Friday, May 06, 2011

Resume Re-writes

More resume re-writes per my meeting with the employment counsellor this morning. Mostly niggling things, and I suppose a way to keep this exercise in play for longer, as it seems to be a big perp deal. The job applications slowed down this week, starting with not finding many.

This followed a rare Thursday night stayover at the First Feral Family house as I stayed after the landscape weeding to see the documentary on Joan Baez, "How Sweet The Sound". And I got to see the ridiculous hockey game between Vancouver and Nashville, game four of the series. It was almost as if it were staged; Vancouver gives the puck away 6x or more in the early third period and Nashville finally scores to tie the game. Then later with Nashville a man short due to a penalty call, Vancouver cranks up a play they haven't used to then get a go-ahead goal from Ryan Kesler, who made a superlative effort. After that, it was shutdown time again, the Vancouver Canucks not threatening too much. I am sure the perps like me to notice these oddities of sports events, where one team intentionally plays lazy, only to exert enough effort to stay one goal ahead. Once, after a live game between Vancouver and Montreal (my fave), I mentioned  that the latter was backing off and not doing much, like they intentionaly threw the game to lose. This was said to the ex and her son and they both went very quiet and did not engage in any kind of analysis of the game. Now I know, why this particular observation went nowhere; it was a forbidden topic or else it was one of these perp games that is all to familiar; have me talk about something recent or topical and then have the other party go strangely dead quiet; abrupts conversation cessation. Know that all too well since this harassment started, as it has increased, right from the get-go in 04-2002.

[Rounds of overhead pounding of the 12" ceiling floor above continue while I typed the above paragraph and look up the link after getting screwed with other blocked links].

Another add to the conpiracy list maybe, that professional sports is rigged by way of perp action-at-a-distance technologies along with unhealthy amounts of remotely applied mind invasive technologies to complement the telekinesis fuckery? Maybe, but don't expect me to elaborate on this to any extent, as I don't like to get into conspiracy talk here in public. Though, I also thought it was interesting that the TI's I met last summer were unusually reticent to talk about such matters. They avoided much more than they explained it seemed to me.

So anyhow, I got a 0830h bus into downtown, this time travelling with the commute crowd who were no more numerous than the reverse commute crowd in the evenings, 1700h to 1800h. Very curious that, though without the semi-vagrants and freaks mostly, getting some relief. I got plenty of Asian gangstalkers around me while on the bus, complemented it seemed by a significant increase of light brown metallic tan colored vehicles. I suppose this was timed as an overnight stay after doing weeding for three hours in the afternoon. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to arrange me to go on the bus after this, as well as the coordinated and consistent noise games that go on while weeding? At least 100x or more.

And it seems that the perps like to use their props more too; having someone with paper and with a LCD on a phone or netbook. They cannot get enough of these around me it seems, and even stepping out the front door will get me an "envelope stalker", a Fuckwit bearing an envelope and of course, nowhere near a post office. But it seems that grass clippings were also important this morning; arranging them for me to step on in the street, and at least four drive-bys of the incessant landscape service vehicles and trailers. Not that I cut grass yesterday, but I did weed out grasses from their encroachment in the garden beds. Funny how they like to have their landscape gardening props all over me, and it was one of the first consistent and bizarre themes I noticed when the perps first went beserk/overt in 2002.

Are Rachael O and I the onlhy TI bloggers, or am I getting my web browsing constrained? It seems that more TI's are stopping blogging when they had interesting stories to relate, and now it is just us two in English. Send me some new TI blogging links if you know of some.

And what is going on with my PC where a directory name got changed on me? That screwed up the backups for number of weeks, and now they work. I cannot believe the stupid insane sabotage that goes on for seeming pointless games.

And what is with these gangstalkers on the street who come directly at me, starting with the fact that they are in LH drive mode, a curious habit that has sprung up since the harassment started. Now, not only do they like to pass by close when there is all manner of room, but now "decide" to divert toward me. The latest stunt was on the crosswalk, and the dude only left me 2' of room inside the crosswalk, and then diverts, causing me to cross onto the crosswalk line just to stay out of personal space encroachment range. As usual, the Fuckwit pretends not to notice.

Ditto this morning with this clown in a beret who dithers at the cross walk facing E. then "decides" to cross, turning N. and manages to pull this off by extreme LH drive mode, so the easiest/scripted move I had was to have him cross on my R side. I looked at him to make sure he was all there, and to add to my freak library (recall), and I get this Fuckwit staring back at me. Not only was he acting like a total twit, he then puts on the staring act.

 And lo, if I didn't get a call to re-start farm work in two days. And seemingly, they never got my resume in response to their ad, and it was only by way of mention of a former co-worker that they learned that I was looking. All too dubious to me; they could of phoned me before they placed the ad because I had a good work record with them as was even asked if it was OK that I be on the phone list. Then, he might of sounded less surprised than he did as presumably he would of already known from the co-worker that I had sent my resume in. In two days time, I return to plant strawberries for the next week. And as mentioned, I have been getting plenty of noise stalking when I am planting plants at the First Feral Family house, so I reckon this is an extension of the same. Getting paid work would be good, but as per past history, the perps won't let this gig run for too long. They cut me off at two months of berry picking last year, so who knows what the grand plan is.

A troll through tool review sites, and it seems the perps like me doing this if the onset of overhead pounding, buzzy feet and shivers down my spine is anything to go by. Yessir, they have me need-a-Dremel mode for months now, and maybe with a paying job it will be consumated, complete with FFF present at the moment of sale. The perps do have an abiding interest in creating the "need", having me go through many iterations of research, and then have me procure the item. Any step along the way will be sabotaged with web pages that won't display, bookmarks that disappear, prices that change, new facts about the wisdom of the selected item, and so it goes, one long protracted aquisition exercise that can go on for even years, albeit in off-on mode. They got me cranked up by the Bosch Oscillating Multi-tool, and especially when seeing a video of it doing plunge cutting and cut-off cuts. And links to the Bosch site were viewed for more drool time. Then, while trolling through the remainder of the tool sites, why, more multi-tool oscillators were shown, some as giveaways, and they even put the Milwaukee version into the mix too. So..., as I type this up, more street noise and now more overhead pounding. And so it goes, this protracted hassle/exercise of aquisition for which they have a near beserk interest in, which includes fomenting it, sabotaging and protracting it. This too shall pass, as I don't have a pressing demand to be the home handyman again, having been fucked out of that by way of moves, work obstructions and divorce. But for some sicko, this is just the most exciting thing going. Go figure.

More over head pounding and hammering noise with an added low noted flute noise, the fake noise applied to when it is windy out and this is "from" the wind getting through the sliding glass door seal. And note, the "seal" is adhesive tape in keeping with the perps' preoccupation over that substance and its applications and alternate forms. The stickers on fruit are an example, and I see my kiwi fruit now comes with stickers on each one, when they didn't before from the same source. These are a package of a pound, and I have been eating them from the same source and packaging for over three years now, and never had any of those infernal stickers on the kiwi fruit. As of a month ago, they decided that each kiwi fruit needed to have a small sticker on it. Who knew that the entire fruit sticker nonsense was perp governed over their nonconsensual human experimentation subproject over freaking fruit stickers? A more elevated perception is that it has something to do with gluten, and it being ingested and its immune system perturbance, gluten being a common constituent of glue. And they do make sure that I remain mostly gluten free, save when I visit the FFF and pig out on cakes and buns.

Some job looking tonight, and resisting the temptation to pack it all up and go work in the oil fields, the perps favorite planted vocational obsession for me. It is not very doable with no vehicle and no experience, never mind being a province away from the action. Besides, with their long history of sabotage I can see that being nothing but another financial hole in the ground I would need to dig myself out of. Even this berry picking job has been crimped down to a month in the first year I began the job. This year, if it repeats, will be the third year in succession they have me picking red fruit in order to play along with their red color games. And I see my mother is already purchasing strawberries from Mexico, so that suggests it is going to be berry picking again this summer. We are a long way from vocational freedom if I am reading this right.

Enough speculation for now, and to blog off for the day.


Anonymous said...

I believe you nailed it... pro sports is yet another arena for perp invasion. I have seen cases where my favored team, college football, gets the first down, yet the ref will claim the carrier was short of the sticks. Or they will try to kill the momentum of my favored team by having the opposing team by obviously short of the sticks, the proof is there when they measure. There is an inch short of the first down marker, yet the ref signals first down for the unfavored team. My team gets some momentum sucked out and winds up losing. Yet another case, the receiver was in bounds, yet was ruled out by the refs, and the team was forced to punt. The game went to overtime, and my team eventually lost. Another time, there was pass interference by the other team, yet they didn't didn't flagged, which would have given my team a first down, and a chance to win the game with time winding down.

Another case is the Stanley Cup playoffs. My team was up in the series 3-1, yet wound up 3-3, playing on home ice, and going quietly 1-0 the last game, losing the series. I believe my team was deliberately losing games to make things more "tense", and thought they could win the last game. But the gamble didn't pay off. Or maybe that was the deal: to lose the game, with the cover that two most important players were out with injuries, and a third was suspended.

Anonymous said...

One thing the perps love to do, is when I find some women I find interesting, sexy, or whatever in some way, they will plant notions that they are ugly in some way. They will make me question my interest in them, by presenting some doppels of them, that aren't very good looking, along with the planted notion that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I'm not sure what they are on to here, but it seems they are doing experimentation in killing off my interest in certain women.

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe you nailed it...

I believe that sports is a rich vein of perp intrigue, and especially when in the public eye as professional sports is. My own sports experiences, strictly (very) amateur and are of retrospective interest. One hockey tournament had me about to bang the puck in the net when the buzzer went off for end of period. Another, when watching the ex's boy play soccer, about 10 y.o. he was, when his team scored a goal, clearly 2' past the goal line and the opposing players, with the goaltender out of position, kept playing the ball and carried it out of the net. As parents, we cheered the goal, but were astounded and then irate that the ref didn't call it, and was way out of position in the first place. Later when confronting the ref he seemed contrite but wasn't going to explain anything. If one accepts the premise that every significant event in my life has been arranged, one has to wonder what the perps were striving for when they arranged these "almost goals", one thwarted, the other not called. That in conjunction with much of the ongoing harassment seems to point to some kind of psychic signature for expectation, anticipation and/or acceptance. As part of this, why do the perps set up so many stunts where I go to get a specific item and they are out of it, with a gangstalker right there? Like today, I needed Pears soap, and I went to the location where it was, after first observing the aisle end bins to see none on sale, and then when at the normal shelf location, and 1' from a gangstalker/loiterer, I see there is none on the shelf. Same deal with Neutrogena Deep Clean two months ago (never out of stock before), when I make only 2 or 3 purchases a year; the out-of-stock stunt took me to LD three times in two locations, the new Walmart once, and at least two more stores/locations, getting skunked each time. The Walmart stunt was with my perp-abetting mother, and other gangstalkers hanging around per usual. The number of out-of-stock stunts probably number over 500 since this abuse began in 2002, when one includes the online games too. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Ah, WalMart again. It seems the perps have put considerable effort in getting me to consider shopping at the regional shopping mall instead of going to Wal Mart. For example, I had gone to Sears inside the mall, instead of Best Buy or Wal Mart, where I normally would buy computer peripherals, to buy an SD card. And it was only $13 for an 8GB SDHC card, made by Sony. It seems the perps would want me to go to the mall instead of Wal Mart, because there are more shops, and a larger variety of employees and people to interact with there. I'm not sure if they influenced me directly to go to Sears and get the SD card, but it was definitely an indirect route. I have been getting these ideations lately that Wal Mart and Best Buy are "evil", and that I should support the local shopping mall instead. Funny how these ideations started coming on in mid-March. I'm starting to wonder if I should have gone to Sears instead of Best Buy to get my latest netbook. This Best Buy is directly situated across from the mall. They seem to have me on this whole "Big Box vs. the malls and other forms of retail" kick these days.

And at the yard sale we had, I was surprised to see a truck with "Adam Eidemiller enterprises" on it. He was the one who had the local mall developed, where I have been shopping at. Also, he was responsible for assisting with the grading work of the other mall which was built in 1965, but has since been torn down. I have been getting these notions that I can someday be responsible for a new mall that will be built in the future, like say 5 to 20 years in the future from now. This mall will be a direct "descendent" of the one which was torn down a while ago. A daughter mall, if you will. Interesting how I am supposed to pull this one off, as I am still working part-time with a meager salary. They tell me my role will be rallying community support as well as a large developer to fund its construction, and I will also do some of the engineering/design myself.

AJH said...

Answer to: One thing the perps love to do...

This is an interesting topic, attraction detection. I have been dithered on occasion when seeing a woman who I thought was attractive, but got messed with so I couldn't figure out why (face, that is). My understanding is that detection of attraction is very quick, less than 6/1000 of a second. So, it seemed on multiple occasions that I could not figure her out, as I was working at the cleaning job in the car dealerhship then. And I also get women who seem to have the features for being attractive from the side, but when seen, aren't when they present themselves. And I suppose attractive women will cause more stimulation in certain neural centers to a male. I sense the perps are attempting to deconstruct the concept of attraction into parts (yes/no being one), and are attempting to elicit a stronger neural/psychic signal by challenging your perception. I notice that the perps like to mess with me sometimes by having the babe wear off-putting lipstick, say bright red (an Unfavored color for me), and even make the red color register louder/uglier in my vision/perception than it would do ordinarily. I call this "feature valence manipulation", where they can take any feature the TI sees at that moment, say facial feature of lips, seen from any angle, and make its valence (relative importance weight) more or less than it would ordinarily be. In this example, it is likely that I have long learned that attractive women can sometimes (or purposely for TI's), overdo their lipstick and still appear attractive. And yet, the perps momentarily messed with my perception of her lips color being abhorent when in fact they were nothing of the sort. Interesting, this facial feature deconstruction exercise they are putting us through, and through and... Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Ah, WalMart again...

Not that I go there much, twice in nine years, the latter visit to their new superstore in town. I get lots of "shoulds" and options after the fact, but try to dismiss them as part of the perp retrospective bullshit stream that I routinely get, and where they like to replay scenes from years ago when it seemed they constrained what I could said at the time.

Yep, those aspirational vocational ideations, I get them all the time. It was being a forklift driver for a few years, then arborist, and now two are playing concurrently, viticulturalist assistant and oil field drilling worker. The latter has been in play on a background level for over three years, and is near fever pitch level now. Ridiculous. And all the more so when I saw a video of what they do, and the scope for perp intrusion and mayhem of devastating proportions is immense. Why would I do that job with these assholes on my back? They won't even let me pick pototatoes without jerking me around. Thanks for the comments.