Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting a Tan

A few sunny or high cloud days in succession is a true rarity this year, and now two, and looking to be three tomorrow. This all important event, to the perps that is, has got me a tan on my face, neck and arms. Or more like, red skin, though it doesn't feel burned, and it just might have something to do with the plethora of red colored vehicles on gangstalking, as well as the red hats, red shoes and the rest of the arranged red plague.

But even wearing my Tan-Through shirt today didn't buy me anything, no tanning allowed it seems. The perps have a preoccupation with how much direct sunlight I get, and my orientation, position and the rest of it. They even arranged co-worker cluster fucks when I would change up my orientation to hoe-ing my row of strawberries, from N. facing to S. facing. I spent more than half the day planting strawberries through this reflective polyethylene row cover, and the remainder hoe-ing weeds. Such it the lot of this TI and the perps' insane covert agenda of researching my every move, thought and deed.

Plus they gave me at least ten extra pounds this winter that has yet to come off. The near week long farm work hasn't made a dent in the cummulative body weight games the perps play. They seem to like it that my pants are too tight, having pulled this stunt off three purchases in succesion. AIt used to be that big ample jeans were OK, but not now, the close fitting ones seem to be the new perp need.

I got obstructed from posting yesterday due to Blogspot going down, and today it looked to be the same thing until I logged in through the home page. I shall have a look to see what the wreckage is, and if they nixed some of my postings.

And I got an beserk email from the ex yesterday, making claims that were outrageous as to how I feel about our daughter. So..., this issue, governed from the ex from the get-go, gets dumped on me. Here she was in a position to act as a positive broker and facilitator and instead craps on me. This is the same ex that had a sudden behavior change four months before our daughter arrived, becoming an asshole, and has never let up, And as one can discern, she is still at it. Anyhow, this long quiescent arrangement where I get deprived of access to our daughter now takes a different turn. So.. this issue now has legs, and may signal a reversal in the perp managed Fuckover games in constraining meaningfull access.What this means for the bigger picture in being perp managed is beyond me, but it does signal a reversal of one of the many restrictions they put on me when they first went beserk/overt in 04-2002.

A short posting tonight as I am being kept in an tired state, the seeming influence again, assigned to being outside in the sun, with sunblock.

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