Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flasbacks of Weeds

I spent the entire day weeding strawberries with a hoe today, resuming where I left off yesterday. And tonight, I am getting flashbacks, even in front of this LCD display as I type this, of the weeds in their various states of repose while weeding. I get the green dots as a replica of the tops of the weeds, looking down. The perps even did this while I was looking at the floor, replicating the fact that they were on the ground. Then when weeded with the hoe, the weeds, mostly germinants with a single stem and two cotyledens (beginner leaves) showing, lie flat with their white stems. And so I get plasmic flashbacks of white stems this evening. And underneath the weed leaves, it was a copper red color, and lo, if I don't get flashbacks from that too. And I suspect most readers know that I get routinely hounded with red colors, and copper ones especially.

So it seems that the perps want to replicate the visual appearence of each of these prominent weed colors I witnessed all day today. I suppose the intent is to see what reactions I have in this evening time light conditions, (dark now), as well as bringing on the rain tonight when it mostly held off today. And of course, being back at my apartment, the perps want to test my color reactions to the same ones seen on the farm job. I do hope it is the last time I spent weeding all day.

And as a diversion, and as part of the ongoing games as to where I sit and for how long, they brought out the plant feeding implement that gets towed behind the tractor, and it has four seats on it, side by side, and the farm worker sit in them to feed the strawberry plants into the planting machine. So.. I got to sit in the seat, next to the woman who follows me on jobs and occasionally connects for coffee, while the others loaded the trays of plants, even if frozen. The head farmer happened to come by and see that the plants were frozen and difficult to separate and cancelled the gig. He made the right decision of course, but it did seem a little farfetched that it took him to see the problem, when the others didn't, and likely had some experience with this planting implement in the past. So it seems this was an interesting perp diversion to have me sit in a seat next to someone else who has been on my tail for a year and for a limited time, no more than five minutes. And I am sure that regular readers will know how beserk the perps are as to where I sit, and for how long, and what material it is made of and what color. Hence the musical seats games on the city bus I have noted in the past.

I am getting lots of visual interference tonight, and am getting this page to appear to undulate and lift up in places and appear three dimensional to a limited degree. Nothing new there, save the frequency, as these reading surface games have been going on for a year or so, when they learned how to interfere with my depth perception at the neural level and by remote means.

The same woman who sat beside me in the planting implement (above) also gave me a ride to the local organic store and then downtown to my place. I couldn't help feel "friend stalked", knowing that the perps like to maintain stalker continuity as much as they can, and what better way than offering a ride. Of course it was a total clusterfuck of traffic out, and ordered in greyscale colors with the odd insertion of a red or copper colored vehicle. All that vehicle color action after a day of weeding similar colors.

Anyhow, that is it for today as I am bushed and will retire to something else other than this here LCD display, and all the flashbacks I am getting.

PS: Adding something; at least 20 screaming provocations of the perps this morning at 0600h. It is difficult to know what started them, though it seemed timed for the opening of a new package of small size tortillas and taking out the small package of dessicant inside. I haven't had such a fierce battle with the assholes this early for some months. The usual litany of mind-fuck abuses; forced "forgets" sending me to the wrong cupboard/drawer at least 5x, pokes and jabs on my fingertips and inside forearms at least 10x, faked noise, teleported crumb inundations, and a few others.


Anonymous said...

Now it's starting to make sense. I get the "musical chairs" games from the perps too. They love to have a person sitting in my "usual" seat, either forcing me to sit in a particular seat. And it's a different seat every night, it seems. Or maybe the person sitting in the seat is acting like a seat warmer. Maybe that's the purpose after all: to have something else sitting there before I sit down. They have a number of my favorite seats "covered" by cooperating shills. Sometimes they have some nut sitting in the rear seat, so it would appear they don't want me sitting way in the back. And they also make a huge fuss over that rear seat, making sure to have gangstalkers mention a person sitting in that back seat in a negative way, so as to mindfuck me from sitting in it.

AJH said...

Answer to: Now it's starting to make sense...

The musical chairs/seats game has been going on for some time, though of increased frequency these days. In 2009 I noted negroes were seat swapping on the city bus, one getting off and another coming on and sitting down exactly where the former negro was. (This in a semi-rural area where negroes are even more rare than the 3% demographic). Other stunts have been seating in theaters with family/friends (all perp abettors), who get the reserved seating arrangement "wrong", and eveyone moves over one or two seats when someone else comes along.

I apply the model of seat/chair energetic interactions (both color and material dependent) with one's ass, body contents, and the rest of them, and this seems to hold up.

Not related to seats, but in this case cutlery, is yesterday when my farm coworker who always eats yogurt "forgot" her spoon, and I volunteered (read, mind fuck) my folding titanium spoon/fork that I hadn't used, ever. So she got to use this spoon/fork for the first time (being in my pack for three months) that I never needed to purchase, but somehow felt the "need" for having this cool tool. And given the perps' attention to one's mouth contents, food color and type, this was likely a huge deal in their color-energy interaction studies. Thanks for the comments.