Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back From Travel Trip

No end of feints, dodges and imposed bullshit adversity for the last week, a driving tour with the First Feral Family matron doing the extra batty act to make me repeat what I said constantly even if perfectly audible the first time, and then the spurious conversation topics that she gets into, just like the ex, planting irrelevant dumbassed notions and suggestions left and right to crank me up and piss me off. I thought it had culminated yesterday in attempting to get her DVD player to play, and pissing around with four remote control control devices to get the digital TV working again, and get the DVD to play into the DVD. But no, that wasn't good enough as the cable TV service went on the fritz as I attempted to replace the VCR with the DVD, and when I finally figured that out (after the conflicting remote control games over the TV, -either the TV manufacturer or the set top digital TV modem box that came with the cable TV outfit's remote control that usually takes precedence, give the right circumstance/channel combination), I decided to phone for cable TV support. And lo, if they weren't having telephone problems, as in a total shutdown, indicating "wrong number". So I phoned the operator to find out why this decades long number had changed, but no, the cable TV outfit was having a total telephone outage. (Shaw Cable for locals). This "happens" the day I return from this five day driving trip and attempt to replace the VCR with the just-acquired DVD player. It should of been dog simple, but no, the TV service goes for a crap, as does their technical support and their entire phone system. All to crank up my angst along with the constant stream of batshit-crazy suggestions/spurious help from the above mentioned FFF matron, still going strong on the same line of bullshit after being on the road with it for  five days.

Even today, this PC one day late from its repair to get the Antec Multimedia player installed, as "somehow" the weekend PC repair crew couldn't boot this up into Windows, something it does dozens of times per day, every day for fucking years. And it follows that yesterday's battle of the four remote control devices also runs into today, with aforesaid Antec Multimedia player and its remote control that isn't working here. A double pissing match over TV/PC/DVD remote controls not working today, at the FFF today and yesterday, and then this PC at my place.

A continuing high abuse show, getting fucked by the included new iMon software that is supposed to be loaded and somehow cannot be accessed to store my music in. This Sarah Harmer CD disc sat around for over four months for some inexplicable reason, as anytime I have bought a CD before I opened and played it right away. Another never before behavior. All to go with the screaming session with the assholes as they wouldn't let the CD play at first and kept fucking me as to which menu item to pick. Then I find that the volume control of the just installed bay device is designed to go around some three times before it actually works. A once around volume knob,  like on any radio or stereo device ever made isn't allowed; I have to be put through more adversity and ill-designed goods. All part of the blow-off scene where some don't listen to me even if more than sufficiently audible in the first place. Just like the "what-what" games the First Feral Family plays on me ad nauseum.

Another round of swearing to get IMon to run, and when I click on it comes up with a dialog box that says "iMon not running". Well duh..., that is what I want to do, start it, and yet there is no seeming way to do this unless it slaps itself on top of this Firefox browser, which I don't want. Don't worry if you cannot understand why a menu item to pick it to run then dies and goes away, but this is how things "work" in this pseudo-life world. All I got out of a $240 purchase is a piss poor volume knob.

Fucking around with the remote might help, but that sounds familiar, not unlike yesterday's DVD at the FFF home that went nuts (read, sabotaged to rage-ify me all the more, having arrived the day before). I had four remote controls on the go to get the TV, DVD and the digital modem going, and couldn't do it because the TV service went down, per above ludicrous coinicidence.

And so  more screaming at a the assholes because of fingertip jabbing from unseen force fields as there was nothing close to my fingers at the time.

Other post-trip arrival bullshit is that the new teapost, similar Bodum design to the last one, less the nylon plastic basket for the tea, is now being used for the first time today. It conveniently arrived just before the day I departed and I had no time to use it so it laid "fallow" for the five days I was away. More of that consistent pattern again, same as the Sarah Harmer CD.

Another of the "gangstalker around the corner" games earlier when I went to get my PC, this jerk jumping into view around the 5' high concrete corner at the shop on my way in. I saw him 4' away, over the top of the wall, and he saw me, and yet the fucker still came at me, pretending he didn't see me until 2' away and now visible from behind the corner. He put on the pissy act that I was incensed at this personal space incursion, more spurious bullshit to deal with before getting inside. A $160 bill to get the Antec Multimedia Elite installed and tested, and still I cannot get this fucking software to run, and it seems the hardware has taken a crap too, with the features control software disappearing from my task bar. Just when one finds the icon to make needed adjustements, it is gone. Someone has definitely upped the adversity level today, and it may become a permanent feature of this fucking kept existence.

There was another rundown attempt yesterday, a woman coming at me in her vehicle while I was on the crosswalk with the "Walk" signal. Not only that, she started to come toward me, then stopped, and then restarted and then I yelled at her, gave her two fingers (one from each hand) and then she finally slamed on her brakes, making out that she didn't somehow see me. For my part, the assholes kept me in some kind of suspended state that I didn't recognize the danger at first, something that pisses me off intensely as I can always recognize threats, and likely have a very escalated traumatization detection ability after eight years of this sustained abuse. One is not even allowed access to one's own survival abilities, including personal space incursions.

And the fuckers cannot get enough of their Fuckwits, including the FFF, on any location where I am about to step into or just have. While visiting the out-of-town brother this past road trip, he and my mother were all over me wherever I had walked. This intense choreography in placing Fuckwits and other criminals over where I sit, stand or otherwise occupy space is totally out of hand now, and I would not be surprised if they started street confrontations like they have done recently with Rachael O of On Gangstalking. Certainly the staring is getting out of hand, and I expect to be publically confronting some of the assholes if they keep it up. You read this prediction here first, before it is to happen. This entire fucking scene is getting uglier, and there is nothing like a change of routine (as in getting back from a road trip) to instignate the perps to higher levels of abusive incursions.

My out-of-town brother was even going as far as to play footsies under the table with me while at dinner at his place, and not even a mention of an apology from the fucker. Just carry on abusing your brother was the likely advice he got from his handler. If justice is done, the asshole will rue the day he followed that advice, the fucking shit.

And my mother was also full value for the personal space incursions on this fucking road trip, waving her hands in my face while driving to make it seem as if she was pointing or gesticulating as to navigation instructions. That she puts on this batshit crazy dialog (if one could call it that), and then starts up the hand waving bullshit, just adds to the abuse level. The perps know I fucking loathe this managed insanity, but they won't give me the dialog to complain about it, keeping me mute and enraged at the same time. More fucking insanity from them.

Then yesterday, when arriving with my suitcase, Ikea bag and a boxfull of red apples, a seeming move-in job was also scripted with one elevator commandered, and then they took the other one just ahead of me using it. The fucker had to go downstairs to the basement for no seeming move-in related reason, and had faked me out as to which direction he was going owing to the elevator button lights not working. But at least he told me, and then when the elevator comes back up, why, the disgusting bald negro (Unfavored -bald, negro, male) loafer that frequents the lobby "happened" to be in the elevator. At no time in the entire 3+ years have I lived here have I seen anyone come from the basement to stop at the main floor, even if there is a parking garage below. So... this negro is in the elevator, and he kindly holds the door open for me, and then lo, if all the elevator floor buttons don't just seize up, and the elevator is stopped dead at the lobby level for no known reason or visible action from any party. Fucking bizarre. So.. I humpf it up six stories with a 20lb box of apples (with shallots and garlic on top, my last grocery shopping in Keremeos before getting back late Monday, Oct. 18), the prior Ikea shoppings (also sabotaged with my mother suddenly getting "tired" just when I was about to get serious about purchasing more lighting for this dim lit desk), and then my suitcase. The fuckers cannot get enough gangstalkers anytime I engage in these extra curricular (but scripted)activities. Even this morning, I had a posse of five dudes loitering outside the building when I arrived in my mother's vehicle with my PC to bring back to this apartment.

And more loitering Fuckwits when I was on my way out, first to return the vehicle with a white firehose coiled up on the floor for no seeming reason and the attending Scottish (Unfavored) supposed cleaner woman in white clothing as well. About two hours later I am on my way out to get my haircut, and lo, if the white dressed cleaning woman is sitting on the couch in the lobby this time, my seeming lobby-stalker for outbound trips today. The manager was there both times, as well as being there for the above metioned  "dude show reception" when I came by with my PC.

This is blog posting is likely discombobulated in reading it, even if I have re-edited it. But after a five day road trip with my perp abetting mother putting on extra batty bullshit, and yesterday's and today's battle of the remote controls at the FFF house and then here too with this wretched Antec Multimedia station installation that seems so fucking flakey, (when I had expected it to be a iTunes alternative without the heavy commercial intrusion association), it is exasperation on top of more exasperation.

And what it with this ramp up of making me see red colors? All manner of Fuckwits are wearing red now, after my mother hauling her disgusting red handbag in the vehicle and around me for the last five days. And we saw the Adams River salmon run with many red colored fish in their spawning colors, as if there wasn't enough red foliage along the roadsides.

PS: Important news  as to Eleanor White's many TI websites as there seems to be some major reorganization in the works. I will have to update the links sometime when all this transpires.


gang stalking said...

Don't know if you have read the latest.

AJH said...

Answer to gang stalking;

In my case there would not of been any "threat assessment" or like deliberation as to be included in overt harassment, of which gangstalking is only part of. I have been experimented upon since birth, and have had 99% of my recall before age 5 deleted. They have been on me for all my life, arranging many adverse events and circumstances, along with cooperation from supposed friends, employers and the like. I supect this is the case with most TI's, as what good is all this detailed energetics information they collect as to our thought patterns if they don't have a comparative history of when we faced similar events when much younger, and most often, in differing locations?