Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Early Morning Hot Rod Escort

I am not sure I will get this finished tonight as I am getting sleep deprived still. Last night it was all about keeping me in a light sleep and bugging me about all manner of retrospective events. Like I never got any sleep, but I did. The night before I got 5 hours and 8 is normal. As always, I show no ill effects or tiredness over missed sleep, another externally governed condition.

At least five hot-rods of varying colors but all in file came to the lane next to the bus I was on and accompanied me for a few minutes of highway travel time. The sickos have a hot-rod fixation of late, and here they were all driven in file at about 0730h this morning. That takes planning, as who else would organize specific specialty vehicle types at that time of day, among varying owners for crissakes. Another few hot rods two days ago when on a First Feral Family drive, and endless hot rod muffler noises for the past month, often 50 to 80 per day.

And male pony tail training in increments on the bus. A passenger on the seat in front of me was obstructing another male sitting in front of him, and slowly the latter was revealed in small increments by the closest passenger slipping sideways in his seat. And lo, straight from the Unfavored Freak Show, was the now partially obstructed male with a very small and ugly pony tail sticking out from below his ball cap. Call it a training ponytail. And if that weren't stupid enough to be playing peekaboo games with male ponytail acts, why, another male ponytail act, a full blown blonde one, planted himself in front of me on the inbound bus this afternoon. I was compelled to turn to look out the window all the more once this Unfavored visage was place without benefit of an obstructing gangstalker. More of the incremental exposure games, hoping that glances at a small ponytail will convey some benefit of a large male ponytail in my direct view later in the day. Putting this bullshit in perspective again; if I don't like male ponytails, why in the fuck am I hounded on the bus by this collection of Fuckwits who insist on planting this for me to see, and even starting me out on tentative glances at a tentative male ponytail? It is fucking absurd that 7.5 years have passed of this insane gangstalking and incorporating this kind of bullshit as daily Unfavored fare.

I am getting way more shiftless dudes loitering around me; bus stop, bus, outside my apartment and at every intersection downtown. Even at the farm job at lunch break, two of my male colleagues arrived at the same moment, choreographed to walk in file and turn and face me some 4' away in unison. There must be something I don't like about males acting together. And at 0655h when stepping out of my apartment I get the shiftless loitering Fuckwit "happening" to start walking ahead of me and another one some 30' away, turned to be looking at me. I cross the street which is an extra longer route, and then in some 30 seconds or so, these shiftless fucks join up together. Fucking weird to say the least.

I was back onto the usual medication that has yellow colored capsules after the doctor shut me out of refilling to then facilitate a four day hiatus that ended yesterday. I remarked on this in the last blog posting, as these are the days the perps go beserk over yellow colored gangstalking, clothing and objects. All day yesterday I was working in blue and black colored clothing in a field, and the blue tractor was plowing some 150' away, as well as "showing up" for other static shows in other directions. For the last 20 minutes of the day rain was threatening, and so I put on yellow PVC raingear. And lo, if the yellow loader didn't show up in the blue tractor's place, with forks on it no less, driving sensely around (IMHO) in a plowed field. It didn't have any towed implements, and I couldn't figure out what the fuck it was doing besides some kind of distance dependent yellow color testing in conjuction with my yellow raincoat.

Other bullshit yesterday was the cluster of dudes around me on the bus with two seats left open, and lo, if two blue haired male Fuckwits didn't arrive together and each took one whole seat to themselves. One was a Caucasian with a blue mohawk hairdo, and his pal was a shorter haired native Indian with blue hair and the same blue dye on the back of his black and white hoodie. They got off at different locations, and were doubtless the featured wierds of the entire bus trip. Fucking bizarre, and the mohawk blue haired dude managed to got off the bus ahead of me and tail me for the first 60' of walking downtown. He took off at the next pedestrian light, and a retard with two very large luggage items was doing his waddling and mumbling act, and was strangely astute enough to start walking across when the pedestrian traffic control light indicated "Don't Walk", and timed it when there was no vehicles crossing. Not your average retard.

According to JK Harms' color energetics theories, blue and yellow are complementary colors, and it seemed that was the case with both these colors featuring predominantly yesterday. And as today was my first yellow pill intake day, from a blue plastic container, there was plenty of gangstalking action utilizing these same colors today.

A day of work duty, on cabbage picking at the farm. It was mighty wet after yesterday, and the cabbage's collect the rain at their central stem with their wide leaves, the ones that are removed before packing them in the boxes. That was my job, packing them, weighing and stacking in the field, and later re-stacking at the warehouse. I didn't get too wet, though I had my dayglo raingear on hand and lo, if it didn't just disappear at lunch time when there couldn't of been more than five people passing by. And if they put on the raingear, they would of been visible for at least a half mile, and no one had picked it up. There were three other pairs of yellow raingear lying nearby, and have been for over a week, and lo, my adjacent raingear just goes poof, gone, inside 30 minutes. Another perp theft for whatever reason, and when my crew mate's elicitations prompted me to mention this theft, why, they didn't have anything to say, or weren't too moved about this outrageous stunt.

And I am getting my eye buggering irradiation on my return from work at the farm. This is the same harassment that preceded the end of hiking, the end of the workout at the gym (60 min. round trip city walk as part of it), and if I were a betting type, I think they farm work is suddenly going to come to and end. Anytime the perps want me to terminate physical activity, this is the precursor event. And with two of the farm staff being off earlier this week, it seems that something is brewing. My theory on the vision buggering irradiation is that physical activity causes it to dissapate, and they need to "top me up" when I get back to my place. Also, I am working around others all the time, so they might back off during the daytime. So..., just when I am laying out cash for a big PC upgrade, I reckon the perps are going to strike in some way and end my farming job, one that would of ended in December anyway. I hope I am wrong, but this pattern of driving me out of any physical activity is part of what they have done for swimming and running as well.

Today's work in the cabbage fields was with two E. Indians, the same pair that kept showing up yesterday at every break in my greenhouse berry picking duties. In an earlier oddity moment of two days ago, one of them was standing exactly on the spot my boots had been parked a week before, on a phone call in a mildly contorted way so he could stand where they had been placed on the concrete next to a wall for some 6 hours when I was on the garbage dump duty and was suited up in company rubber boots and yellow PVC raingear. This isn't the first time someone has placed themselves exactly over where I had been sitting or where my personal clothing had been kept. And they like me to know this, as I am sure it could of been done many times without me "happening" to see it.

Time to call this one done for the day, and pardon the scattershot reportage. The perps have me in really unsettled state, ready to do something else when this activity is just fine.

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