Friday, October 22, 2010

Compost Noise Confluence

A ten minute screaming session over the fact that I was getting obstructed in playing a CD on this PC, my Antec Multimedia/iMon acquisition being debased to an expensive volume knob. They even fucked the install, and won't now allow Realplayer and Windows Multimedia Player to be called by the Antec iMedian application. So it would seem that this is the bottom of the abuse barrel over this issue, as they have fucked me from playing movies since 01-2010. All 12 DVD's are sitting around unplayed, and all but one unopened. I call it "fallow time" where new aquisitions are made to sit around for undue and abnormal amounts of time. It seems that the remote control/player sabotage on this PC is also still going hand in hand with my mother's recent DVD installation at the FFF. There, I cannot get the infernal DVD player to play through the digital modem, and the digital TV signal even gets lost. (Two days ago, the TV signal supplier lost their feed, and then their phone system went down when attempting this same DVD hookup). So, there are at least three remote controls (read IR signal beam) in play at my perp abetting mother's place, and I attempted to toss out another three that were obsolete, but I see she brought them back in the house for no known reason.

We have TV/DVD remote control convergence, along with the exasperation of attempting to get them to work, making another attempt tonight at the FFF house. Lo, if the digital TV signal didn't get "lost" again, and for all my mother's apparent batty-ness, why, she knew how to bring it back. (A third remote control "worked", the silver colored one, when there is another for the TV and another for the digital modem). The perps cannot get enough IR beams and enough exasperation goiing over remote controls it seems, jerking me around at two locations.

And the perp highlight fuckery of the day, the annual making of the compost pile in the backyard of the First Feral Family house. Not only were each of the contributing piles sitting around for the past week while away, ("just" ran out of time before the road trip), but the noise onset was immediate. As soon as I dug into the first pile of three I was to combine, why, the next door neighbor started up his skill-saw. Then came the SAC bomber noise off and on for the next hour, then  throat clearing from the neighbor on the other side, and then more aircraft noise, not to mention the now pervasive hotrod mufflers, Japanese motorcycle noise and heavy duty vehicle noise. All in all, a big noise event, as making compost seems to be incredibly important to the perp objectives, as well as the downstream handling, re-digging, and ultimate use elsewhere in the backyard or wherever it may be used. They even put on the sunlight to come through for a while, as it has been overcast all day. The Ms. C of the story did her "master composter" course while going out with her in the pre-overt harassment days of 2000 to 2002. Don't ask me what it is all about, but it is now becoming a regular event, as this will be the third year of composting for the perp cause.

And a city bus freakshow getting there and back. Now that I get to the bus stop early to put an end to missing the extra-early bus games, why, it now comes late, 9 minutes late in the back end of suburbia tonight, and adding on the wait time, they kept me at the bus stop for 15 minutes while the vehicle gangstalking parade was in place. Then an E. Indian with one of those funny training turbans (single wrap, funny bun on top) came by, "happening" to drop by after the scheduled bus arrival time. Then he paces around, doing these frenetic back and forths that drive me nuts to witness. Why the assholes are so extra obvious about this aspect of gangstalking is beyond me, but raising my angst might be the answer.

They had me get up a late 1000h, for a 10 hour sleep last night, though no recalled dreams or other perturbations. A storm system is coming in tomorrow, and for the next three days at least, so who knows what the story is all about on the weather manipulation front. I haven't figured out the weather component and how it plays into the perp research agenda, though I suspect it is to mix up energies and create more interactions. And who knows, it may be even compost related, but as there are so many interactions they seem to be monitoring and instignating, it is difficult to know.

Back to the city bus freakshow; my one-seat-away neighbor "happened" to be in the lobby of this apartment buiding when I walked back from the bus stop. The one time I get off one stop early (to remove myself from viewing groping couples on each side of me), and walk from one block further, why, this woman in a fugly plaid jacket who was near me on the bus, "happens" to be there to take the one elevator that is functional. The W elevator was shutdown for over six weeks, now operating for three weeks now. As of tonight, the E elevator has shutdown "until further notice". It was the elevator that suddenly shut down when I had entered it with my belongings from the road trip two days ago, with the negro who strangely got on in the basement.

I got my junk food fix at the FFF house tonight, having dinner there and then freaking donuts and cakes. It seems the perps want to keep up this objectionable side of my diet management, the "gluten games" I call it. Which is what the recent road trip seemed to be about in part, as they can fuck with what I eat when in the homes of other FFF members or laying on my mother's batty act. They scripted a Malteasers "need" yesterday, and lo, if plain gluten isn't on the list of ingredients. And as I don't eat potatoes, and haven't for five years or more, my mother "forgot" again, dumping them on and then retrieving them. Just like around here, constant perversion of intent to have me do the wrong thing, just to "mix it up"/piss me off.

That will be it for today unless something else comes up; short and  not sweet, and likely a shut-in day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how they get their gangstalking twits (or should I say 'twats' instead) in position to be at a certain place where I am going to be. Must be some sort of Smart Mobbing system with a scheduler program.

Last night, they put a bunch of dudes in a yellow Mustang out riding around, slowing down, asking "Can I help you". They would turn around a side street, and come back and repeat the same question. I kept saying "Yeah, go jump off a bridge. I'm sick of perps messing with my life!" That's what I told him. He said "Where?", in an attempt to be a smartass to me reply to "go jump off a bridge". My replies didn't seem to faze him in the least, and I even asked him "Yeah, what's your license plate number?" to his repeated question. And would you believe the dumbshit actually gave me his license plate number? I told him I was calling the cops, yet still persisted.

That was my way of telling my perps to go f*ck themselves. They really piss me off. There are the other auxiliary assholes going along with this, doing the huge fake grin thing, to get a reaction.

Maybe I shouldn't tell my perps to go fuck themselves, because, maybe this abuse has a bunch of factions. That's what some TI's think. I figured it was one faction directing the whole thing. I'm not sure. In any case, they had me pissed last night.

They must require us to vocalize. Not sure why that would be, or why they need dumb gangstalking assholes muttering insults. Well, the insults are actually well-planned by the perps, and are tied to whatever theme they have going. These people here in this little town would never have the smarts to dream all of this up: I figured they're just sheeple, doing what the perps tell them.

And I've noticed there was a full moon the past two nights. This past week was pretty sad and miserable for me, and I was surprised there WAS a full moon. But I wasn't surprised. There were some freaky things happening all week.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing some research on the psychic aspects of death and dying. It seems a number of people can have visions or just simply know exactly how and when they are going to die as the time approaches weeks or a couple of months.

This looks like a crazy site, but the article looks like it has some interesting info.

Quote: "This corresponds with the opinion shared by many researchers that death is merely the transition of consciousness into a different form of being, to an energetic plane of existence."

I wondered about this, because it seems the process of death and dying is a very strong psychic event, and I believe it's possible to "feel" when the end is near by getting a read on the doomed person's aura.

No wonder the perps are so berzerk over death: there must be a transfer of the material conscious to a purely energetic realm somewhere. I'm sure the perps want to detect the exact moment when the "soul departs", so to speak, like when exactly does the consciousness part from the body?

Quote: "According to Eastern beliefs, a person is a being consisting of both thick and thin matter. Thick matter forms the physical body of a person. Thin matter makes up one’s spiritual nature, in particular, the thin body, invisible through normal vision, forming the unique covering of the soul. Death is nothing other than a separating of the thin body from the physical. The thin body has its own aura which clairvoyants are able to see. Radiation emanating from this aura allows one to diagnose the state of a person’s health. Aura diagnosis has long been used in extrasensory healing. People who have astral vision can predict a person’s death from their aura. "

"All spiritual teaching talks of the continuation of life after death. The aura which disappears before death, like any type of cosmic matter, does not decompose without trace in space. Together with a person’s energy complex (the thin body), it carries over into the other world all information about a dying creature, in other words, its consciousness. It is only the physical body that dies, consciousness continues to exist as a cloud of energy. Radioactive emissions from biological tissues at the moment of death seemingly give the thin body one final jolt, sending a person’s immortal soul into Outer Space. "

Again, this "cloud of energy" that is left over from a dead person would surely be of intense perp research interest. I'm sure they want to determine how a person's psyche becomes pure energy after leaving the physical realm.

Anonymous said...

Here is an example:

It seems logical that this might be the case with a lot of people who would meet an unfortunate untimely death in the near future. Interesting that in his dream, he was the deceased, yet was apart from his own physical body. He had to ask who the deceased was lying in the casket, yet it was him, but he was still able to navigate the room as the subject and talk with people.

I'll bet that's why perps like to hound targets to death: to see if they can premonition on their own death like this.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm wondering how...

I would play it straight, and not verbally identify them as "perps", as this serves as a further entre for more conversation in my experience. But creepy vehicle stalking, coming back to ask the same question, which if more than twice, would be cause to call the cops, with licence plate number. (LOL, they supplying the licence plate number on request.)

Vocalizations create vibrations in vocal cords, ones head/brain, and the surrounding air, all of which they want to correlate (it seems) with other concurrent energetic activities like masers, plasma beams, outside noises, thoughts (often arranged for that very moment with a sudden influx of an unrelated notion), physical activity, digestive processes, location, posture, EMF activity, lighting and colors plus a few other vital mega-parameters I likely "forgot".

All of the above relate to energetic ether interactions, and they use these to discern more information about one's thoughts, and also psychic energies at that moment. And even global gravitic measures come into play as a mega-parameter, the state of the moon as you mention. I sometimes get hammered on full moons, though in this case, they have also arranged for me to come back from a road trip, an exasperating one of course, which invites extra harassment too.

How they arrange all this, from thoughts to concurrent events and the scripted gangstalkers is beyond me, but in my eight year experience they have only become better, and have the "coincidences" and their perp interactions timed to the microsecond. It is all very curious, and some have suggested extra "dimensionality", e.g. InTwoWorlds. Could well be.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been doing some research...

Profund and fascinating; it fits the pattern of what the perps are after and their methods, including arranged disasters and deaths IMHO. Which would include all life, plant matter per their interest in composting where green plant matter is transformed to compost by fungal activity. And too, this explains why they are all over me when having me do weeding and pruning (of live plants). Thanks for the URL and comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here is an example...

One doesn't know if the dreams were planted of course, or were a genuine psychic experience. Suffice to say, the perps would of been watching intently in either case. I suspect that the instant the perps decide to nix someone, TI or other innocent, that there is a psychic reaction, and they are attempting to be able to remotely detect this and isolate it from other concurrent psychic awareness.

They put me through ten percieved near death experiences (along with planting the "reactions" of this to the arranged threat) in the way beserk days of 2002 to 2003. And even a funeral which I thought at the time was real, though it could of been a mock event. Ms. C who lived in Everett, WA, my thought-to-be girlfriend's mother died. The border patrol had refused me entry into the US a month prior for an unrelated reason, and then a month later, they let me into the US see her and attend the funeral. A few weeks later, they refused me entry again, this time with their guns drawn for no genuine reason. Funny how the funeral "happened" between two refusals of admission to the US for spurious reasons that didn't make any sense at the time.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking that a recently deceased person still has a life force surrounding him or her, and perhaps it takes a number of days or weeks to completely die off. The moment of death itself, there must be something very energetic happening like that, like a huge spike in psychic energy, that lasts for only a short time (on the order of fractions of a second). I'm thinking the perps want to "see" that. Maybe it could be akin to gamma ray burst of life energy.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been thinking that...

I strongly suspect the perps are attempting to quantify the universal life force by remote means, hence their totally rabid focus on TI's. A number of disasters have struck where there are slow deaths, over days, designed to slow down this energetic spike upon death. One "sensitive" TI, a healer, got nixed by way of a car accident and died two days later in hospital as one example. Another was a Greek 737 that had its oxygen supply shut off and no one figured it out, and everyone was asphixiated while the aircraft was careening about until it ran out of fuel. Mine disasters are another, save the recent one in Chile, where they were rescued. It is all too odd that so many of these seem interconnected.

Anonymous said...

The first time I went to a funeral, it was my grandfather's, when I was 11. I was looking at his face, and hoping it was fake, i.e., he was just sleeping, making it look like a death.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. The funeral guys were saying "I think they did a really good job on him", which I think is an odd thing to say. I know he means the prep of the body for display, but at that young age, I figured it could also mean he was asleep and faking.

But that was long before they targeted me overtly. That was a very tough event for me. Tough year I will never forget. Had a few friends from high school that died when I was 18, 7 years later. Quite a few.

Of course, the perps seem very interested in the grieving process, and how TI's "heal" and deal with the deaths. For some reason, the bastards just jabbed me in the nuts when I posted this last paragraph. What, they want to jab me in the nuts, because I suffered tragic losses?

That could be why the perps wanted you to attend the funeral: they wanted you to be exposed to a deceased body, and to see how you deal with the "ordeal" of having experienced a death in the coming months. That could explain why the perps kept you out, except for the funeral event. Experiencing death and grief is huge for the perps.

AJH said...

Answer to: The first time I went to a...

The perps certainly want me exposed to death, even my own per the ten percieved near death experiences they put me through in 2002-2003. And it could be just news stories, or just a text only news piece, nothing gory. Even when reading obituaries I get a jab in the nuts, a planted noise in my mouth or some such perturbation. There is something fundamental about death they want to know about, but I cannot seem to get a read on what it is, they keeping me in the FUD zone.