Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Short Post

An incendary piece on the Houston Police here; Houston, We Have a Problem. The usual thumps and noise were getting through my earmuffs while reading this very stark journalism on what transpires for democracy in that city. Like the author says, it won't change one bit, and the locals know how to outfox any outside do-gooders.

My PC rebuild plans are continuing; hard drives have been ordered from Vancouver, and so continues the geographic dispersion of the sourcing of the components. The CPU has already been purchased two weeks ago in Richmond BC, and the video cards might come from Calgary AB. The last PC build of three years ago had the CPU and memory come from Ontario and the motherboard locally after three weeks of delays and a prior unexpected shortage from another supplier. Of course all these are nominative sources; the CPU is actually made in Costa Rica (Intel Core i7 920), most of the electronics and memory are from Taiwan and the hard drives from Indonesia. How the perps figure all that out in advance is beyond me, but this choreography of better prices elsewhere, unavailibility, delays and the rest of it is highly orchestrated. And of course, where do all elemental substances that comprise the electronics come from; the metals and plastics etc.? it just boggles my mind that all this is governed and fucked with; some components will get stored for some weeks at my place, some will be sent to my mother's place for me to pick up, while others will be aquired by the PC builder directly. And of course, the PC case has been in my possession for over a year, and I am sure that it has a raft of perp management contingencies applied to it. (Like when I first brought it home; a lead-ahead gangstalking pickup and camper combination in black and silver colors, the same as the PC case in my parent's vehicle I was driving). Most of the old PC parts will be shunted into a "budget box" that my mother will use, and so continues the perps' relentless and sustained games of obsessing and arranging the color of everything, including the wiring sheathing, PCB boards, metal colors and the rest of it. No wonder they often gangstalk me with fugly copper colored vehicles, usually introducing them after a "warm up" of black, white, silver-grey, mid-grey and other greyscale colors. And too, the copper colored vehicles are presented in the center of such vehicle aggregations, keeping the greyscale reference colored vehicles all around them. The perps even put on two adjacent copper colored vehicles last week, an all time first for this obnoxious vehicle color.

Presently, I expect a big yellow color gangstalking later today when out with the First Feral Family; my yellow colored medication ran out on Thursday and the doctor didn't respond to my phone message request for a new Rx to cover me until the Oct. 05 appointment. Past experience has been that Rx-free Mondays, (I regularly "forget" to take them for my overnight stays at my parent's place, the First Feral Family home), and for the odd week away, the perps lay on yellow dressed gangstalkers and gangstalking vehicles in substantially greater numbers. Not my problem if I don't like yellow, red and yellow together and a few other colors. Why has it consumed an insane and illegal uber-agency for over 7.5 years in applying this abuse and subverting genuine clinical care? (Not that I need any in the first place; I was doing fine until all this shit came down in 04-2002). Don't ask me, I only the victim, not a shill, quisling or operative to cover the gradation of sick-minded involvement in this remotely applied psychopathic "total neural awareness" depredation. [Cue hot rod noise through my earmuffs as I typed in the above quoted phrase]. I would rather be in the Harris County Jail courtesy of the Houston Police than this interminable and deranged fuckery at every breath, thought or move I make.

And the Windows mouse cursor fucking games have been getting on my nerves for the past two months or so; at least three or more seconds delay in action (keystroke or mouseclick) and outcome when it was virtually instant before that. And the cursor movement is delayed as well as the incorrect cursor symbology; where a vertical line is expected for input I get an arrow, or even a finger pointer which is usually reserved for a hyperlink. And as part of this Windows kernel fuckery, some of my inputs, like for credit card information, gets placed on the wrong lines, splitting my phone number among multiple input boxes when the keystroke/mouseclick order was correct. Just more of the same, along with the parade of unempathic playing dumb contact cast (First Feral Family, clinical clowns, and all other quislings), all of whom should rot in hell if justice will be ever delivered.

Above is the dark and negative version for today, but I actually feel a lot better than the above screed suggests, so don't take it as a mood lapse, har, har, and for the clinical clowns who leverage every faint excuse, I don't want to hear any reference to the above for the next appointment in October. But as a pre-emptive heads up, I want to hear a reasoned and cogent and intelligent answer to the gonzo assertion that "my case isn't well managed". First, I want to know to whom it applies, me or the doctor, and secondly, I want to hear how it can possibly be managed anybetter when a substantial body of my complaints is about the public behavior of individuals in my proximity. Since the perps have had me beating that thought to death 10x per day for the last month, and will do so until October 05, I really don't expect an answer, and possibly the mouthpiece (so called health case worker), for that particular vituperative phrase won't be there as requested.

It is interesting that my mother leaves for a three week visitation to the UK later that day, and I will be driving her to the airport afterward. Assuming of course, some kind of incarceration inititiative isn't afoot. One never knows, but at they have me visiting my father in an extended health care facility once per week (later today), perhaps that is all the hospital contact the perps want me to have. They make my skin crawl when I visit the place, so perhaps that is my Unfavored ration of hospital exposure they need to put me through in any given week. As an aside, I pass the laundry facility there when I visit, and I don't like the smell of it one bit, though it is a genuine institutional laundry smell. Then the perp fuckers played that same laundry smell on me when I was back at my place, in essence, performing the same Unfavored smell in different, a non-hospital setting. Clever, separating the smell from the genuine context/source. And funny how they knew I didn't like the smell as I never mentioned it. When making these visitations to my father at his extended stay facility, I am with my mother and we take him back to the First Feral Family home for a visitation for a few hours. And lo, if she doesn't now pause at the said laundry area looking for missing articles of clothing. Somehow, they go missing when there is identifying sewn-in labels on all my father's, and all other patients' clothing.

I got sidetracked with email and a very first IM chat with a TI. Some genuine interaction was permitted, and both at the same time, making switching between them an unaccustomed cognitive shift. Anyhow, that is all for today, above rants only.

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Anonymous said...

They can do a lot of damage with psychology alone, too. There are so many people around me at any given time playing the role of harassor, they can do things like, say, have me associate Linux with something I dislike intensely in order to get me to stop using Linux.