Saturday, May 21, 2011

Planting and Weeding; Machine and Manual

Mostly a day of weeding by using the hoe to knock down and pull the germinant form weeds that set up like a carpet under and around the strawberry plants. This is the second time around in a week, as the first weeding efforts were defeated as a rain came on last weekend, and the knocked down weeds didn't get enough dry out time to be toasted.

And I picked up my just altered stretch cordura pants, a big patch on the rear to deal with the rip-stop nylon that not only lost its black color, but also ripped when there wasn't any appreciable wear time on them.

Then the tractor arrived with the planting implement on the back, which has four seats side by side, and a mechanism to take the hand-fed strawberry plants and insert them between an open clamp mechanism that then inserts them into the ground. Two people fill one clamping line, as these clamps come by too fast for one person to keep up. (We had a prior attempt to do this a week earlier, with me wearing a different kind of black colored work pants, but it was cancelled after I had been sitting down with everyone else examining the frozen planting stock. The farmer came along and declared no planting as it would be hopelesss with frozen plants.)

Four of the weeding personnel, me being one, got on the planting machine, and I sat next to the seat that I sat in briefly from the week before. I was wedged in between two Punjabis, and their incessant banter, even during this daunting task of loading the clamping devices for the plants, ensuring the root collar is exactly placed, and of course, oriented in the right direction. Plenty of physical contact to say the least, which included one's hands, when both of us would attempt to plant the same clamp at the same time. This was the back of the hands, contacting as we attempted to load the same clamps. Another Punjabi followed the tractor and the planting implement to fill in missed holes or re-plant if needed.

At a break in the action, coffee break (odd they didn't keep going) I get off the planting implement, and lo, if my seat didn't come off its mount. So the tractor drove off to get the seat fixed, and once resuming work, we were back to hoe-ing weeds again. About 30 min. into hoe-ing weeds, the tractor comes back and we plant some more rows to finish one side of this block. Then again after lunch, we resume hoe-ing the weeds, and some 20 minutes later the tractor comes back again for us to plant a new strip. Get the pattern?; hoe weeds, then man the planting implement behind the tractor, and repeat, three times over the day.

And have I not complained that the perps constantly hound me over where I sit and will place a Fuckwit while the seat is warm, as noted many times on the city bus.

And another feature of this day, was these useless drive-arounds while working this one block where we were hoe-ing weeds, interspersed with planting strawberry plants from the tractor implement. The Punjabi following the tractor did a "move the crew van for no reason" act; just broke off from the job, as it wasn't in the way, and he was moving it while we were seated on the implement actively planting. He later circled the farm and arrived back at the block we were planting while having a lunch break. At a coffee break, the farmer's seeming pal drove his brick red Tracker around an adjacent block for no seeming reason, and had someone else besides the farmer in the front passenger seat. Just another loitering dude from who knows where, of which there has been many on this farm.

Weeding all day, totally tedious. sunny, and the tan-through shirt was on for two days running. The perps like me to get a tan in discrete amounts, and ensure there are plenty of others around for the shirt of/on moments.

Then a shower when I got back, morphed into a hot bath to relieve cramped muscles, and then a nut shave was "needed" ; never done this twice in a week, and not in the early evening, always last thing before bed.

Some one was attempting to open my apartment door when I had the new tapenade tub in hand while in the kitchen, and was about to open it up. I call out loudly, "who is there", and the person keeps rattling the keys like they didn't hear me.Then I yell out louder and the key noise stops and a dude answers like he is peeved. LikeWTF; I reassert my request because he didn't answer the first time, and then he gets peeved. No such thing as an apology either. Bizarre.

A 3" skin rip when putting on my work pants, invoking a 20 min. rage-ficiation as the cut would not staunch even with prolonged application of a stepic pencil. I band-aided (read, fugly brown-red adhesive patch) for the part of the 3" cut that wouldn't stop. The ostensible cause was finding a sewing pin embedded in the rear seat area where is was altered. No, it wasn't the alterations tailor, it was the perps game, as they love to take blood samples, and the more the merrier. (See pic below). And when on the city bus freak show, extra packed at 0707h on a long weekend Saturday, the woman across has this dreadful hair dyed to a similar color to that of the band-aid.

They put the native Indians on me again; one beside me, another across, and a third got off in a T-shirt in the pouring rain. This was near identical to yesterday's bus ride; a native Indian beside me and another oppposite. The one beside me tailed me off the bus for a block. All that rage-fication Fuckover about the cut and bleeding, and then more of it as I was panicked to get the early bus as they are 30 minutes apart on a Saturday, instead of 5 to 10 minutes apart on weekdays.

I get to work, but the farmer says no work as the weeds will pop up again if hoed. They need at least a day to dry out depending how big they are. Some are like potatoes, having a big root mass, no doubt created by the application of past hoe-ing where the top was sheared off. The farmer gives me a ride to the bus stop, a closer route, and the #27/28 route I routinely take to/fro the First Feral Family house.

So,.. getting to another favorite perp jearkaround event, laundry when I get back. After an hour I check on the dryer and lo, if they didn't screw me again, pulling the hot laundry/steaming wet stunt again. A week ago I had the same problem for two loads in succession, and then took the laundry to the seventh floor, one higher. Once back down I phone the acting manager, and he says he will look into it. I get a call five minutes later, and he said it was the setting on the dryer, and then asks me if it was my laundry in the seventh floor dryer, and I tell him it is. Then he make the claim that it is "my dryer" and I tell him that it is "a dryer", and he explains he was about to load it, having put the money in it, turning on the light to indicate more dryer time. I said that there was no way I could figure out who was going to use the dryer as there was no one there. I tell him that I put money in the dryer as it was likely at the end of a load that had been removed. He acts all peeved and pissed off, smaking out that he lost his money on it, making out that he put money in and then walked from it. Like WTF; he is the acting manager and "happens" to be on the seventh floor, and happens to be doing his laundry at the same time as I am, down to needing the dryer at the same time. And then he claims that I scooped him on the dryer use, using the perverse logic that he stopped in the middle of doing his laundry after putting money in the dryer, but none of his clothes. Who does that, and is sane? Anyhow, when the dryer cycle was done for me, I phone him up and tell him there should be another hour on the meter. Then he asks me if my laundry was dry (well duh), and I tell him yes, and then he says "that was what I was most concerned about". Like WTF; another bizarre revelation that makes no sense; if I had inadvertently scooped him on the dryer, then surely his biggest concern would be to get into the laundry room before anyone else did so he wouldn't be scooped again. Analysis; just a big bullshit show to put on the peeved act. And where have we heard this before? BUT, at least on two prominent (never forget) occasions, the perps have used this aggrandizing "my" possesive term when clearly is was misapplied and not appropriate. Which then begs the question as to what this stunt type is all about? Don't know, apart from having me listen to this blatant BS.

My 3" gouge in my hand the perps put it, making it seem it was from the buried pin in the alterations, the shiny ripstop nylon patch added to the pants as it seems the perps want differing reflectivity of the nylon, not to mention its inaugural wearing when on the planting machine, alternating with stand-up weed hoe-ing.

Thats a wrap, going to the FFF house today, to watch a movie at a cinema, my first full movie in over six years, my perp-abetting mother as my company, and a friend of hers.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the perps want, but your explanations made sense. I have people all the time in the office telling me I should leave the state, get an engineering job, and make triple figures. Then I get kept out of the job market altogether by the perps, as well as mind controlled (tormented) into not pursuing a full-time engineering job.

I've read about a couple of targets who had engineering degrees, but they suffered the same fate as many TI's, i.e., had their job prospects, careers, lives ruined. Those degrees went to waste.

Anonymous said...

I've seen some pretty horrid freakshows in my time. Like for example, those with baggy cloths, shaved heads, AND a bald spot, which is visible, because the hair is 1/8" or so. I see so much of this, I have a number of ways of blowing it off. My favorite phrase has been "That's ALL these people do". And of course, don't forget about the 70+ year old dude with the saggy flabby bellies. I'm not sure if these people are in a cult where they all think putting such stage shows are cute, or if this is just a large example of complicity by the sheeple, doing the work of the perps. I know the perps are flummoxing me by putting on such shows, and they know it, too. Some people (the perps) are just above the law. Makes me wonder if some foreign nation isn't doing all of this, i.e., the perps aren't necessarily native to the country of the TI they are tormenting.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the gouge. I noticed a split in my left hand thumbnail. Fortunately, it only goes inward about an 1/8 of an inch towards the cuticle. My thumb nail has been smashed so many times, with little "mishaps", the nailbed is all uneven. That is the reason for the split nail. I believe it's been there for quite a few months. But strangely my attention has only been drawn to it since about 2-3 weeks ago. It's really jaggy, and catches on clothes all the time.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have no idea what the perps want...

The perps like to waste careers; in 1990 I took a 10 month full time GIS course, re-joined my former employer, and they were totally dysfunctional about GIS, and I ended up in database design, and continued this work (which I liked, save the persistent dysfunction part), until 04-2002 when they drove me out of regular employment. The Oracle DBMS courses of last year ($7,000 worth) have done nothing for me. Now, as one can discern, it is all about weeding, planting, pruning and like horticultural and agricultural work. Which also means low pay, and irregular income given the seasonal nature of it. Even the act of getting employed seems to be a hassle of late; one guy gave me an email notice to start the next day, and of course I missed it. Another gave me same day notice for an interview via email, and lo, if I didn't miss that too as he said he hired someone. Hard to believe that either of these two were genuine given the silliness of their short notice, but it suggests the perps want to protract every aspect of getting hired into protracted serial snippets. As you can discern, I haven't actually had a genuine interview with a prospective job in the offing, since before the perps went beserk/overt in 04-2002. Thanks for the comments

AJH said...

Answer to: I've seen some pretty horrid freakshows...

I get the freakshow all the time of course, and that includes wheelchairs, deformities and other semi-clinical cases. I don't think it is a foreign entity so much as a supra-national entity, one that directs governments worldwide. I know they choked down the US-Canada border crossing once to force me to take a hotel as I missed the last ferry because of the delay. Then they beamed me with head pains all night in the hotel, and I didn't get any sleep. And besides three other vehicles, there was no one else in the parking lot; most strange for a Friday night. International commuting isn't a big deal of course, and they teleport their operatives at will. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting, the gouge...

That was a nasty one, as they can defeat a steptic pencil's blood staunching, which they did to protract the exercise and raise the rage-ification level. They have even invoked spontaneous "pore bleeds" where blood flows from a pore with no cut, lesion or apparent cause. And it was adroitly arranged on my nose in the peripherial vision of one eye, all to have that red color placed exactly where they wanted it. Note in the photo that the patch on the pants is a shiny black color compared to the greyish dull black they made the fabric (ripstop nylon, formerly a dull jet black,) over the prior year. Similarly for my watch; they messed up the Casio and had me get a big Timex Ironman watch with a shiny reflective rubber watchband. Go figure. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Over the past couple of years I've read your blog, I realized I wasn't alone in being treated to a freakshow of varying proportions. Odd though how other TI's don't seem to experience this. Other TI's did say they get bald headed perps sitting outside. But the freakshow I see, it's very highly managed and scripted, I've noticed. They even had an unfavored lookalike of a little Asian girl I saw who was around 12-13 years of age. This was a slightly chubby, nerdy-looking lookalike of this Asian girl of that age, but this lookalike, despite looking surprisingly like the Asian counterpart, was actually Caucasian, with dark hair.

Other freakshows include some guy on a loud motorcycle (I get loud Harley-sounding motorbikes at the instant I am doing something of interest to the perps and their research). This guy was shirtless, with his hairy gut showing prominently.

I always wondered what they get out of this. I figured they are trying to stimulate something negative in me with the "freakshow". Maybe not negative, but maybe being "slammed" with an unfavored or more is designed to get an evoked potential out of us. It certainly does act like some sort of neural stimulant.

Other oddities include my dad all of a sudden taking things from me without asking. Funny how in all the years prior, he never did this until now. It seems that the act of someone stealing something from the TI is part of the perps' agenda.

Anonymous said...

I think the perps like to keep targets financially destitute. I'm at the point where it takes a lot of patience. It seems some parities out there want me to hurry up and find a full-time position, but I want to take my time. I have been told by my part-time employer to get a full time position. However, that is much easier said than done. Every full time job I had in the past, I get shown the door after a certain period of time. In 1990, I had a decent job, and had been working from Jan to May. Around May, I was "advised" to return to school. That position was an Internship, and the supervisor told me that I should return to school and not come back, because I had a bad semester prior. Meanwhile, this supervisor had shitty grades in school, and was lucky he graduated. In 1992, had another similar job, and this one lasted 5 months, just like the internship job. It was full time also, and paid very good with benefits. Oh, but they didn't tell me it was only a short-term position. And the supervisor, well I still can't figure out what he wanted. It seems he was using various tactics to get inside my psyche, and he complained that he couldn't do it. Kept talking about my "thought processes", and how I'm supposed to "think with a clear mind", all the while using intimidation for whatever reason.

I'm not sure, but I think he was trying to hint that he could "break" any man and make him perform to his liking, but complained that he couldn't do it with me. Interesting how this company was owned by Raytheon, which is a major defense contractor, likely used extensively by the perps. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole point of that employment there was an extension of the CIA and their MKULTRA tactics. That would explain the strange boss and his equally strange tactics: talking about "thought processes" all the time. And I was getting rude treatment by the senior engineers and techs there. I did however find 3 engineers who were much nicer and helped me along. The other engineers and techs were always on my case about how I wasn't performing up to expectations. Meanwhile, they weren't training or managing me like they were supposed to.

That job really killed my enthusiasm for wanting a full time job after 1992. I returned back to school in 1993 for my master's degree. And that was an experience, too. Lots of strange stuff happening. There was a continuation of roommates turning the thermostat down to 60 degrees or lower in the summer. It seems the perps, in retrospect, wanted to determine the effects of having me frozen by psycho cooperating roommates. This started in the summer of 1991, when this one dude was doing all kinds of strange stuff, including turning down the thermostat to 50 degrees in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Here is something interesting. Some guy named Phil Kramer says "they" killed OJ Simpson's wife, and that OJ was innocent. Now, I wonder if the nebulous "they" could be... dare I say it... the perps?

On February 12, 1995 he drove to Los Angeles International Airport to pick up an investor. He spent forty-five minutes at the airport but failed to meet the investor. Kramer did make a flurry of cell phone calls, including one to the police during which Kramer said, "I’m going to kill myself. And I want everyone to know O.J. Simpson is innocent. They did it."[3][5]

He was never heard from again. This led to a massive search, many news reports, and talk show segments including an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, America's Most Wanted, The Unexplained ("Strange Disappearances," first aired 5/7/2000) and Unsolved Mysteries some years later.[1] An article in Skeptic reported numerous conspiracy theories about his death.[6]

On May 29, 1999, Kramer's Ford Aerostar minivan and skeletal remains were found[7][8] by photographers looking for old car wrecks to shoot at the bottom of Decker Canyon near Malibu, California.[3] Based on forensic evidence and Kramer's emergency call to the police, authorities ruled his death as a probable suicide committed on the day on which he was last heard.

AJH said...

Answer to: Over the past couple of years...

I get the freakshow for many reasons, but the one that is made most known to me is that the freakshow is about emulating subconcious traumatization associations related to when I was in the hands of the perps, aged 2 to 5, with 99% of my recall deleted. Having missing memories is quite common for TI's, and my parents' residence location was in Montreal, 1956-57, and 1958-59. And of course, the infamous Dr. Ewan Cameron was there too, at my father's university, McGill.

I get at least three main themes; clinical, clerical (nuns habits and round collared priests and black gowns), and military.
But I haven't figured out many others, including motorcycles and biker garb, the fat dudes, the dudes in fugly baggy shorts to their knees, the cripples and spastics and other deformities, and a few others. The negro gangstalking seems to be tied to the military abuses, as they put children of many races in the same cages as seen in the photos of It is likely I was there, as this seemed to be conducted in the mid-late 1950's. Bald heads and tattoo freakshow gangstalkers seem to relate to the medical testing then, when they shaved the heads of their subjects and laid down tattoos on their bald pate for reference markers for whatever brain waves they were assessing at the time. (This from interviews with Lynne Moss Sharman, who does recall many of these events in her childhood, from the CKLN series:

So, I don't know if other TI's experienced similar things and had their memories deleted too, or if other TI's are given the same gangstalking freakshow regimen to serve comparative purposes. Given the perp's teleportation capabilities, they could send the same freak/gangstalker around to many TI's in a short time frame. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think the perps like to keep..

Yes, keeping TI's broke is a major plank in their platform. Homeless too for more unfortuneate TI's than me. And having supervisor's on top of the TI/worker too; even now I get admonished for various sundry and trivial oversights on doing farm work when I am working the hardest. I don't know what the whole work harassment dynamic is about, apart from eventually forcing relocation to different buildings, desks, chairs etc. and whatever energetic properties those materials and colors confer. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here is something interesting...

Not much to go on, even if he made a substantial statement in suiciding himself. Though, he had an interesting rock music and technical engineering background. But it is interesting how often the perps like to put negroes and blondes together in my gangstalking parade, but also high profile situations like Tiger Woods and Elin breaking up, and of course the more tragic case of Nicole Simpson and friend, OJ's apparent victims if the civil suit was a fair outcome, which it seemed it was. Given that I often get the "split couple" gangstalking stunts, it would seem to me that there are certain shared energies between members of a couple, which likely build as their relationship becomes stronger, and every so often the perps need to break them up, or worse. Thaks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Phil Kramer's assertions sound very questionable. I'd like to know why he committed suicide. Just blaming a mystery "they" isn't really helpful. But Kramer committing suicide sounds like the work of the perps, and also, OJ could have been managed/controlled by the perps to commit the crime.

Anonymous said...

I've drawn up a formal complaint of multi-stalker harassment, and I was going to give this to the police in the morning. Here is my proposed letter:

Complaint of multi-stalker activity.

Dear Mt. Pleasant Police: as you know, I am a law-abiding citizen. It seems that a number of people in this town, particularly women, decided they don't like me very much, and decided they would take part in a relentless harassment campaign against me. Most of this harassment activity is done under the auspices of psychological profiling. Some powerful unseen third party is interacting with this group, using remote neural monitoring and advanced surveillance to further profile me, and aid these stalkers here in this town.

I believe they are in other towns "waiting" for me as well. It seems like I have a "Main stalker" or handler who has a lot of money, resources, and connections, who is in control of this entire campaign.

I am getting harassed and bullied constantly, by women mostly. On Tuesday May 24, 2011, two women, one named "Rebecca", a light-skinned black girl, came in with a blonde girl and harassed and bullied me, insinuating that I am stalking her/them. This was around 1845, or 645 PM. Also there was a snooty arrogant attitude towards me while harassing me. And what is being done to put these people in their place? They can not just come in and harass innocent victims at will without any charges pressed.

Then there was a guy who works at Levins, Brad, who comes in to Subway sometimes. He too was harassing me as well.

It seems like everyone in this town is either a harasser or informant of some type, and a larger System is rewarding these people with large payments, either paid under-the-table, or directly wired to their accounts.

Later on, a women pushing her child in a stroller was harassing me very openly, again with a snooty, arrogant attitude, to further the harassment. Then on the same night, several girls were doing humiliation and bullying tactics, who lived up the alleyway by where the Honey Bear used to be.

This "Main stalker" is the problem, and I would like to pursue legal action of some kind. Unfortunately, I believe it is someone working in conjunction with the CIA, and has a high security clearance. I believe there may be a secret program within the CIA who works with and provides protection for harassment groups. So I believe legal action may not be possible against the Main stalker, or stalkers. These high-level stalkers are known as perpetrators of covert crime, also known as the Perps.

It is a free-for-all every time I go out for a walk, but there is nothing anyone can do. I believe I am a covert mind-control victim, and some powerful "entity" (the perps) are turning these criminals loose on me, and it is complete lawlessness.

It looks like the Constitution means nothing when you're a victim in my shoes. Various hateful people around here are using this as an excuse to gain revenge on me, when I don't even know these people.

So bear this in mind if you ever get a complaint of me acting disorderly, because I am being pressured into reacting every place I go. I get harassed and stalked very openly by women and some guys as well. One guy had his arms flailing all over the place as he passed me in his car, and it's rare I don't see some sort of demeaning gesture from people passing me in cars. Unfortunately, it seems like this harassment has been integrated into society, and women particularly are using it to harass me relentlessly.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've drawn up a formal complaint...

A rather vague statement, as the references to harassment aren't substantiated with what occured. And of course, out favorite whipping boy, the CIA (short for Crooks In Action), has no proven link to this.

The Constitution means dick all, and ditto for Canada's Charter of Rights.

Best keep this one to yourself.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, Phil Kramer's assertions...

Declaring "they" did it helps no one of course, but the mystery remains as to what was such a burden that he suicided, assuming a conventional non-mind fuck event. Chances are that he was party to the mind-control plot, and somehow broke programming to make his assertion, but he got taken down anyhow. All too often someone has some significant news, and gets nixed before it is released. The Karen Silkwood story is such a classic, and very possibly Marilyn Monroe too, as she was going to spill the beans on the Kennedys, but didn't last long enough to do so. Vince Foster might have been another; one has to seriously wonder how it is that someone knows, and then arranges their timely exit before any disclosure. It happens way to often to be happenchance. No question that Phil Kramer was connected with defence technology activities, which might of lead to the association he later broke from. Though it is odd that the perps would allow him in on the plot, to then take him down. Hard to figure out what was the dynamic here, and the perp's agenda, though they have spent plenty of time arranging stunts around the suicide topic involving me. They can take one down to serious depths of despair, having had it done to me once. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's exactly what I did. I just simply tossed that complaint in the recycle bin. In fact, I did see the cops that very evening, riding past our house here. Then, my dad sends me out to get a sandwich for the both of us, and gives me the money. Well, then I see the same cop I saw minutes earlier driving past the house, and what do you know... he's got a gut. Not just any gut, but one of those soft, flabby big ones that I just love so much (sarcasm). There was this "civilian babe" waiting for him at the sandwich shop, and the babe was making out like she was his sweety or something. But I don't see how this could be anything other than a setup, as the babe was thin and tight looking, and the cop was overweight and flabby. I was making conversation with the cop, and he got kind of unfriendly when I said I saw him driving past our house minutes earlier. And another civilian dude comes in, and the two act like they just happened to run into each other at a happenstance meeting. But I see stuff like this so often, there's a good chance this is another scripted "cheersing". They were like "hey bob, hey fred", that kind of dude talk.

Then I started wondering if my dad, the cop, the babe, and the "dude" who just happened to wander in at the same moment the cop did was somehow worked out beforehand. I don't know how they arrange these things, if someone is calling my dad and giving him instructions. If they are, he is keeping it very top secret.

And of course, filing a "police report" will get my labelled real fast. And the perps don't seem to give a shit if I report them or not, because they are only concerned with one thing: results. Not revenge, or anything else they could have planted as their motives. They simply are good at getting targets really worked up. Like you said, it was too ambiguous, and to a person who is neither a perp nor a TI, it looks like the work of an incoherent or crazy person.