Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Orange Show

And what is it about orange that is the focus of perp nonsense the past few weeks, and continuing today on the city bus freakshow. The 1632h #28 bus on a Wednesday from suburbia into downtown with over 30 passengers. This is the reverse commute of course, and I have yet to fathom any conventional reason for these town-bound buses at the end of the work day are so busy, except it being a mobile gangstalking platform of freak exposition.

Such was the shoulder length kinky haired dude hugging his guitar case in a red shirt and red backpack. Only the guitar counts as a neutral feature, the remainder is all very Unfavored, especially the atrocious hair. And this same hair on a different dude (taller, unlikely a morph-over) was on show this morning in the lobby when headed out for the bus for about the 10th time in the last three months. Yes, I loathe kinky hair, brownish red to red hair colors, long haired males (regardless of race), and why am I getting constantly gangstalked with these freaks?

Another odd dude with his long hair tucked under his ballcap came with an orange plastic bag and had it sitting in view, along the sightline of the side of the bus, and no one, save the person immediately in front of me, was ever blocking that infernal plastic bag. He as at the front of the bus behind the driver, and I was in the rear on the bench seat.

I suppose part of today's orange color nonsense began after having Hob-Nobs (at least six), a cookie in an orange colored wrapping for the first time today. Normally my perp abetting mother gets a blue-purple Cadbury biscuit that has one side coated in chocolate. But as it "happens", as she claims, this kind is not found in the usual supermarkets she visits, so she got Hob-Nobs as a substitute for the first time today. And of course more orange peels seem to be left out on the streets, and expecially at street corners. This sudden eruption of public sloth couldn't have anything to do with this orange campaign of the perps could it?

And as mentioned, the hot cooked chicken meat I purchase and then keep as a supply for two weeks comes with paprika spice all over it, an orange color, and it seems this may also be fuelling the perp's sudden interest in "orange color stalking".

And I have found my supposed overhead new neighbors (har, har) to be just as active in pounding their floor to create noise from above, and exactly overhead of where I am. Regular readers will know that I contend, based on observation, that the perps seem to have emptied this apartment block of genuine tenants, as they have done for at least the three former residence locations, and possibly ones before that when living in Everett and Seattle, before they went overt/beserk nine years ago. And in fact, all the residential towers, some to 18 stories in the adjacent two blocks seem to be largely vacant of real tenants, or at least, have much fewer than normal. There are office buildings nearby, and I really couldn't say if they are occupied or not as I have never taken stock as to whether the gangstalk flux represents tenancy. Based on the news stories in the newspaper, the new office buildings, at least three, have tenants and are close to fully occupied. I am quite sure that I am being irradiated with something, and that they don't want anyone to get irradiated more than they intend, so they limit the adjacent residences. Ditto for my mother's suburban neighborhood; lots of houses with no one around and all the time. Immediately adjacent neighbors seem to come to make noise and then take off.

I did more weeding at the First Feral Family house today, always a big perp interest event. As usual, the aircraft noise comes on first, the STRATCOM B-52's, the local float plane aircraft, then private aircraft to fill in by buzzing around. Then comes the supposed hot rods, or at least in noise form, augmented with the so-called performance mufflers that are steadily getting louder by the day. After that comes lawnmowers from nearby, and then the next door adult throat clearing and coughing comes on with the later additon of children's voices.

Tonight, the perps went on with fake water noises, the overhead rumbling and clunking shile eating chocolate with my tea, and closing out with siren noises. These noises are often timed to start when I take tea or chocolate into my mouth, changing up the color contents which are all important to them as they are less than a half inch from one's brain. The noise assault continues while cleaning the dishes and then backed off. But not for long; I was in my office chair for some two minutes waiting for th ePC to boot up and then the overhead pounding (12" of concrete) starts up, and then a body zapping with a simultaneous clunk from the hallway. And have I mentioned how much I like getting zapped? Too many times to count, and enough to want to put a round in the head of the asshole who did it, every time.

The most persistent and fully formed vocational ideation theme is this revitalized oil and gas industy labor work. They started this over three years ago and now it has reached fever pitch, as they had me looking a videos last night of the drilling work. I hadn't seen it before, and I wasn't too impressed that this might be my next real job, if their planted ideations are close to prevail. And too, they also run ideations as to what it would be like to live in Alberta or like locations where the oil and gas fields are. Even to the point of shopping, which is a major endeavor if one lives in small towns, and one must travel long distances sometimes. Anyhow, I don't know where all this is going, but they did put me through this same bullshit a few years ago, though less developed, as a fork lift driver. At the time, the farm where I was working had two forklifts, but there was never any effort on their part to suggest taking training. It was a huge bullshit stunt in other words, and it went on for two years, and now they have dropped it. I suppose this latest one will pass too, and it is a matter of waiting it out.

That is about it for today, nothing too spectacular, though there is plenty abuses to which I have been habituated and "forget" to mention.


Anonymous said...

It could be that orange is halfway between yellow and red on the color spectrum. It appears that they've already tested you on reds and yellows, and now the orange, which is halfway in between the two.

AJH said...

Answer to: It could be that orange...

It could be that, though the red and yellow combination colors seem particular vivid and they like to have them clash as much as possible. I get the notion (read, planted thought) that this is related to ketchup and mustard, which seems to be related to the one time obsession of theirs over hot dogs. It might relate to the recall deletion period of subconscious traumatizations and a camp situations. Orange might be its own animal, for whatever reason. I notice my perp-abetting mother is wearing her fugly orange windbreaker these days, as if the scarlet red handbag wasn't disgusting enough. Red and orange color combinations come up too, and this might be some kind of comparative exercise. Hard to tell with three missing years as to what transpired, and what they are pursuing from then. Thanks for the comments.