Saturday, May 07, 2011

Noise Combinations

A duo of noises are combining and both strangely getting through my earmuffs. An overhead drumming or thumping that seems music related, and a low hooting noise from outside that seems to be randomized, though averaging 1x/second. Then they both stop at the same moment, and restart together. Now how can that be anything but arranged?

Reading about wines and winemaking in the Okanagan has got me some tapping noises on the other side of this wall. Yet again, ever since this insane abuse erupted in 2002, I have endless events of faux neighbors tapping on their walls. Not to mention the more inexplicable events of overhead tapping that then slowly travels down the wall to the adjacent faux neighbor. That takes at least two cooperating neighbors, har, har, so how can that be anything but orchestrated? Same conclusion as above; interesting that I had a meal in between.

And a fraught one it was, making quesadillas from scratch, having one quarter slice that then feeds me for three more meals. At least ten rage-ifcations over the usual provocations of sending me to the wrong cupboard/drawer for an items, mysterious slopping of coconut oil splatter on the stove top when it is a solid substance at room temperature so how did that happen?, then crumb arrivals of no ostensible cause, and a few more for which I am not allowed to recall. One other, the faux new upstairs neighbors have consistently made noise the same as the old ones, the seeming transition on or about May 01, witnessed when forced upstairs to use their dryer. And today, they again situated the overhead rumbling noise over me in the kitchen, and for the first time since the putative move in, the overhead squeaking wheel noise erupted. Which is to say, someone seems to be wheeling around a squeaky wheeled safe or other heavy object exactly overhead of where I am in this apartment, and has this same habit as the last putative overhead tenants. Big joke that. And like the former tenants, har, har, they also situated this noise over me when in the bathroom shaving, another high perp interest event, even if it is every day almost and full frontal coverage. Not to mention they also inflicted at least four blood letting lesions, which are not nicks as they are round and are never felt. One was at least 1/8" deep and required extra steptic pencil time to abate, and these protracted lesion abatements seem to be increasing. One reason seems to be that depending which side it is on, and almost always in my abdominal region, my hand that is applying the steptic pencil may obstruct my view of my genitals for a short time until the wound is staunched. And this seems to be important for the assholes, getting more "dick tour" time as I have come to call it. Another supporting stunt is for them to plant the image of my dick in my peripherial vision when it shouldn't be there at all, especially when looking forward. They like to noisestalk these events too, and this morning's nonsense they brought on overhead seems to point to the fact that they wanted extra noise for this extra deep lesion with its protracted staunching time with the steptic pencil. Such are the perverse vagaries of having insane and abusive assholes on top of one's every move/thought.

A round of screaming at the assholes after three rounds of overhead pounding noise erupted while cleaning the dishes from tea and chocolate. The perps go beserk with stunts and noise when cleaning the dishes, and when there is a small amount I clean them with the faucet water running. It is likely clear to TI's that the perps love to arrange events with running water, and add extra noise at that moment. Which includes urination of course, with the added perp attractant of yellow color. And all the running water noise has changed over the last few months. When water falls a longer distance, say 10' or more, it makes a crackling noise more than a splashing noise. And lo, if all the water and pee noises haven't been incrementally altered to have a crackling noise, even if dropping 12" or less.

More overhead pounding as I look over online job sites, and bookmark a few promising ones. This is the first time I have looked at these sites in the daytime in months. I could never figure out why I wasn't allowed to get on with this when I had the availible time. It seems to be some kind of exercise that like everything else, has some kind of non-conventional association with light sources. Go figure.

Science time;
And where is the seat of psychic energies and activities? Some say it is in the amygdala portion of the brain where emotions are processed. And here is a new study which uses a MRI to detect where in the brain one detects improvisation among musicians. Another name for a novel sound, and could it be the same reason that I get inundated with novel sounds when something routine is happening? The assholes allowed me to find this a few days ago, and are pounding the ceiling overhead as I type this up, so it must be important to them, and even describe what they are up to.
If a melody is perceived as being more difficult to predict, for example, because of fluctuations in loudness and timing, stronger activity is most likely to be elicited in this specialised network.
For melody insert "noise", and of course "stronger activity" in the amygdala means something that would be more detectable by remote means.

And after studying snails's neural cells in a dish it seems that researchers are looking to reduce or delete traumatization associations. Well, isn't that a good excuse for messing with someone's head? But if they can delete 99% of my recall from age 2 to 5, it shows that even regular non-traumatic memories can be deleted forwith. But it is the subconscious traumatization associations, not their recollection, that the perps seem to be working on.

Hence some of this morning's hijinx when making a run to the LD store when they fucked me out of recalling that my Rx needed to be picked up yesterday. All to extend their play games of having me go two successive days with no yellow medications, typically a Monday when I return from the First Feral Family stayover. This week, I stayed there Monday, and then Thursday night, missing Friday's (yesterday) Rx as they always screw me out of taking any there. So, with a recall deletion over getting it yesterday when I was sitting around all afternoon, they remind me of it this morning, after the usual intake time after shaving and dental hygiene. Maybe that is why they pounded overhead when I was in the bathroom.

Back to subconscious traumatization gangstalkers; first there was the lost construction workers when outbound, three of them seemingly unattached to any local job, one with a backwards hardhat on. The one with the limp jaywalked (go figure), took his time to spit in mid-street, and then at the curb did his bend-over, ass facing me from 10' away. A vehicle pased in between and then the able-bodied two began to jaywalk, though the traffic signal change and I got to cross paths with them in mid-street. And have I mentioned how often the perps do spinal stretches, most notably bend-overs? Many times, and many strange circumstances. One step from the "crapping position" they sometimes do in public, though pants on so far.

Then to the LD store and the bearded dude arrives ahead of me, who turned out to loiter around 2' from me when picking up the Milka chocolate they sometimes have there. The Fuckwit stopped right behind me, back facing me, all for the moment of being there when I picked up the lavender colored wrapped chocolate. The granny stalker was doing her loitering 4' away, and an aisle constricting display was exactly behind me. The bearded Fuckwit went on to do at least three more gangstalking reprises, almost sending me to the cloistered computer section to get him out of my sight.

Once outside, why, the Phillipino woman in white pants comes running around the corner for no concievable reason, as the store had just opened so WTF? I get many running Fuckwits as previously blogged, and I can only assume it is to increase energetic interaction, such as swiping a magnet past a copper coil; the faster and closer it is, the more electrical current is generated. And I have mentioned that I seem to be contained in a densified magnetic field, measured at over 1600 Gauss in 2009. (Over 180 Gauss in 12-2002). And too, the sight of white pants is particular perturbing of late, so maybe this gangstalker was there to mix up the Unfavoreds into and onto a single body; brown skin, white pants. It is unlikely that there were such when the perps applied what I suspect was unrestrained abuse during thoe memory deleted years, aged 2 to 5, 1956 to 1959. The theme of the Unfavoreds and their supporting gangstalker comportment and props is that it was clinical (hence white colors, wheelchairs), it was military (faux soldiers in town, sometimes consistently like after yoga class for 8 months), and clerical (round collars, nun habit look, earflapped hats). Though, I suspect there more to it, and the clanging and pounding noise that erupted while typing the above mention of "clinical" suggests the Fuckwits are attempting to deleter their own trail of subconscious wreckage they inflicted upon me.

And to complete the gangstalker-light outing to LD, was a wheelchair act in the apartment lobby, and lo, when about to go around it, why, the elevator opened up and a bicycle wheel was revealed of a about the same diameter and tire size. So, the Fuckwit must of been sitting in there for a while as I would of expected the elevator on "M" would of opened sooner. The skit seemed to be about revealing a wheelchair act, and having me go around it, only to reveal a wheelchair-like portion, to then discourage me from taking the elevator and go around the obstructing wheelchair act again.

Nothing like a whiff of ionizing radiation blowing around the world to aid the perp's games in their pursuit of the holy grail, which includes the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) ordnance in Afganistan and Iraq. But that wasn't enough, or was deemed to be a new baseline, so they added some more, by way of a nuclear plant disaster, the one playing out in Japan called Fukushima. That is a tad presumptive and cynical to be sure, but it does make me wonder what the nuclear industry is all about when it is founded and sustained by lies as to how safe it is, and in the event of an accident, how they minimize the amount of radioactive release. So here we have some video that won't show on my PC, but maybe it will for you, detailing Fukushima as the "greatest cover-up of all time". No, I don't think so, as we don't know what happened at Three Mile Island, and ditto for Chernobyl. In the latter case, there is huge variance as to how many suffered from it.

And just when the populace is inculcated with ionizing radiation from Japan, why, we got ourselves another nuclear substance accident in the USA, which "happened" just as the Missisippi floods disaster was unfolding, All the better to send the tritium to more places says me, the caustic cynic. And lo, if they didn't start up the overhead pounding noise when I linked to that one. More galling reports in the links to this web page. Funny, how they don't get reported much, and Fukushima has dropped off the world media attention span. And the EPA measures only iodine 131, not other radioactive forms and not cesium which has a substantially longer half-life. Go figure.

One more link, this time on Morgellon's; a decent article on it from the Guardian, and to me, showing the medical profession to be cowed-clowns, with a few exceptions, if they suggest this is a psychiatric condition. This completes today's disgust and contempt for the "authorities" attempting to claim scienfic credibility. Interesting that it took such concerted high level political intervention to get the Center for Disease Control to get off their ass and do something. Some 12,000 patients of an unknown disease is serious IMHO. My past ramblings on this topic have suggested Morgellon's Disease maybe some form of remotely applied nonconsensual human experimentation, as these fibers can readily transmit light if they are the same ones (brownish in my case), that I have come to see materializing from nowhere and poking out of walls and vehicle parts. Thankfully, not out of me, or at least, not that I know of. But I do know of a party that likes to flash light at me all the time, and maybe they want to flash light a little deeper into some of their subjects. Just speculation of course.

And no, I am quite sure that the Morgellon's sufferers do NOT want to hang with us TI's, ('cause we are crazy, right?) but maybe the CDC will arrive at some kind of conventional scientific rationalization/cause, and launch a new field of invasive disease research. I still think Morgellon's is a remotely applied and monitored conditon and that the sufferers are also subjects of a very large nonconsensual human experimentation experiment. And have I lost all credibility when I suggest, as I have in the past, that even war injuries and deaths are of the same cloth? I better quit while I am ahead.

A screaming reaction to getting zapped while reading about data protection hardware. Hardly the stuff of intrigue, but like I say, everything is under study. And a simultaneously tapping sound with the zap, as if the floor upstairs isn't carpeted for some reason. And as part of the entire electrical EMF equation, I was listening to the Baltimore Consort with my headphones on. I expect the phone to ring any moment too.

Starting farm work tomorrow, so the blogging quantity will diminish, and no posting tomorrow. Earlier, yet more noise as I moved from desk to kitchen, and again to the table for tea and chocolate. Another round of noise when I settled down again at my desk and got into reading about Oppo universal (all formats) players. I sense that someone is spending, or attempting to, my money before I get it. No audiophile indulgences on farm work wages.

An insane morning of at least 50 screamings or yellings at the assholes over crumb inundations, fake touches, finger fumbling, splatter from nowhere, drops hopping out of containers, animated dust from nowhere in my face, lint on my work pants and on the face cloth and countless other abusive incursions.

This, after keeping me awake for over 3.5 hours after going to bed at 2300h, and maybe longer as they like to plant the ideation that I didn't get any sleep. And relentless noise when in bed, loud mufflered vehicles, motorcycles, even heavy duty truck noise at 0100h or later. Plenty of color plasma games when my eyelids were closed, usually fugly colors or fugly color combinations. Once my eyes were opened to put an end to that abuse, they flashed plasma lights at me from the room, usually red lineal ones. And they got me up an hour earlier just to give me more abuse time, and now this LCD and the plasmic games that come off it as in readying me for my first farm work day today. And they went through all their ideation themes they are keeping current, some have been going on for eight years now, most notably the wife-to-be scenarios that are plain absurd. As stated many times, I want to be left alone and free from the swarms of quislings, abettors, operatives and the entire collection of psychopathis assholes. Once over, the first two questions I have are: where is the money and where are a couple of thousand assholes tied up to deal with the justice component.

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