Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Double Appointment Shift

More disruption this morning, the assholes having me mess up the long established routine of breakfast dishes, now running every morning for some 8 years. The screwed me out of emptying the coffee carafe and rinsing it first, and instead, started me onto loading the dishes cleaning brush with soap which I never do when breakfast dishes are always done with the sink filled with water. Then the soap is added to the water, mixed in with the dishes brush, and then I proceed to do the dishes, loading them in one at a time, cleaning the item, rinsing it under the faucet that is turned on just for rinsing. The cutlery gets done first, but loaded all at once, save sharp knives. But as the harassment and noise stalking, including overhead pounding erupts nearly each time I do the dishes one can be sure this event is a hot topic for the assholes. Hence disrupting the process, and mixing in the running water cleaning method, not filling the sink, which is reserved for fewer tea-time dishes. Such are the daily slings and arrows of this infernal existence.

A new razor insert this morning, the once per week change up, and this too is of significant harassment interest, as shaving is a high Fuckover scene as past blog postings will attest. Since 2008 there has been the "need" to do a full frontal shave, and of course this presents a bigger profile to measure/assesss me. One can be sure there will be matching grey colored vehicles to the plastic razor insert once I step out, not to mention the dude flush, the shiftless semi-vagrant males that seem to cluster around me whenever I stop or egress this apartment building. And with the shaving, they had me emptying the sink after only shaving my face, which I never do. It was half full before I was allowed to know what was going on and put the plug back in. It would seem the assholes wanted a shot of face-shave water to go down the pipes by itself, separate from the chest hair shaving water.

At least 30 screamings at the assholes due to provocations of items being pulled from my hand, noises from nowhere, poked and jabbed from no see-able source, crumb arrivals from nowhere and a few more.They like to rile me up big time when coming in, and per usual, I had my dude posse in the lobby loitering around for no seeming reason, putting on another negro and not the couch dwelling negro.

Fortuneately, except for typo sabotage and noise from outside, the harassment action slowed down after that.

Two morning appointments went OK, the latter to set up yoga with the mentally disadvantaged, as they are the free yoga class providers after local yoga got cancelled. It would seem the perps want to send me to a new part of town on a regular basis, having done nearly every other direction. The attractive almost blonde counsellor was in her 40's, and lo, if the perps didn't arrange a skinheaded male outside, and directly behind her for at least 10 minutes of the 30 minute interview. This lug was putzing with the dumpster for whatever reason, and the perps fucked me into not recalling that this is their "blonde aura goodness co-opting". This is where an Unfavored demographic group member hangs about or behind (rarely in front) of a (Favored) blonde woman as some kind of spatial juxtaposition of their respective auras. This has repeated countless times over the nine years of harassment, and is one of the more perplexing questions as to what the perps are attempting to gain from this.

I had a 1030h appointment and lo, if one of the past yoga stalkers didn't arrive within a minute of me arriving for a 1100h appointment with the same counsellor. So not only has this woman covered me at two prior yoga locations, but seems to covering me today, and possibly for future yoga. I don't get it, as she only comes for two sessions or so, and then never comes again, only to show up at a new venue. And the next door halfwit who has an unerring ability to stalk me in the hallways and laundry room also "happened" to be there, and also making a point of loitering around in my presence some 10' away for no seeming purpose.

And the adjacent street was having a paving show, part of the goings on that regularly chase me all over town. There is something about asphalt  that the perps are totally obsessed over. They suggest that it has to do with the tar provenance (related to their petroleum products fixation) and that of the aggregate gravel as well. I think it is totally pathetic that the human race has been driving on asphalt for over a 100 years, and here the perps are hounding me over whatever it is about asphalt/tar that fascinates them.

Another moment of perp excitement today would of been arranging me to wear my Blacklader work pants, a light beige with black panels. Extra Fuckwits were posted on the bus in both directions, and when inbound, they had nine dudes clustered around me, a new record it would seem. On the periphery of this clusterfuck, came two or so blondes, and then some Asian females. I have never seen so many shiftless males seeming out of work and riding the Loser Cruiser, as one colleague once called the city bus. A mobile gangstalking platform is all it is.

More weeding today for the half day of farm work, weeding in the rows of the strawberries, and then the boss man came with the tractor and the cultivator implement to churn up between the rows. This seems to suggest that last year's potatoe picking machine that lifted the potatoes for which we gathered the small ones it missed, will be pressed into service again. The perps are also obsessed over soil, its genesis, color and contituents and whatever that confers to the crops that come from it. And the rototilling, rotating metal blades, churning it up seems to be part of their obsession, as is hand hoe-ing it with steel tools.

That is all the news for today, and time to blog off.

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