Friday, October 08, 2010

In and Then Out of Stock Overnight

 A major office supply outfit had a Dymo 450 Twin Turbo Labelwriter on for an excellent price and so I ordered it late last night, as  their zip postal code based web page indicated it was deliverable the next business day. And lo, if the assholes didn't somehow run out of stock in the night at at this location and suggest alternatives that were $50 or more in their email this morning. Like WTF; why does this bullshit keep happening to me? We aren't talking about the usual flood of gangstalkers and the freakshow here, just an single item order and poof, it suddenly becomes unavailible. They promised local delivery even and they had me all set to wait all day for it, but those plans have changed. Another case of too good to be true, though this isn't the first time that I have been suckered into a "deal" only to have it dissipate due to a "problem" that erupted in the night. Go figure.

The assholes are shaking my chair in a vibratory manner, adding onto the fact they were making me fall asleep while seated in front of this LCD.

Nothing too dramatic today, though it looks to be a shut-in day as there is no compelling reasons to head out and the morning rain keeping me from my intended gardening activities at the First Feral Family home. So far, only a hundred or so yellings at the assholes for poking or jabbing me with unseen force fields. The plasma and maser images and flashes number in the 500's or more so far, there isn't a single instant of the day where I don't have some kind of visual aberration in my field of view.

They had me starting green tea today, different than the 8 months of reddish rooibus tea, and lo, if they didn't have a bright deep flake metallic green vehicle outside with a posse of eight or so white or silver-grey vehicles around it. A two second glance out the window while crossing the room, and there it was. They were stopped at a traffic control light, and as soon as I thought to take a picture, they began to move off. It simply amazes me as to the extent of their arrangements for the brief looks out the window.

I see this was prematurely published, even before I have finished this shut-in day blog posting.

The perps' interest in ceramic blade cut food as opposed to knife cut food reached greater proportions of mundaness. After putting the carrots through a 0.5mm slicing, making them transparent almost unless the slices are stacked, in which case they take on a pink salmon hue, they forced to take a pee, moving me well away from the kitchen. So not only do I get a color change from disposing the pee, I also give my hands a substantially different signature after washing them. Once done, I sliced the lemon cucumber on the mandoline slicer, at 1.3mm. Given the perps' intense interest on what knife or blade type I use to slice my food, I am not surprised by a forced pee during this activity.

A runaway keyboard/mouse earlier, where text was being inserted with my hands off the keyboard or mouse. Taking an hour out to read some The Shock Doctrine seemed to be the imposed activity, and the PC problems were gone by the next boot up. I am reading a secondhand copy of the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, and it has a reflective silver colored dust jacket. The copy that I had read some of when at the TI meeting in Nanaimo had a red softcover. And I suppose now that I have read the same begining chapters of both versions with their different jacket colors is a big deal for the perps. I got all manner of extra dude talk noise, music noise and outside vehicle noise (loud hotrod mufflers, ill maintained mufflers) while reading the book. This takes me back to the early 2003 harassment days when they would move the dust cover off the hardcover right under my fingers. And all the better that the content I was reading was about a woman who suffered psychiatric abuses at the hands of Dr. Ewan Cameron, the infamous mind trasher of the 1950's to 1961 at McGill University in Montreal. It seems that I might have been there too as a 2 to 4 yo. child when my father finished his PhD in Geology in 1959 at McGill. Naomi Klein visits a survivor of Dr. Cameron's psychic driving who has no recollections of her life before the age of 20, and who has terrible recall problems even with short term memory. In her case she secured her patient records to find out what happened when she started out as a nursing student there. A precis is here (another), with the question as to what else did they do? Well, they did this to children as well as adults. And furthermore, they put children immobilized with curare inside boxes of snakes according to Carol Rutz (A Nation Betrayed).

That is it for this dull shut-in day.                            

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