Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shut In For What + minor updates

A Saturday shut-in day, unless one counts the 40' trips to the laundry room, one past two Fuckwit pretending to be going on a fishing trip at 1030h. (Get real). Said fuckers blocked the hallway outside the elevators on the way to the laundry room, save a narrow route next to the elevator doors. And lo, just at one Fuckwit picked up the blue and white plastic cooler, the doors opened without any of the usual preliminary sounds. Had the elevator made its usual pre-arrival noises, I would of stopped and let the hallway blocking Fuckwits board the elevator and be out of my way entirely. And it so happened, that the blue and white cooler the one Fuckwit picked up as I crossed his intended path, is identical in color and materials to the blue and white cooler my mother brought on the past week's excursion, a six day road trip with most of the food in it along with the salmon (see last posting), and a glycol leaking freezer block. (It would seem that glycol is another one of the pollutants the perps cannot yet understand, of the kind that somehow interferes with their remote energetic detection and mind-control capabilities). And too, I did own a larger cooler of identical materials and colors some 25 years ago, and was placed for me to walk past when at the ex's place for a First Feral Family dinner about two months ago.

Anyhow, it is one of the days when I am kept in, and without sufficient ambition to even step out and get a Saturday national newspaper. A forced 1.25 hour long nap also sucked up some time, and presumably I am somehow "tagged" with the energetic imprint of lying on the same bed sheets that were laundered this morning, albeit with the blanket between me and the sheets. So now I get to blog the most interesting snippets from last week, assuming I am allowed to remember them.

Highlights from the travel excursion this past week.

The food seemed to be a big deal; some was delivered to my out-of-town brother in Kamloops (salmon, per above), some was never eaten but had a round trip (brown crackers I supplied, two pints of blueberries of my mother with an additional small bag of frozen ones supplied by my sister-in-law for the trip back), some was left behind (ginger beer from my fridge -read, brown liquid) and didn't get packed for the return trip, being "left behind" at my brother's place), and a bounty of fruit. The lastmost is a topic in its own right; bananas were taken but I somehow never got to eat one and the blueberries too (per above). we bought 20lb of peaches, 20lb of apples, 2lb of grapes, and one one melon. The two 20lb boxes were split among my brother (who already had a similar quantity of apples on hand), my mother and me. A First Feral Family sharing of fruit, so we will see how this plays out. I was once "allergic" to peaches, a sudden eruption condition of 15 years ago, but is no longer the case. Could this be more yellow and red color games again? Regular readers will know that one of the minor or benign obsessions of the perps is my fruit consumption; both color and sugar content seem to be important for the assholes, and possibly even the ambient light source (sun, artificial, including the time of the day). The perps tell me that there is a problem for them with the properties of the fructose molecules, but as always, this comes from a unreliable source, and I don't give a shit anyway, being long purged of any nascent interest in chemistry.

Other feints and dodges was having me outside in the sunlight on the deck, and the various First Feral Family players switching seats, and then when I came back in, my mother went back out and sat in the same seat as I did, seeming to replicate my sun/orientation experience. Regular readers will also know of the perps interest in sunlight exposure, sun angle, and how it interacts with one's skin and possibly deeper effects such as vitamin D production. They tried me out on tanning booths back before they made themselves overt in 04-2002, and now they stopped me from using them by shutting down the tanning studio before I arrive. I don't have the money for this indulgence anyhow, and I sincerely doubt that they would let me continue with a regular regimen of tanning. BUT, this past summer, they did make me purchase two tan-through shirts and allowed a tanned back, but not a tanned front. I suppose it is no coincidence that the number of brown dressed gangstalkers, including vehicles, has increased of late, and this might be due to the brown skin on my back that was permitted, the first tan since 2003. They did permit tanning au naturel in 2003 at the local beach for that group, (suddenly uninhibited too), but seemingly, it didn't allow them to figure out whatever it is about tanning and tanned brown skin that they are so desperately researching by life-raping me and other TI's. I find it interesting that T. T. Brown, a brilliant scientist who was connected to the powers that be(PTB), took every opportunity to sunbathe without clothes on. He wrote a small treatise on how to control gravity when 24 y.o. in 1929, calling it "electrogravitics" and somehow, this knowledge has never been pursued, at least publically. See the links under Scientific Sources, or this one.

I am running out of time today, having pursued some interesting links on electrogravitics, so the above will have to suffice as today's posting. Pehaps more stories will unfold as to the goings on, but for now, this is it. And no decent pictures of arranged skullduggery this trip, as the perps seem to be backing off on photogenic harassment/orchestration events while away.

There won't be a posting for today, so this is an add-on instead.

I got the proverbial jerkaround after paying my evening course tuition online; "somehow" the wrong credit card expiry date got added in, and I expressly remember reading it and entering it correctly. Anyhow, that begat some emails and phone calls, and so I had to re-register using the same credit card. Hopefully this is done with. Just one more example of the senseless fuckery that an TI is exposed to when making financial transactions. Surely there are enough online credit card fuckups that they are monitoring they don't have to mess me up as well. But no, life isn't just unfair, it is abusively targetted to be made much more adverse. And why do I need a waiting posse every time I use my debit card at the supermarket checkout, not to mention the litany of password fuckups, re-scans of the card and the rest of of the throat clearing as I use the card?

About two months ago at the ATM, they even put on three young negro children to swarm me at the bank's doorway entrance, the mother seeming oblivious to this cluster fuck. Then, two weeks later the same family posse "shows up" on the 0705h bus and the same children sit beside me while the mother does the chat thing with another negro who "happened" to be nearby. So what next while making a financial transaction? Read the list of the Unfavoreds; vagrants, big hat acts, geriatrics and the rest of these demographic groups and expect them too. It is totally consistent.

Back from a First Feral Family dinner; my mother, brother and his Thai girlfriend. The latter has very poor English and it is difficult to understand her, but I was doing OK the last time I spoke with her, but tonight for "some reason" I couldn't decode much of what she said. Which to me, spells remotely applied cognitive dithering and in conjunction with my brother and mother talking loudly at the same time, it made it all very difficult to understand what she was saying. And of note, this is the perfect perp setup, keeping me on the edge of cognition, slipping in and out of understanding what was being said, while another conversation was taking place. Needless to say, this bullshit went many rounds (three at least), and I couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there so to take a break from this very odd situation. They gave me a ride back to my place in her burgundy vehicle, saving me the bus trip and the freakshow that goes with it.

About an hour before dinner my brother phones to say his girlfriend (sort of) was coming too, which got my mother all fussed for the next 1.5 hours as they came 30 minutes late. Which made it very strange that they brought cooked corn to be shared by all, and it needed some 15 minutes to be reheated again. I could not figure out how this got arranged, making last minute arrangements changes of adding an extra person, and then having the prerequisite amount of corn ready. It was too weird to figure out, and no one wanted to explain how this was arranged and why. Another FUD-fuck (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) it would seem. Anyhow, I am glad to be back at this online world, as I had enough of my mother's ditzing, and then this cognitive dithering on top of it.


Anonymous said...

Last night I got the obligatory staring Fuckwit who came in after me. He just stood there facing me, staring, looking all menacing and mean and surely. I'm sure you have encountered some of these types every now and then. It's amazing the amount of abuse I have to absorb as a TI. Any normal person would be freaked out. But since they've been overt on me, it's just yet another day in the life of being a TI. And that's not all... I get to see multiple iterations of these types in one night, playing itself out like a string of movies.

Also, I noticed that if I leave a particular place (when I'm out in public) on a happy, cheerful note, they spare not one second in sending out some asshole gangstalker to ruin that happy mood (an unfavored fuckwit of course) positioned down the sidewalk a distance from me, turning the corner.

It's very easy for them to set up these little gangstalker "traps" and occurrences for me when I'm out on foot. If I drive somewhere, like say to a different town, they may be caught off guard, but a lot of times they have fuckwits working "shifts" in other towns simultaneously. It's amazing how many towns at once they are able to do this in. It's like they have an inexhaustible resource of gangstalking clowns all over the place (different city/states).

Linda said...

I come to you with a message that may not appeal to you at all. But I am offering it to you on the chance that it might provide refreshment for your soul in this wicked world.

When I became aware that I was surrounded by strangers who wanted to destroy me, I was terrified. I sought help from the police and they blew me off, even though I'm pretty sure the officer who took the complaint knew what I was dealing with. He would not even look at me. I knew my family could not help me.

The stalking was very intense at that time, as if they were deliberately attempting to drive me to take my own life right
then. They were everywhere! Complete strangers terrorizing me! And so many of them!

Days before, perhaps even hours prior to my self-destruction, I cried out to - not God, but to Jehovah God for help. That was in the summer of 2006. My life has undergone a drastic change since then, as life changes for all targeted individuals.

Over the last couple of years the gangstalking criminals have tried many things against me; they have even tried to murder me. Why? I have no idea. For fun, maybe. They have tried pretty much everything in their arsenals in their quest to destroy me. But nothing they have tried to bring
against me has succeeded. I am not homeless, and I now work from home.

I am also now one of Jehovah's Witnesses, or, a witness for the true and living God Jehovah. I no longer have any fear of the gangstalking criminals. Where I was once terrified to go outside, I now regularly walk outdoors. I have not been physically harmed once. You can read my story at

The Kingdom that people pray for when they recite "The Lord's Prayer" is in position to "clean house" on this earth, bringing an end to crimes like gangstalking, torture, and all other forms of criminal activity.

As gangstalking victims, our lives have already changed. We will never again experience life the way it was prior to becoming victimized. So why not give Jehovah a chance to help you. You are under no obligation. Prove to yourself whether or not I speak the truth by using your Bible and the links provided.

For a preview of earth's future in the wonderful new world, please visit and take a look at the
colorful and picturesque tract, "Life in a Peaceful New World".

Would you rather be in that world, or the one described here: Letter to Neighbor - A Community Secret Revealed This is the world we live in today.

You can continue to wait for what would be temporary help that is likely not coming, or you can seek real help from Jehovah who will soon bring a permanent end to gangstalking.

There is help available for you now if you reach for it. But do it soon! I would be pleased to answer any questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you find that I am speaking the truth, don't hesitate. Seek Jehovah now while you can! He WILL help you!


(Watchtower Bible and Tract Society -

My GS Story -

Earth's Future, A World Without Tears -

AJH said...

Answer to: I come to you with a message...

Proselytizing messages never appeal to me. I don't believe in the religion option for gangstalker abatement to be blunt. Not when they control my every breath and faintest thought, arranged my family to be in on it since birth, and arranged anything of consequence in my life. They know me better than I do, and have often deleted the conscious memories as well. Thanks for the comment.

AJH said...

Answer to: Last night I got the obligatory staring Fuckwit...

Staring at someone and then following them is highly aggressive in my opinion. Rarely do I get this level of pursuit as it seems they don't like to overload me with the sight of male aggressiveness. Any of the aggressive male poses/stunts have been been muted; e.g. a brief two second long feigned crotch grab. But you are correct in observing that sunlight level plays a part of the perps' testing; daytime, dusktime, and nightime, often get tested in similar ways; e.g. Unfavored demographic group members, e.g. males wearing red colored clothing.

The perps like to piss on a party; bringing one suddenly down from a good time is just the stuff they like to do.

An "inexhaustable supply of Fuckwits"; you bet. Though, it is my take that they script us controlled minions, and can "anticipate" any change of mind or evasiveness because they now control these very actions by way of remotely applied neural controls. You might think that you are operating in reaction to what you see, wholly within character, and yet the entire show is scripted. Time without fail I take an evasive action and have an Unfavored Fuckwit parked exactly where I least expected them. Thanks for the comment.