At least they are being consistent.

An odd dude in long baggy tan colored shorts was sitting next to the negro for most of the city bus trip, some 20 minutes or more. Then he inexplicably gets up from this seat at the front and then walks half the length of the bus and goes up the two steps to the rear raised portion where I was wedged in and then stands immediately in front of me, and there were no other standing passengers as there were still seats availible. He blocks my view of the Japanese babe across from me, and does this for a few minutes, and then gets off at the next bus stop. Like WTF; he walks past the rear doors and mounts the two steps to the rear raised deck all to stand in front of me before he retraces his steps, going back down to the main floor to then exit via the rear doors. Did I say I was targetted?

My only synopsis of this very strange public behavior was that there must of been some "negro" energies (also governed by skin color) that he had absorbed by sitting next to one, and that he wanted this to interact with my energies. I know, it doesn't explain very much, but as the sicko's technologies are so advanced, this seems to by my most plausible explanation.

A turbaned  male E. Indian gets his own private bus stop today, all the more notable in that the bus drivers are such sticklers for stopping only at busstops to pick up or drop off passengers. I get to see this from the top deck at the front of the bus, over the front doors, and maybe this was all about having me peer down from above to look at a turban from this rare vantage point. I don't give a shit, and I don't understand why I am being hounded to look at fugly (Unfavored) head wear from an unusual angle. Again, this was set up by having the Dude Force/Fuckwits populating my usual lowerdeck  seat  choices some three stops into the route.

What a surprise; no gangstalkers of significant note at LD tonight, though plenty outside plus a cluster of four red vehicles, as well as more than usual ambulatory parties outside. Then a motorcycle parked in a stall as a prop. I recall that they backed off on gangstalking me only twice before, and for limited durations of a few hours. Thiink of it; being hounded in public relentlessly for over eight years, and they only have given me three too-short reprieves, hours at most.

Sept. 26, 2010
1015h. Sunday, no work today.

Laundry today, bedsheets and towels in the same load, and the strange linting "habit" of the towels seemingly abated for this combination. Put the towels in with other clothing and there is a massive linting problem. And more games, as I laundered my relatively clean work clothing and there was bands of soil and grit left behind in the washing machine.. Seemingly, no one used it since, and once affirmed, I put it through a laundering cycle with no laundry in it, just to clean the washing machine. So.. with that prelude, I then put on the bedsheets and towels load afterward, and all was well, no tracks of soil or grit on them post-washing machine cycle. The endless games over laundry and all the variations, permutations and other fuckery is simply amazing, and all the more so that they have been at it in overt form for over eight years now.

Sept. 27, 2010
I am going to post this, now that the notes have been converted into more readable form, as I don't want this to get lost by imposed takeovers of my PC.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed the cops park near me wherever I am at. Last night, I could see the cops pull in to the adjacent parking lot, and I had a feeling they were waiting for me. No I haven't committed a crime, of course, nor do I have any outstanding warrants. But as I walked out of the building, and up the street, they put their blinding spotlight right on me (from across the street), and it was extremely bright.

I'm not sure what that was about, if I was behavior modification, or a perp-designed skit (maybe to make the connection between suicide and the tunnel of light). Or maybe it was to go along with the "Turnaround bright eyes" line I was thinking about in this one song.

A theory is that the bright light is used to stimulate (overstimulate) the visual cortex, and cause some sort of reaction the perps want to measure.

AJH said...

I would agree with the last most supposition, that there are visual cortex (neural) reactions that cause it to be energized in a remotely detectable manner. Then they can differentiate it from other parts of the cortex and other non-cortex brain regions. Also, the quality of the light seems important; halogen, sodium arc, LED, tungsten incandescent, flourescent etc. There are quantum level interactions between light and magnetism as well, and this may figure in what they are doing and researching. Thanks for the comments.