Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pre-yoga Laundry Adversities

And of course, I am subject to all manner of adversities all day long, all to keep me enraged, pissed-off and otherwise totally exasperated along with the forced vocalizing that it entails. Like I have said, it is the first and foremost play, to keep me fed up and near constantly infuriated.

This morning's games included crumb arrivals, light flashes and then sabotage of the bedsheets, duly discovered when getting them off the bed for laundering. I see they are at their yellow-izing of my pillow cases again, something that has been pictured in past postings. And when I got the laundry back after unloading the dryer, why, the assholes put a 3mm blood spot, or a facsimile thereof, on the bottom fitted sheet. Like WTF: since when did blood spots form on clothes and sheets when being laundered? As of today, in this unconventional altered reality realm I am contained in, and this is a new first.

The yellow-izing of the pillow cases is different; it starts incrementally, as if from nightly use, and slowly builds up over a year or more before I get annoyed with this particular mess/sabotage. Each laundering will somehow reduce this yellow color, but it is managed to slowly build up to the annoyance level. As for today's blood spot, no sir, instant arrival, and just to rub it in, why, it erupts while the sheet is in the washing machine or dryer. And also a brown mark showed up on the edge of one of the pillow cases, not unlike the ones that erupted on the last bedsheets, and is permanent.

And that sabotage wasn't enough, as they mind-fucked me into "forgetting" how to place the fitted bedsheet, as in which corner the single label on the inside corner seam goes. The last bedsheet set had the label in the immediate right corner, but the new (as of 07-2010) fitted bedsheet has the label in a different corner. The prevailing mind-fuck was that it was the diagonal corner, and so when about to tuck in the last corner, why, it didn't fit. So, scream at the assholes yet again, and turn the sheet 90 degrees and try again, and lo, if it didn't fit. The point of this is that the assholes fuck my recall as to what corner goes where, and had started this stunt in 2005-2006 when they first learned how to fuck my recall for this very specific detail. There were no end of rage-ifications over their mind-fuck games over this then, after some six months of this abuse, they stopped it suddenly. Two bedsheet sets later, they have restarted this fucking insane bullshit, and won't let me recall as to what corner of the fitted sheet goes to what corner of the bed. Like WTF; surely the assholes don't need me to keep turning bedsheets 90 degrees after putting me through fucking hell over this identical cognitive function five years ago. As above, nothing is for sure in this altered reality state of forced serially abusive cognitive dithering.

A heavy noise morning today, likely the "warm up" for when I set off to yoga, as there has been significant dude clusters out on the street, way out of proportion to what normally transpires for sidewalk and vehicular traffic. No doubt more of the scraggly and long haired dudes, as one in particular seems to be getting more exposure. First he was seen in glances as I pass through the lobby, then he gets seen a little more as he "happens" to be waiting for the elevator in the lobby. Then he later is part of the dude cluster strung along tthe outside entrance to the lobby, over a cantilevered portion of the building. And yesterday, he was in lead-ahead mode to "escort" me to the bus stop for two blocks. The deal was that he was on the other side of the street and should of been long gone when I crossed at the traffic light. But "somehow" the fucker delayed, and ended up only 20' in front of me, and then I overtook his slow pace outside the tire shop where extra Fuckwits were posing and cell phoning. I haven't seen this guy's face yet, only his back, as that seems to be the incremental exposure game prescribed for this long haired male Fuckwit. Doubtless there is more gangstalker mileage to go, and maybe today's trip to yoga will be cause to ratchet up the freak sighting.

A full on freakshow when I stepped out to walk to yoga. Even the cleaning woman was putting it on, pretending to not notice me as she rounded the closest street corner, she of at least three apartmen lobby gangstalkings. She being Scottish, and in very white jacket. The look ahead nonsense when they pretend not to notice anyone else oncoming. Fucking bizarre.

Then the stand-behind me at the street corner fuckery again; what is it that compells all these Fuckwits to stand extra close to me and behind me at street corners (waiting for the Walk signal) when there is 10' of space to align themselves? Fucking bizarre.

Then the dude force in their plastic bags, like they all go shopping together, big joke. Then the native Indians put on a show crossing the street and splitting apart, each wearing only black and white, and looking more pissed of than I was. Another element of the gangstalking scene was three independent negro males, over the three blocks, doing their look-away routine.

Then when 30' from the church entrance where yoga is to take place, the fugly negro class member woman (Unfavored- negro, fat)  who I somehow "forgot" all about was at the door, and seemingly waiting for me. When I got to the door she asked if yoga was on, and I said it was based on last week's class. Then she said something about following me to the class room, and I walked to the regular class room, the chapel, and she was following me through 40' of corridor and after I made the corner she just vanished. I found the chapel door to be locked and went back on my tracks and still no fugly negro woman. As I get to the front desk to ask them to unlock the room, the instructor (Favored- blonde, attractive) suddenly appears from behind a wall, presumably entering from the same door as I did. I explain to her that the chapel was locked and that I need to ask for it to be opened. We exchange pleasantries as we have not seen each other since 03-2010, and the last yoga I attended was in 06-2010 until last week. We follow the staff member to the locked door, and still no fugly negro woman. Like WTF; she was in the building first, and found the door locked, and then didn't inform the front office staff and then instead puts on a "greeting" service when I "happened" to arrive when the front desk could of helped her out and unlocked the door. All this bullshit over negroes again

And to explain the entire perps gangstalking/harassment scenario in more detail; the fugly negro woman was outside the front door, and then holds me up at the front door to ask me about yoga, and then tails me in the building for 40' of hallway, some 8' behind me and then disappears. All a big setup for me to pull on the door to find it locked, a very common jerkaround stunt that has been totally consistent as part of the stunt mix for the past eight years. Here we have some of the perps' favorite locations in play; outside and then inside building negro gangstalking, all to set up me to get jerked around at the locked door. Then immediate retracing of one's steps, always a big perp deal given no end of gangstalkers doing 180 degree turnarounds in the street and sidewalks, and then a sudden (Favored) blonde woman in close proximity. Then another walk down the same hallway with her and the front desk woman leading.

Then in the class room the negro woman goes suddenly talkative for some reason, as she always had her head down and looking straight ahead. She has this dumbshit black plastic spider ring on her finger and shows the instructor while I am stretching on my mat. Then she asks me if I want to see what she is going to be for Halloween, and I decline, and still she comes across the floor to then show me this dumbshit spider ring on har large black fingers. Presumably this was the excuse for her to do a back and forth at the re-arranged perp moment. This woman has had a total personality change in the five months since I last saw her. And lo, if she doesn't leave after 20 minutes into a 60 minute class, leaving me and the blonde instructor to finish the class. It is most strange that there were so few class members, as normally there are five or more, but that was the same deal last week, only two students and one instructor. The instructors alternate week to week; tall blondes in both cases.

When I get out on the street after class, why the red shirts and red hats with red vehicles abounded, then the ambulatory gangstalker scene shifted to the "blue dudes"; four in succession wearing the same mid blue, very much like the color of my shirt under my black jacket.

Then when at the apartment entrance, two identical dressed dudes in black coats, black ball caps are standing around talking, "just hanging out". I unlock the door from the intercom pedestal and one of the Fuckwit dudes was on my tail and then he opens the door, and lo, if the other Fuckwit doesn't stride in. This is the second time in a month where I have opened the door and some "rude dude" is on my tail and opens the door and butts in ahead of me. LIke how many fucking times do these assholes need to be so rude around the front door? The door holding dude then lets me in, so in a fashion, I got partial "door service", a very common event. So in this way, I end up between the dudes, they doing a "split apart" move, another common Fuckover scene move. And when I go to the stairs to avoid getting the elevator with these Fuckwits, why, another fucking dude in the same dress code (sans ballcap) as these two most suspicious characters and their doorway entrance choreography.

Why is it when attempting to load a resume in RTF it isn't accepted as it is not the right file type; must be *.doc, Microsoft dependent? Soo,, when I attempt to save to a *.doc file in Open Office, the free office software suite, it mangles the file. Thereby skewering me; it happens most of the time, all these adversities.

And I see the assholes have fucked this Windows session by removing the task bar at the bottom of the display, totally fucking me as to what I can do. BUT, the new upgrade of Open Office can now save *doc files without fucking them up. A whole 18 months of getting screwed over that is now over.

A troll through cinema bookmarks for the past two hours, something I haven't done in five months or more. With this significant "fallow time", the noise and masers were increased, and often erupting as a web page first came up, or when I recognized a face in the graphics. Exciting times for sickos.

This day is done, and hope springs eternal that I won't get stiffed with a shut-in day tomorrow (or ever).


Anonymous said...

I've been getting a lot of ambulatory gangstalking action, when I'm out driving. They seemed to have a gangstalking walking along the highway, at a number of different locations while I was driving to my destination. There were gangstalkers walking along busy highways in 4 different locations, sufficiently far apart from each other to not be a coincidence. Of course the perps arranged this, but I wonder what the purpose could be? One guy was out checking his mail, and he does what a lot of these "standing still" fuckwits on foot do: have one foot on the road, and one on the grass along the road. Maybe these foot soldiers are there for remote monitoring purposes, or perhaps they are for enragement purposes. Still, I'm not sure why they can't get readings from gangstalkers who are driving in my proximity when I'm driving. Maybe they can get better readings with ambulatory gangstalkers, as they would have to do readings through both my car and the gangstalkers' otherwise. Of course, there are the compliant fuckwits parked along the road somewhere pretending to be checking directions, or eating lunch, or whatever the excuse is.

When I was doing the Census over the summer, I was parked right across from the fire hall in a nearby town, and why a Cable TV employee just happens to park next to my car and start having lunch in his van within minutes of me parked there. And the strange thing is, it was a dirt lot, not a public parking lot, yet the cable guy saw fit to park there, and within 2 minutes, to boot. I figured it was more monitoring/remote sensing bullshit on their part. What are the chances that a cable tech. is having lunch, parked in a car in the same location I happen to be parked, within 2 minutes of my arrival? Then, you have to factor in the chances that he would even be installing cable in that area.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been getting a lot...

The highway walkers/ambulatory gangstalkers seem to come in flushes, doing this for a week or so and then backing off. I would see these from the commuter bus when I was doing farm work this past summer. I suspect they are in place for measuring vehicle to "stand there" energetic interactions. That is, a energetic interaction between driver and/or ambulatory gangstalker. Something akin to swiping a magnet past a coil, the faster one does it, the greater the EMF spike. And, the gangstalkers sitting in stopped vehicles would be providing a intermediary stopped vehicle to gangstalker interaction. All too clever, these three states of motion and vehicles in proximity to each other; vehicles in motion, vehicles stationary with driver in place, and then gangstalker with no vehicle.

And that the ambulatory gangstalkers stand with one foot on pavement (asphalt or concrete) and the other foot on ground (previously disturbed in the road building process), is straight out of the perp manual I have observed. Again, they are attempting some kind of energetic correlation simultaneously with each of the two relevant ground surfaces, presumably in support of the above mentioned vehicular three way testing/research. They will often have Fuckwits sitting at a bus stop, ass on the concrete curb/sidewalk, legs over the asphalt road surface, and at oblique angles, not orthogonal. Interestingly, if you view immediate post-JFK assasination pics, there are some members of the "public" who are doing exactly the same thing; sitting on the curb and legs over the road surface. Extremely odd, and telling at the same time.