Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have Salmon, Will Travel

A brutal fuckover yesterday while driving down from Kamloops to Vancouver, and then onto Vancouver Island. The assholes pulled a new one, forcing premature and sudden needs to pee just after leaving the highway, the first two times. Not that I pee-ed very much, but it was important to them that pee went flying out and missing the toilet, and then wetting me twice. These were sudden gas station stops where I was forced to pull over to deal with the situation as I had no intention of stopping at that point. I can go for over six hours without needing to pee, so what the fuck was going on that the assholes had to wet me?

Then it got worse, as we made a stop at Ikea, and after going through the checkout and getting the major items, including four bare wood shelves that were rained upon in a sudden rainburst that was in place for me exiting the building and packing them in the shopping cart to the vehicle in the open parking lot. My mother wanted to go back in and go to the washroom, and so we went back in. Then, they pulled another sudden "need" to pee again, with the same messy result. Worse though, they shitted me in my drawers while pee-ing, and forced a sudden and very messy crap. There was at least ten flushings to deal with the clean up, which included taking off my pants and then removing my underwear. And while dealing with this never-before incursion of crap games (outside of my apartment), a dude on the outside of the cubicle placed his brown shoe so it could be seen my me while dealing with this insane mess. Then a fucker from the left side did the same thing, encroaching his slightly different brown colored shoe into the cubicle for me to see only no less than 30 seconds later, while still dealing with the shit show. And they made sure to slap some of it on my hand and my leg, and the underwear got left behind. Needless to say, from the TI perspective, there was a sudden burst of extensive gangstalkers/activity in the washroom while I was dealing with this fucking mess, but they were all gone when I finally exited. (None there when I entered). My mother asked why I took so long in the washroom, as if she didn't know. Then she insisted on getting some tea and a cinamon bun each before we motored onto the ferry. I also loaded up on Ikea chocolate and lingonberry jam (red colored). Just before backing the vehicle out, a black VW Beetle pulled in beside me, a woman gets out of the passenger side and gives me this grim protracted stare. Like WTF; why does this happen so often? And do I get extra staring when sans underwear?

Then a two hour wait at the ferry terminal, all to keep me there, still without underwear, and reading the newspaper while the dusk onset began. Regular readers will know the perps are totally beserk at this time of day and plan all kinds of stunts and jerkarounds. Then on board the ferry they pulled another sudden panic pee, again with messy results, but less wetting of me. Small comfort. Anyhow, another panic pee when we got back to the First Feral Family home where I stayed last night because my mother doesn't drive at night.

And lo, if one of the gangstalkers walking the lane line between the vehicles wasn't an former Asian work colleague, followed 5' behind a Caucasian fucker in a red shirt, someone who looked vaguely familiar. What he was doing there and looking so absurd walking the line of vehicles as if lost at 1900h wasn't too clear, but what the hell, the perps aren't interested in feigning reality as often as they were once. There were at least three camera-like light flashes on the ferry trip, again, no camera or evidence of anyone using one. What this was about I have no idea, but it represents another first, proximate light flashes of no apparent causal. Exciting moments for a perp fucker no doubt.

Oh yes, the salmon mention in the title. As it "so happens", my brother and family left some just-frozen salmon in the freezer at my mother's place in July when visiting. My mother remembered to bring it up with us Sept. 12 when headed to Keremos/Cawston for a stay at the guest house with a winery. But, the rooms had no fridge and the proprietor "kindly" allowed it to be stored in his restaurant freezer. And what did I, the near-fully mind controlled me, order for dinner that night, why salmon. And the next night, while having an appetizer instead of a large entre portion, why smoked salmon on some kind of esquisite cracker and trimmings. And lo, when we headed off to my brother and family, bringing the aforementioned frozen salmon with us, what did we have that night for dinner? Why salmon of course. Anyhow, back in the strange days of intensified fuckery of 2002, Ms. C. of the story (right side panel for a link), provided me smoked salmon to eat on my 0500h drives from her place in Everett, WA to Victoria BC, doing my biweekly daughter visitations. (That were unilaterally constrained by various jerkarounds by the estranged ex-to be of the time). Anyhow, as the perps are totally consumed with the color of foods that I eat, sometimes for four or more hours later, and possibly into the next day, I suppose packing salmon on a 800km road trip, and having this regular reference salmon with us, is not a big extension to what they do all the time. It is just interesting as to how it evolved, and of course, I am rendered totally clueless as to the intent of the skullduggery that I am allowed to even know about. Such is life as a kept victim. I rather be in jail for the clarity it offers to one's existence, assuming those poor schmucks aren't under the same covert thumb. (Not forgetting the perps' constant fuckery over clothing colors as well, and all that population wearing much the same garb and eating the same food and living in the same building, why, it must be tempting for a perp to "drop in", covertly of course. Just idle speculation of course, ahem...

I am doing pleny of catch up reading tonight, so not a big posting, and then off to work tomorrow, even if only a Friday, to then find out what the work scene beckons next week. Going to work on a week to week basis really messes up one's planning horizon, right down to pondering monthly bus passes or not. (But as an aside, the new bus schedule indicated that monthly bus passes can be written off against income taxes; a most civilized gesture of the very efficient taxation Canadian government).


Anonymous said...

I've experience a lot of what you describe. I've learned that it's better to pee in a sitting position, just in case something else "happens". Like that one time I peed standing up as usual, but had to let out a massive fart. Well, I noticed that the fart felt unusally warm and wet, and lo, if I didn't let out a "mega fart" and shit my pants. Had to throw out those briefs. I got an email afterwards from my perps that said "MEGA FART!!!". Whether or not some of these are perp-induced, I've found that I can control where the pee goes and any sudden "mega farts" by using the sitting position. I especially do this when out and about in public restrooms, because it seems I'm more at risk for "accidents" when I'm away from home.

Also, I've been getting a lot of biting the inside of my cheeks when eating now, much more than usual.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've experience a lot....

Thanks for the affirmation of such similar events, coining the term, "mega-fart", as an apt description of what happened to me. I had no idea they were violating TI's to this extent, except under the guise of a plausible medical condition, but it seems that the perps have been at it in this blatant invasive fashion for much longer than I knew. (And who wants to talk about it much anyway?).

So, it is back to the grind of an "in residence" TI, along with the feints and dodges at the worksite, the temporary farm job. The harassment has been more intense during this just-returned (from being away) state of the last two days. Any kind of disruption, or post-disruption state is always prone to increased harassment. Thanks for the comments.