Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Shirt Day

The first day of wearing a new T-shirt that was a deep grey and made of fast wicking synthetic material. It hadn't been washed even, just straight from the store in Kamloops last week. The wearing of a new shirt will bring on plenty of perp silliness, and today was no exception. Just to think, I sent an order off for six more new shirts at Sierra Trading Post, so this stunt theme has plenty of action to come. The last time I had a new shirt was last year, the day of the film crew arrival and the film script I did with the director. (It all went bust afterward as the first of the two reels somehow got overexposed). In this situation I was under intensified camera lighting, and had worked feverishly on the written material all morning as the director gave me the wrong minutes/page reading times.

So today, I got at least six military helicopter fly-pasts, the new shirt being the same color as the aircraft. And I even got a black helicopter fly-past as well. This had a downward pointing landing light on, positioned in the middle of the passenger area, and making a 90 degree turn over where I was.

I was weeding all day today, only 120' from the four lane highway with ceaseless noise of passing vehicles, and motorcycles. In the latter category there was one per minute for a time, with extended trail-offs of their supposed exhaust noise. I didn't look at the road traffic too much while doing heads down weeding, but there were plenty of silver-grey vehicles with a red one embedded in the center, and another configuration was three identical model pickup trucks, all the same shade of white.

And to no surprise, my $8400 training grant application was turned down. The spiteful bullshit from the doctor was the stake in the back, and I have yet to sort this out with him. My mother said she would cover the cost of the two fall Oracle courses, so hopefully she will come through rather than jerking me around over the expensive progressive eyeglasses at Christmas time last year, stiffing me for half the cost when she said she would cover it all in advance. Somehow, I forgot this little behavioral jerkaround when putting the courses on my Mastercard a few days ago, so this back story might have some continued action. I can hardly wait.

The training grant also had a partial provision to get this here PC upgraded as part of the Oracle database performance upgrade. So that idea got squelched as well, and it will likely take much of my farm laborer earnings to pull this off. Another jerkaround was getting the CPU last week before today's refusal letter. I know better, but am constantly getting financially jerked around as part of the mind/life fuck show.

A short posting tonight and onto more strange dreams. Last night, they had me doing trail bicycle riding, and the instant I went over the jump, the alarm clock went off. Not unlike a 1989 ice hockey tournament when the puck came to my waiting hockey stick 5' in front of the other team's goal, and just before I was going to shoot the puck, the end of game buzzer sounded. It is amazing how they arranged that, as it was one game of three in a tournament.


Anonymous said...

That hockey game scenario you described matches something I saw on about 4 hours ago. They had a story on their front page about this football player who stopped 2 yards short of the goal line who refused to score touchdowns. So this signals to me that the perps are mirroring your blog in their usual "high places".

I sure their psychological warfare tactics alone are enough to cause memory loss because of all the stress hormones released. No chemicals or their usual secret electronic means are necessary. Of course they have those at their disposal too. I hope these perps are as stressed out as we are over their tactics, and are themselves suffering brain damage and memory loss, so that one day, they will slip up and their mighty leech empire will come crumbling down upon them.

AJH said...

Answer to: That hockey game scenario...

The perps often like to create an event as if it is sure to happen, and then suddenly it doesn't due to "unforseen circumstances". The hockey almost-goal is one example, but there have been many more since, and I am getting blanked out in coming up with some examples.

I suspect the perps can regulate our stress reactions directly, including the hormonal changes such as increased cortisol and the entire endocrine system. Otherwise for all the intense stress the assholes put me through, I should look at least 60 y.o., when their one-time meddling, and now continual meddling with my face and body state makes me look 45, when I am 55 y.o. Loss of recall abilities suddenly increased when they learned to control and mess with it in 2007 to 2008. Before that, my recall was reasonably good. Now, I am lucky if I am allowed to know my name for the stuttering the assholes impose on me when I introduce myself.

Anonymous said...

They also seem to be able to manage my energy levels, also. An example is when I'm leaving my residence, and out for a walk, and I can feel multiple "saps" or negative energy pulses directed towards me. Also, when I'm out eating something early in the morning, all of a sudden I get this sudden faint feeling, like I've suddenly gotten ill. Somehow, I manage to make through 10 straight hours of work, though, which defies all logic. I know these perps I'm seeing at the lower (street) level are their pawns, and carrying out whatever roles the mighty perps want them to. The perps are able to manage my levels of energy by taking away some of it, and leaving it to my body to "regain" some of it back (the self-healing "test" I suspect).

AJH said...

Answer to: They also seem to be able to...

Remotely managing one's energy levels is a substantial part of the perp's manipulative schtick. I had to give up running because I felt totally tired after one block of running effort, which was repeated again. This was an never-before experience, even if I had an on/off running fitness regimen. (But a substantial swimming fitness; 7500m per week for 10 years). And so running was not allowed since 2003, then they fucked me out of swimming since 2004 by imposing a never-before anxiety state while in the water. Later in 2006 and 2008 respectively, it was hiking and walking (80 min. return trip city walk), that got shutdown. I suspect that exercise dissipates the irradiative energy (magnetic at least, 1600 gauss earlier in 2009), that is beamed at us. In the latter part of the hiking and walking times (per above), when I returned to my apartment, I could feel these pounding and vibrating waves in my body as well as having my vision messed with for the first three hours. It seemed to me at the time it was an accelerated irradiative "topping up", increasing the dosage to the level I could feel it after some of the irradiative energy had been dissipated by exercise. Just my interpretation of course, but I successfully predicted that the termination of city walking was imminent based on my prior experiences with the shutdown of hiking (backcountry, rugged trail, 3 hours per hike). Thanks for the comments.