Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-Excursion Wrap Up

This will be a two day posting, as I have these days off do deal with the training funding application (with meetings), part of which will be an information night tonight at the community college.

The latest "manufactured" crisis was that the email work reference I recieved from my foreman didn't work for the employment case manager, so some web sleuthing was needed to figure that one out.

Meanwhile, the much-loathed Harely Davidson motorcycle noise erupted just after I put the earmuffs on, somehow getting through them from six stories down. Another case of sound/noise volume management, ensuring I get the correct dose at my ears, no matter what hearing protection I employ. Even my fingers in my ears aren't as effective as they used to be; go figure.

I am am doing a week long excursion to the interior British Columbia, the Okanagan wine region in particular. I leave Saturday and come back Thursday, in time to catch a day's work on Friday next week and find out if there is work for the following week. That is how it goes, this seasonal farm work, all at the same farm of course. But it is most peculiar as they are keeping a daily classified ad in the newspaper, indicating the are looking for workers to mid-December. Hopefully, I can get two more weeks in after this excursion to cover the PC upgrade that seems to becoming more part of the planning process, and in concert, taking the Oracle database courses in the evening starting October 06.

As before, I don't call this getaway a holiday, as the harassment and jerkarounds will be constant, though generally less when I am with another party, even if it is a First Feral Family member who started this insane abuse train since my birth. And still the assholes are attempting to purge my reactions to many things/people on the Unfavored list. The lastest has been negro swapping in rural farm country, where there weren't any to be seen, but suprise, they just now "show up" all of a sudden, the city bus commutes being their stage for these props/shills/Unfavored demographic group members. They had a regular cafe-au-lait (light colored) negro onboard when I boarded the bus in the mornings, and who ostensibly rode most of my trip time to a regular employer in rural-dom, but he and his toque-in-summer act stopped a few days ago, and then a darker negro dude got on the bus stop after mine, and then sat in the cafe-au-lait's favorite seat on the driver side rearmost seat. They put on shills ahead of me to guide me to the next forward facing row seat in front of him, and I had his visage in my rearmost vision if I turned my head back to look at a vehicular distraction; e.g. clusters of same colored vehicles, configurations etc.

And they put on a very black negro on the afternoon inbound bus, usually on the lower deck to discourage me from sitting there, and going up to the upper deck. This is the same weird with the partial gold painted dark jeasns pants, most visible from the back when he gets off inside a three or four (both) stops. Though, they did "get me" once on the double decker bus with the regular skinny downstairs negro, and then an second upstairs negro, just as black, strangely wearing a gold fabric ball cap. Then this latter negro "happened" to be loitering outside the bus at the first negro's regular bus stop, and where the bus sits for a few minutes for a timing stop. But he didn't get on the bus, but hung around and then wandered off. Funny how this goes, these visual "tag team" negros with the gold fabric prop, both being extremely black.

Other Unfavored action is at the farm, featuring a Caucasian dreadlock hair dude, about the most disgusting head coverage after the male skinhead (totally bald) look. This dreadlock hurl-do as it has been named in past blog postings, continues to make late entrances, usually after work has begun and I have been at the work location for a half hour or so, and comes by in the guise of a late arrival, looking for where he might be assigned. He has his head/hair mostly obscured in a hoodie at this early juncture. My workmate usually talks to him and tells him where to find the timekeeper and head grower and the perps have me keep my head down to avoid looking at this freak. Then, over the course of the day, he does a walk by (aka "parade-by"), usually in the guise of moving to another job or worksite, and has incrementally greater amounts of his fugly hurl-do exposed. yesterday, they put on a full press "parade by", having at least four males walk past in a slow troll, seemingly onto another job en masse. Then, if in the opinion of the perps, I have had enough exposure for the day, the dreadlock dude disappears early and does his late arrival act for the next day. A whole week's relief from deadlocks beckons, though I haven't left town yet.

Another weirding out player at the farm site of the past week has been the one E. Indian turban act, down from at least four last year. While marshalling for the morning's work assignment, they have me at the warehouse entrance, either outside or just inside the 20' wide door, and the turban act does various distance dependent loiterings, he being on the inside when I am outside, and vice versa, and almost always stops to chat or play "peekaboo" by obscuring himself behind another person, one that I converse with usually and has a longer track record of close-in time. This turban act then "happened" to arrive at the corner of the warehouse where I working before lunch time, and then again afterward, in the guise of friendly daffodil bulb lobbing with the one person who knows him from a few years ago. Yesterday, he arrives behind me just before lunch, with poly plastic partially draped over him in some kind of (faux) mock antic, the humor of which entirely escaped me. Later in the afternoon, just as I was going to the outdoor sheltered picnic table for the break, there he is in the partial inside/outside lighting of the large door, again with the same poly plastic draped over him for some obscure reason.

Another color game there was a one-time event; the DHL truck and delivery man were in their bright red and yellow livery, again in this same large door delivery entrance to the warehouse, in the above mentioned half light of a N. indirect sunlight exposure and the inside mercury arc lamps 35' above. And extra light/plasma games were in place to ensure the DHL dude in red and yellow was particularly backlit, so much so that I could barely make out the atrocious color combination. (Have I mentioned I absolutely loathe bright red and yellow together in combination, and the sight of ketchup and mustard, particularly at fairgrounds and other venues of junk food excess, is about the most vile sight I know? At least once per week.) Other Unfavored and gangstalk/harassment theme fuckery was that the DHL truck was picking up a pallet load of boxed retail flower bulbs, likely ones me and my confreres had packed that morning, and that the pallet load was secured with upteen rounds of industrial cling wrap while I was having my break time. This is consistent with the Cling Wrap fuckery I get everytime in my kitchen, and the surge (four) of co-workers at least once, while I was unwrapping Cling Wrap from my break time snack. The Cling Wrap and the rest of the various plastics exposures has been totally consistent from early harassment days, and still, I get downtown irrigation service vehicles with 20' sections of PVC pipe circling the block in my proximity. Like, where is the downtown irrigation job anyhow? Never mind "getting lost" downtown.

Another event of similar proportions was getting on the bus, ordinarily a very simple event, but was augmented with yet more red/yellow, dayglo and brown color games. A "maintenance worker" in a lime green dayglo coat with reflective banding "happened" to be working outside the bus stop at 0700h, pulling his trolley with a vile red and yellow vinyl bags onboard. And just when the bus is arriving, he his putzing with a MacDo's drink container (think brown colored contents in a red and white container), and then flips it with his litter picker stick some 4' in front of me into the gutter where the lid pops off and the brown pop contents disgorge into the gutter that has a small stream of water headed downstream toward the direction of the bus. (The street sweeper machine loads up at the nearby hydrant and some water "happens" to leak out and turn the street corner and into the bus lane; have I also mentioned the street sweeper at odd hours in the past?) Then the seeming maintenance dude flips the vessel into my path, so I wait. Then somehow, a brown bag also arrived into this little brown color vignette, and lo, if the maintenance man doesn't do some more putzing around in front of the bus, obstructing in getting to it, until I get impatient enough (read, mind fucked planted sensation), to step through at a seeming availble moment, only to have the litter picker stick thrust into my boot before getting on board. All like clockwork, this bullshit event, and presumably to get me cued/readied on brown colors before getting on board the bus with the above mentioned cafe-au-lait dude lounging in the back seat.

Obviously, the sight of brown colored vehicles is still "too much" in some way, as they are only used sparingly in the latter part of the vehicular gangstalk show, and metallic light tan brown at that, one that runs into at least two thousand vehicles or more on the highway commute to the farm job. Though, interestingly, they have been upping the number of copper colored vehicles in this show, and even dared to put two together with the usual consort of white, silver-grey and other greyscale colors.

Ah yes, the sound of local jackhammering of concrete, and it is for real, as they started up just when I exited the local supermarket, less than 200' away. The sidewalk that is almost opposite this apartment building needs improvement it seems, and so they moved the temporary street light pole on a 2" thick chunk of steel to the street (asphalt surface) from the sidewalk (concrete surface).

I have made two outings today, getting ready for going away for a week, and finishing up on my training fund application, and pondering if the employment case manager is going to get this submitted today, or do I spend the entire away-time in a minor FUD state, wondering if was delayed for some reason that hasn't yet been declared. I am monitoring my email over this one, and there has also been some interaction with the PC builder. Coincidentally, after I finished up an email and sent it, I went out on my outings. The perps like to have a post-event troll where they can get their gangstalkers out after a "big event" (for them). They consistenly noisestalk me when sending an email, as they do for Windows select, copy and paste commands, so this is all too exciting, going outside on the heels of sending an email. Regular readers will know they have done this after sending off a job application via email, and other variants.

I did a city bus freakshow trip last night with the dusk onset. Needless to say, the red color gangstalking was in an increased state. They had me surrounded on the bus with the protypical blonde babe in black (I was wearing a black shirt and a black coat with a black cordura briefcase), with a black bag. I got the brown dressed dweebes, and an Asian playing with his one grey gloved hand near his crotch to simulate you-know-what, and then the crab trap fishermen again, happened to walk by with a red and white cooler and the folded down wire crab trap. I see one of these every two months or so, and it seems to be the shopping basket with vagrant prop that I see on the street with exceptional frequency.

And I see from this morning's outings that the trendy color for the surge of shiftless males (read, gangstalkers) is a light green sage green, identical to that of the shirt I am wearing and the trim on my walking shoes that are in a state of high wear and due for replacement.

On the in-apartment harassment front I am getting plenty of crumb teleportation and strange spills. The fresh coffee grounds somehow did a lateral spill from the spoon they were on and that didn't move, with a nice little collection of grounds on the spout of the unfilled coffee pot. I got the usual crumb show on the cooktop as part of the deal, but strangely, not the nearly-every-morning coffee grounds spill that arrives at the back of the stove, at least 1.5' from the coffee pot. Even the most predictable years long crumb show gets changed up. Though it is interesting to note that as soon as I clean up one crumb spill or a large crumb, the perps will immediately re-direct my attention to another crumb or facsimilie of like size. Call it "crumb shifting" perhaps.

Other escalated strangeness is the hairs that arrive on me, and the razor immediately after getting out of the shower and while shaving. Mostly they look as if from me, being the same color as mine. Though of late thick black hairs are arriving sometimes in mid shave, as if some kind of localized disturbance factor. And they even place one such hair in my cereal bowl last week while eating them. I call all of these dog hairs, an ironic name as I do not have a dog. My black stretch cordura pants I wear to work on the farm job are also getting inundated with hairs and lint variants.

I am going to call this one done for today as I don't see much exciting will happen, and take a whole week off from everything online and connected via the internet.

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