Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grining Elevator Greeter

What was so amusing for the Fuckwit that was about to pile into the elevator before I got out at 0655h this morning. Instead, he pointed me to the direction to get out past him, this grining figure of 6'4" (5" taller than me), and in a red shirt with a coffee cup in hand. My reaction, likely governed, was to stare at him like he was fucked out of his head, and I took off to leave this scene behind. It was the first time I have seen him, and I can only assume he was a Fuckwit entering the building at that hour when there is hardly anyone about.

Then onto the downtown trot to the bus stop where my daughter's former grade two Montessori Phillipino school teacher "happened" to arrive, placing a black and white checkerboarded bag next to me. I was glad to see her go, and she must of recognized me but didn't say anything. Another shill on the sick list.

Reading a newspaper became too much of a hassle on the bus, so I had to drop that habit after one day's attempt. The light filtering through the trees and buildings is rendered to be chopped and strobe like, not to mention the bus' lurching and swaying. End of that idea, and I suspect it wasn't mine in the first place.

I was on retail boxing at work (inside) until 1430h, then weeding, then outside for pumpkin picking and then back to weeding. I couldn't but help notice the perps kept on passing people or objects (vehicle mostly) in front of the sun to created momentary shade conditions, and then have me back in the sunlight again. The on and off sunlight games are of increasing importance it seems, and the perps continue to script good weather at this time of year. I don't particularly give a shit as to what their sunlit interests are, but what pisses me off is this constant strobe-like action, ensuring that dappled shade turns into a horrific stroboscopic nightmare.

This is going to be a brief posting as I need to get more sleep before waking up. No strange coincidences with the alarm this morning, unlike yesterday. The meat aerial games are still playing for whatever reasons the perps have.

Other wierd stuff was dogging me at the LD store with gangstalkers, and one woman in a purple sweater was leading me to the very aisle I was headed, and then we crossed paths again when she stopped, and again when I backtracked once she had moved on from the very item location I was planning to go. And just as I stepped back, why, she was directly behind me and I gently nudged into her, and she touched me on both shoulders in a steadying fashion. How she noiselessly got behind me to create this mild collision scenario I have no idea.

My bus riding pals that were around me all got off at the same bus stop as me, being a phalanx of Fuckwits to accompany me 60' to the crosswalk and then across the street. By then the fishing rod toting Fuckwit was also on me, holding his fishing rod horizonally 3' behind me when it was plain fucking stupid for all the people on the street. This is the third gangstalker fishing rod episode in a week, and it is getting tiresome.

That is all the news for today, much abbreviated to be sure, and only mentioning that the navy was out again to be seen patrolling with strange maser and plasmic emanations coming toward me with unerring repitition. It is the same for most aircraft, though the military ones seem to be even more maser prone than commercial ones.

Enough blathering and I am off to bed.

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