Saturday, October 09, 2010

Crumb Attack

A screaming rage show for part of breakfast, at least 10 separate provocations to have me rage-fied before drinking coffee and then the all-quiet order went out and then no more of the incessant street noise. And the latest is to have faux mouth contents fly out from me, or just plain arrive in unlikely locations for later discovery. I have a spoonful of hemp seed (non THC and legal here) with my brown breakfast cereal, and it is the putative hemp seed fragments that fly out, or more accurately, are teleported into mid air to make it seem they come from my mouth, as very often it is closed at the moment the hemp seed fragments arrive in mid-air. And they gave me extra hemp seed coverage this morning; one or two on each arm, ditto fo the table and the stove top. The sickos cannot get enough abuse in while making or drinking coffee. And while in mid rage they also like to show me their lastest crumb arrivals; on the wall, stovetop (especially after being cleaned), the cereal bowl after being rinsed etc. Why they need to show me their crumbs and hemp seed fragments in mid rage I don't know.

The most egregious stunt was to have the kettle lid hop upside down as I was pulling on it. This lid is always stiff to pull, and this is the putative reason why they mess with the kettle pouring as insufficient air cannot get in to replace the water. The imposed ritual is to have me pull on the lid as the excuse for them to not mess with the hot water pouring from the kettle, but today they had it flip upside down in place when I was pulling sideways. This neccessitated using a cloth to handle it as it would of been too hot to touch otherwise. Another example of the assholes being more blatant, as it was in the kettle one second and flipped the next, and I wasn't party to see how it went through this trajectory. They either messed with my vision or messed with the lid to have it rematerialize upside down.

On off rain today, a downpour scripted for when I made lunch from scratch, along with a few rage-fications to get me riled up to their desired level.

They have me cranked over this label printer I had ordered two days ago, only to be thwarted by a email to say the item was out of stock (i.e. happening overnight). Soo... I phoned up two of the three stores only to get to the next wall, they don't take messages and they don't answer phones. (Read big box office products store). Which leaves the next step of going to the one downtown and looking for the item and then twisting their arm to get me the online price, some 50% off the standard retail price. I might just do that this afternoon, but it does show that they cannot let these events end, and that it must be played out over days, and hitting a wall of not purchasing it online. In other words, this entire event, if it is to be an actual acquisition, has to be protracted, given some futility, and then maybe I will be allowed to purchase it. All very tedious, and all the more so while writing this up with the noise parade mysteriously getting through my earmuffs.

The clunking and rumbling from overhead continues.They had me eat two 100g Ritter chocolate bars at afternoon teatime, a first for this passable chocolate. Before, it was only the better quality chocolate when this imposed "need" would erupt, and now it is down the so-so chocolate. Maybe it is to get me prepped for heading out to attempt to put this dumbshit label writer/printer acquisition to rest. It seems the brown color games go with financial transaction monitoring, and what better that to have me pumped up with extra chocolate at the same time. We shall see, or will this nonsense get protracted into next week with more almost-purchases.

With only 15 minutes before closing time, I was at the office supply store, and got them to sell me the Dymo Twin Turbo for half price, just like they had on the web order that got cancelled. I suppose this was the big event for the perps today, keeping me cooped up until the last opening time, to get this label writer/printer.

And it seems that the perps had it all figured out; it sits where my paper journal has been kept for three years, it having a black cover like the label printer. And that the power bar has no empty outlets on it, so the label printer and its two blue lights is on all the time, less than 3' from me as I type this, and on all night too, as I don't have it switched until I get another power bar, assuming there is room for one.

There was plenty of clunking and outside noise to accompany me opening the box, along with recalcitrant packaging that would not open. The use of the scissors in cutting some of the plastic also got a specific accompany noise. And then the PC had to be pulled out, wires had to be routed, and software loaded. Having me use new software was anothe noisestalked event, as there was a certain amount of clunkiness to it, as well as some semantic licence of a command and title that didn't accurately reflect the actions of the dialog box. They just love me to find these discontinuities or vagueness and then rant on about it. Installation, setup and testing the printer took two hours or so, and I would imagine it was a bigger deal for them than me, as they keep me in a low income situation so new acquisitions are infrequent, especially PC and related ones.

Here is something that is circulating around the TI chat sites; proven documentation that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has statistical summary of gangstalking. This information was extracted from a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, and it one to keep in mind when the police tell one that there is no such thing as gangstalking, their standard line. Well, there is, and the DOJ has this information at the link to prove it, even if they denied it in the past. Download it for keeps, and major kudos for Peace Frog for pulling this one off.

There is statistical evidence that multiple person stalking, aka gangstalking, is reported in Canada, so apart from Mexico, there is North American continent wide statistical police reported evidence of gangstalking. I cannot find the specific link at Eleanor White's site, but this link is the index. I know she makes a projection from this data for the population at large, but I cannot find it. (Possible cognitive obstruction which can be applied to line or individual text as well as objects now).

Winding this one up for today, a dullish Saturday with the label printer acquisition purchase and setup offering some relief. No doubt the two blue lights that stay on, (unless I unplug it (though difficult to access, because only 4" of clearance between this shelf unit and the wall), all night will be a big attraction for the perps. It does make me wonder how long they planned this for, and with other items that were "needed" and still lying "fallow", how many more years of this abuse is going down. One hint is that the safety toed boots that they had me purchase in 2008 for construction work that never materialized are still sitting in my closet unused. So likely some plans are afoot, but not yet developing. These boots have Kevlar toes rather than steel toes, and the recent purchase of a pair of Kevlar gloves might be part of the perp's interest in this fabric and its characteristic yellow color.

The measuring cups and spoons that I had to have in a round of domestic "need" in April 2010 are still sitting in the drawer unused, my cooking abititions suddenly dissipating, and still stalled out. I noticed the perps flipped the nested measuring spoons upside down and in place recently, so there goes another six months of the measuring spoons sitting in this repose before they will have me use them. The garlic press that was purchased at the same time was used, begining in July, so only four months of sitting around before it was deployed.

As for clothes, some haven't been worn at all, not since they went overt on me in 04-2002. Who knows when the assholes will have me wear those and in what circumstances.

Enough riffing and off to bed.

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