Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brown Board on Bus

Same time of day, half or less than yesterday on the homebound city bus. Still a freakshow, with the Crotch Dude in the rear corner seat, legs spread at 90 degrees and each one taking two more seats. I have never seen anything so fucking rude on a city bus before, but I am sure there will be something. Then the red dressed arranged themsleves around me, with a certifiable wacko next to me, moving his hands around his face like he was on a telephone and talking to himself. I wanted to get off the bus early, but lo, if the ramp didn't hang up and the driver spend five minutes pissing with it. All to keep me standing for longer at the rear exit after vacating my seat some 6' away, the wacko still at work. Other freaks of the Unfavored were skinheads, dreadlocks on a Caucasian female (still disgusting), and at least one Fat Girl. And a Fellow Traveller too, a gangstalker who gets on and off at the same bus stops as I do on a single trip. He was another one of those who "happpen" to be sauntering along when the bus arrives and board it without missing a step.

But the most blantant color games were the two women opposite, one with a 2'x1.5' cork board in her lap, framed with wood and backed with some kind of building board that was arranged to dump brown fibers on her black pants. Next to her was a woman in a scarlet red long jacket, a little overdressed to be sure, though it is a cold spring. And two seats away was the one-soiled-knee-dude. He had managed to pack a 1/8" thick wad of dirt on one knee of his brown pants. Having spent the latter part of the day working on farm land, and inexplicably getting some deeper black soil on my pants even when protected by rain gear, I am sure it was all about the dirt, and respective degrees of browness. And how anyone gets one knee wadded up with dirt in a 6"x3" patch and no other dirt on them defies conventional thinking.

A dental appointment for cleaning in the morning, getting the almost-blonde woman dental hygienist to scrape away at my teeth for 40 minutes or so. At the end, she talks to me for a few minutes with her mask on, and then takes it off for some kind of delayed reveal games that I am all too familar with. I have never seen so many twits covering their faces in my presence since the harassment began in 2002. But, the surgical mask is the best cover story of the whole deal, and so one has to play along.

And I got two new kinds of stun-outs "happen" today, that never have occured before. When waiting for the homebound bus after the dental appointment I spotted it two blocks away and was of course, more vigilant in waiting for it to arrive. Except that somehow, the perps stunned me out, and then plant the notion of that I forgot to track it, then remind me to do so, and lo, if it wasn't sitting at the adjacent traffic light. Had I not moved out of the bus shelter, and inadvertenly toward someone who was passing by on the sidewalk in the way, (likely scaring them initially just like the assholes do to me all the time I am out in public), the bus would of blown by.

Then when preparing to get ready for my stop, the perps stunned me out again and had me not even knowing, or wanting to know, where the bus was. And lo, if it hadn't been stopped at the traffic light immediately before the stop, I would of been fucked into missing it.

The perps substantially cut down on the abuse level when I got back compared to yesterday (see posting), though they still screwed me for sending me up to the seventh floor to get my laundry done.

Early bed times now, and short evenings too, as it takes 2 hours after leaving work to get back to free availible time after doing laundry etc.

One interesting change-up for the day was to shave with a black plastic insert body instead of the mid-grey colored Gillette Excel razor inserts I have faithfully (har, har) used for the past 20 years. I suppose this is why they had me run out, and only find that the second string black razor inserts were availible this morning. There has been far too many "forgets" in the past week, especially around running out of supplies. Onto dreamland, and hopefully without the vivid ones last night; being on the moon (somehow without space suits) and in an IT situation.


Anonymous said...

Something bizarre today while at the mall. This one woman (purportedly) had a son who got just in the mall. She kept rushing around, and frantically calling his name out loud. She would grab strangers and ask if they'd seen her son. It's weird that she clearly saw me walking parallel to me on the other side, and she was walking at an identical speed to me, yet she looked right through me, like she didn't notice me. Yet she was looking right at me. Interesting how she was asking every person there, employee, security guard, shopper, walker, etc., except for me. This is odd, because I was obviously there walking around the mall for a good while, and at a good speed. So it's most odd that she didn't consider me a candidate to help find her son.

Well, she kept yelling his name every 5 seconds or so. Interesting how everyone kind of blew her off. I'm thinking this could possible have been some sort of perp stunt, that is, having the woman pretend to lose her son, goes looking all over the place, yelling his name, and then, lo, he turns out to be standing at the corner somewhere.

It would be unfortunate had she really lost her son, but now I'm thinking it was a staged event. So interesting she never even thought of approaching me to help look for her boy, and even looked right at me, and looked at me as though nothing crucial was happening. Staged all the way, I think.

I did get lost at another mall close by as a small child, so I believe this was a re-enaction of my mom frantically looking for me and calling my name. I never knew she was frantically looking for me: I just realized both my parents were gone, and I did panic. But I went back into Penney's, and told one of the workers my predicament, and they said to stay there while they sent out for help. I believe this could be a way for the perps to convey to me that my mom was searching for me in this exact manner, unbeknownst to me, as I was safely in Penney's until she found me.

And it was called Penney's back then instead of JCPenney.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say her son got lost in the mall, not got just. And I chatted with one store employee while buying some socks, and it was odd she was talking about some random unclear thing. Something about setting off the sprinkler system in some ambiguous place, and having water flood the place. I think she just was instructed to talk about floods, and she worked in the sprinkler story. Interesting how a worker bumping into one sprinkler valve is supposed to set off the entire system.

Another perp blabbering about nothing in particular.

AJH said...

Answer to: Something bizarre today...

If that lost kid stunt "happened" to me I would say it was a total orchestration with the bonus of the woman touching so many people (perps love to do that), not to mention an excuse to stare at you. Only you can judge the degree of stunts going on for you and their coincidence level. For me, everything is scripted and orchestrated. Thanks for the comments.