Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weeding in the Noisescape

Still weeding endless rows of strawberry plants at the farm, and have been all week. That is, with a hoe, and one they like me to sharpen periodically with attending co-workers doing the mooch-about while filing the blade. The aircraft noise is predictable; after each work break when I eat and drink fluids, water usually. The STRATCOM B-52 noise, then seaplane noise (way off course if going to Vancouver harbor), then the odd helicopter and airline jet. The latter aren't common miles south of the airport where the farm is as most of the connections to long distance travelling passenger jets are in Vancouver, which would not fly over Victoria. But some six STRATCOM B-52's in one day is ridiculous, as they are to be on an randomized routing. Or, it just may be the noise thereof, without a real aircraft up there, but either way, it is most odd that so many STRATCOM aircraft fly over me. It is quite plain the perps want a variation in aircraft cruise altitude, aircraft size, aircraft noise and type. The term refers to either  helicopters (rotary wing), where all others are called fixed wing, and it seems they need to mix this up too.

And it was a day for SPF 60 sun block when I use only SPF 15, as I "forgot" to put it in my substitute pack, as the regular pack suffered a ink leak in it, the same day I was seeding blue commercial pumpkin seeds that stained my left hand. The perps were all over me this morning when I had it outside and in use for the first time in 15 years. I see they also messed up the color and made some of it grey-ish when it was all jet black. Funny how storage will affect these modern heavy duty fabrics (ahem). I got some SPF 60 sun block from my co-worker, the only one who is Caucasian and speaks English. She has become a prominent shill it seems, even asking me out for coffee during prior non-work spells, when it turns out later she doesn't drink it much. I lent her some of my new SPF 15, the first from the bottle, so it seems the perps like to test me and others on differing SPF factors and the bottle age. Many of the daffodil bulb crew of last year wore high SPF sun block, while I stuck with the SPF 15 to get a tan. And the tanning and downstream vitamin D generation and other effects is a huge perp research topic, and especially placing co-workers around me if I take my shirt off at break time. Tanning booth activity was promoted from 2000 to 2002, even a few times after they went beserk/overt on me then, drilling me in the head with severe pain from above the last time. This throbbing noise accompanied severe head pain, also occuring in my apartment, and at work once too, back in 2002. End of tanning booths.

Though the perps did try me out at the clothing optional lake near here in 2003 and 2004, making me somewhat unfazed about it when I never would of gone before. This became a gangstalk show too, and I assume their interest in clothing colors/energies was also part of this research forum then. After that, the perps never let me get a tan until last year when the tan-through shirts were ordered and used. Now, they messed up the sage green tan-through shirt, so I only have the blue one. Again, I have no idea as to why they are so obsessed over tanning, daylight illumination and the associated clothing interaction. But nine years later, they are still at it.

Last weekend, due to the low counter and mirror in my mother's bathroom, I got to see that the perps have given me some weight gain, and it hasn't come off since doing more active farm work. In fact, I looked like one of the "Gutters", the new word for gut-struting males that constant swarm and pose around me. So... what can I do, when they sabotage my running by making me tired and fatigued in the first block? Don't know, but the perps have been very consistent about taking me off exercise over the past nine years. They won't let me run on a running machine for more than five minutes, that in 2009. They shut down yoga 02-2011, not long ago, and constantly screw me out of doing any on my own, not even for a minute.

A short post, even with plenty of news over the past few days, and maybe I will catch up when I get a two day weekend after tomorrow.

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