Saturday, September 26, 2009

Double Reds

Two red shirted colleagues today. A former worksite colleague has recently retired and phoned me up for a visit to a mutual colleague who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and is debilitated to the level of being only able to manipulate devices by way of pressing his tongue against his cheek which is placed against a sensor and then sends out a radio signal (to a TV). In other words, he cannot use his hands at all and is totally wheelchair bound for all his waking hours. Don't ask me how much I would like that degree of constraint on my being, as this sick mind-fuck harassment is plenty enough and I won't go into details for fear of jepoardizing my position with respect to the clinical assholes who blocked my recent training grant applications for no substantive reason. I have an upcoming appointment with them in early October to find out what got into them, why they nixed $12k of grant monies, and how it can be resolved. That is to say, their playing dumb act just got substantially dumber. (This being the doctor and the health care worker who, within weeks of each other, and totally out of character, supplied slanderous nonsense to two separate training fund application reviewers, and thereby causing them both to be rejected. Any attempt to get these clinical clowns to at least consult a recent job reference fell on deaf ears. They didn't want to know.)

Back to red shirts; my able-bodied colleague didn't have a vehicle today, so I walked to his place, and then we walked to the MS colleague's place, only 25 min. total overall. And lo, if I didn't meet one of my farm worker colleagues enroute on the first trip leg, and he showed me his recent acquisitions of DVDs still in their shrink wrap inside a plastic bag. And I was totally unaware of the actor and the roles he played in these two action flicks. Normally I am not that spaced out on current culture, but these things can be arranged as I have come to know, especially if it supports the FUD fucking. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, said to be the IBM credo for their sales staff in dealing with customers). Anyhow, he tried to tell me what a coincidence it was to meet on the street and I demurred. Then to really pile it on, he said that he "happened" to have just met one of my other laborer work colleagues only a few minutes before, and lo, if the perps didn't block my recall as to what his name was for a few seconds. (I don't ever forget someone's name if I have been working with them for an entire week, especially when engaged in intelligent conversation).

Still getting on tangents here; my able bodied colleague had a red checkered shirt on with maroon suspenders and didn't wear a jacket as it was so warm. We walked to the MS colleague's place, he also happening to be wearing a bright red shirt, and had a decent chat for some 40 minutes. (There, I finally worked the title into the story.) When it was all said and done, and after a walk back to my able bodied colleague's departure point, we shook hands, and I set off in my direction, and lo, if there wasn't some red plasma flashes and persistent beams placed in front of me. This is getting to be a common occurence, especially for red colors; immediately before or after red items in my visual field I get plasma beams of a similar red placed in my vision, no matter where I look. Once it was highly disorienting as it filled my visual field, the time I retirieved my dayglo orange raingear where it was stored at the berry picking farm.

At the visitation there was the food and drink sampling as part of the deal, along with packaging color (glass bottles) and presentation objects (porcelain bowl with blue glaze); the able bodied colleague had an apple cider from a green bottle which told me indirectly he/we was going to stay longer than the 20 minutes he said we should aim for. Later, I was offered an apple/cinamon ginger beer from a brown bottle, and later some slices of fresh apples where brought out in the bowl for sampling among us three. Anyhow, there were other feints and dodges on the way and back, especially with a red shirted person next while walking, as it is rare that the perps let me associate with anyone for any length of time, save the First Feral Family members. Regular readers will know that my insane tormentors are consumed with the colors of food and beverages I ingest, as well as the color of the objects that hold or contain them. Which might explain why one of my laborer colleagues was packing an empty Starbucks coffee (read, brown substance) cup in her outside backpack pocket for me to see much of yesterday.

What I cannot figure out is why the perps drop all these obvious clues; setting me up for a short 20 minute visitation because of the person's ill health (a legit concern), and then acting contrarily a short time later. It is not just a recent harassment ploy/jerkaround, but has been occuring for decades beforehand, but much more frequent now in this now overt incessant jerkaround campaign.

As part of the collegial visitation experience, it seemed that the bad acting of feigning empathy was also obvious; was it meant to be so or was it part of the script? I cannot reliably know anymore as the perps have been subverting my ability to detect these "tells" of feints and also of seeming minor boredom, as much of the meeting would of been scripted in advance. And too, anyone with MS is dealing with physical duress at every moment, and is less likely to be a proficient actor, pretending the conversation was all original and genuine.

The Victoria Fire Department also got into the act when walking toward the No. 1 firehall; three yellow and white trucks set off with a same colored command vehicle leading them, and to my surprise, no sirens or flashing lights. My batting average for the fire department vehicles to be coursing about on that route is about 20%, but always in emergency (or faux emergency as it seems) mode, or else singly without emergency lights or sirens. A silent drive by for the active fire department trucks it would seem, another never-before event. (There have been many fire department showings, the largest one was surrounding the adjacent residential tower with six firetrucks on three sides to then have the firemen gather in their pressed dark blue uniforms to stand around in an ersatz conference in the courtyard. I believe I posted pictures of this at least two months ago.

Tea and chocolate were duly consumed in my evening time tea break. I had plenty of on/off water-in-pipes noise start up, from the putative neighbor with the unerring timing of doing this so many times when making, eating/drinking and cleaning the dishes afterward. It doesn't matter when I have evening tea, 1900h to 2200h, this "neighbor" will start this same noise up at the same time. Ditto for while shaving in the bathroom, and don't forget, this same "neighbor noise" and same on/off style has followed me around in four of the last five residence locations. Only the rooming house, (09-2006 to 0-5-2007), was relatively free from this particular noise, though I should check my handwritten journals to be sure. To be accurate, there were plenty of other noises going on with regularity to compensate for this one time water-in-pipes noise absence.

Other noises have followed me to all eight of my residence locations since the harassment began in 04-2002. And the perps do like their victims to move around plenty, as it seems there are some geographic parameters they are attempting to determine. This maybe related to soil and underlying rock colors and types, and very likely the geomagnetic properties of one's location and the building they reside in. Regular readers will know that magnetic radiation is part of my harassment experience, with readings of 1600 gauss a few months ago, up from 200 gauss in late 2002. Not that the above mentioned doctor gave a shit, he didn't even write it down. And that fits with the plasma beams I see all day long, they being a magnetically controlled state of matter. Ditto on the blackish maser beams, filamentous fuzz and the fuzzy zinger balls constantly drifting in and out of view (even as I type this). Even the parabolic reflector of my desk lamp was pumping out regularly timed arced blackish wavefronts, and then it stopped when I paid more attention to this latest incursion method.

Other than the above outing, a dull day all told. I was allowed to read the Saturday national newspaper for the first time in some months, and don't ask me what the significance of that is. Time was when I would read it every weekend and then the "habit" just stopped cold. The perps have been interfering with reading, as I haven't read a book in over a year, save the one on the recent excursion two weeks ago. It was a found book at the guest house we stayed at for two nights. Coincidentally, ahem, the above mentioned MS suffering colleague cannot read any more, and has some minor speech impairments that he didn't have when we last worked together in 1999. What gets the perps so cranked up about me reading is also unkown to me, but they like to mess with the font size on this very computer, often changing it as I come back to a open tab in the browser.

2448h, next day technically.
This one is done.

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