Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange Activities

A short post for the early evenings now that I am back on the tenuous employment track. At least three of my work mates got fired today. The PTB decided they wanted reliable every day workers and the ones that had the flakey on/off attendance record were summarily dismissed. Mind you, we are casual laborers, so what was wrong with the summertime arrangements of showing when we wanted to? Anyhow, I am saving hard to get this PC upgraded and for my Oracle courses, so I am in the reliable group. The rules got changed, and no one told the poor schmucks who got whacked this morning. Down one freak and two individuals I could actually talk to.

I was picking bulbs in the field when another laborer and myself got the call for a "special job". We were kitted out in vinyl raingear, gumboots and gloves, and lo, if it wasn't to work on the refuse piles at the compost dump area. An experiment was in progress to demonstrate there is still a high amount of compostable refuse being thrown out, and why, they needed some of us laborers to sort out the plastics and true refuse from the stinking vegetable matter. Not a job for the faint hearted to be sure. For some five hours, myself and three others spent the time sorting through two refuse truck loads. One guy ran the front end loaders to do garbage pile "raking" to churn it up to aid identifying the compostable from the non-compostable. It is amazing that one's notion of "garbage" changes when faced with the stark realities of the stinking muck pile. It was also surprising as to what gets thrown out by the supermarkets; expired infant formula, expired coffee, and expired energy bars. And copious amounts of varying plastic, all for me to interact with while swaddled in bright yellow vinyl raingear, should I get splattered with some of the slop. I would guess that the perps were putting on a test of me dressed in vinyl with all the varying plastics in the garbage pile. Anyhow, it is a short term job, and I am glad it was over. Tomorrow, we pick pumpkins to take to the pumpkin washing line, and then to store them for Halloween.

This morning's bus stop was plagued with shiftless males, aka the gangtalker show. And when I had my wallet out to extract a dayglo bus ticket, three of the fuckers closed in on me, two about 6' away (on either side) and the foil some 2' from me says "excuse me" and I look at him while stalled out with my wallet in my hand along with the bus ticket, and I say "yes", and he said something about not meaning anything, and so it was all about getting the Fuckwits in close to me while my attention was directed to the close-in dude that gave me the creeps in the first place.

Anyhow, the city bus trip was slowly filling up when they put the near-vagrant dude next to the attractive blonde some two seats away, and then my conversational laborer colleague came on board for the trip. And, as it unfolded, after we exited the city bus, the driver of the crew bus then fired my colleague (per above). Anyhow, the crew bus set off and was only 100' when a male negro came out of nowhere and flagged us down, begining some confusion over as to what he wanted, and then he wanted to work on the farm, and so he was let on board. I never saw him the rest of the day at breaks or afterward, so who knows what the real scam was. A negro gangstalker consort while the firing news was still percolating in our minds, mine especially? Perhaps, as it seems the perp need no end of static and live props while doing their dirty deeds, or immediately following.

Thats all for tonight out there in TI land.

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