Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bump-Into-Me Stunt

A five minute shopping trip turns into a big deal when the browncoated operative at the checkout bumps into one, and when asked how she did it, she said "I didn't see you". Talk about beserk; everyone notices others at the checkout especially if they are ahead. I had five chocolate bars on the adjacent conveyor, and then the cashier went through some cashing out process with checks, bills and reciepts to hold me up all the more. Funny how any notion to get agressive on the faux errant jostling didn't happen. I have had enough of this bullshit, and want to be left alone.

And that wasn't the case for tattoos either; at least three on display getting there or in the store, and yet again I am obliged to confront the assholes with the mantra; if I don't like tattoos then why am I constantly gangstalked with them, and why is it anyone else's concern but mine?

And two skinheads, though chemo-heads might be a less charged way of saying the same thing. The guy at work today was pulling the same thing, taking his hat off for me to see his all bald pate just to gross me out it would seem.

And the negro gangstalking while undertaking a financial transaction at the ATM this morning. There was one posted at one ATM and I took the other and deposited my paycheck. And after I finished and stepped out onto the street, why the regular bus stop negro gangstalker was hot on my tail, putting on extra fast walking to keep pace with me on the crosswalk. The "regular" two negroes were on the bus, and I suppose this is all part of the negro gangstalking tagteam. Regular readers will know that there were three negro children clustered at the same location when I was headed to the same ATM machine. And too, when my brother recieved an unexpected bounteous payout of his auction items, a negro was there gangstalking his extended cash out. Yet again, I want to be left alone and I don't need anyone's liberal multicultural uptopic notions deployed around me. I have long made my own determinations, and if this happened during the three year recall blank out and gave me the notion that certain demographic groups had different behavior patterns, why does an Fourth Reich multinational covert operations group have to set me up with negroes every time I go to the ATM or otherwise witness a financial transaction? (Less than 3% negroes here). Just leave me the fuck alone.

A good day at the bulb farm; outside work, then unannounced inside work causing me to go out to the field when they knew the job was inside, and made themselves scarce at the break so I wouldn't ask them. This is the second time this bullshit has erupted, keeping the victim (me) clued out as to where the rest of the work team went. Then outside for the afternoon, finishing up the field work that had been hanging over our heads for the past three weeks. A sunny day, and a fantastic view of Mt. Baker, and I have no complaints about that. Pumpkin picking beckons for tomorrow.

And I see the morning bus stop area that we farm laborers use is ripped up with a street works project. A 18" deep trench has been dug for the sidewalk, and then they packed it with the road base gravel, and I assume, will pave it with concrete in short order. Other TI's will know that the perps constantly arrange street digging and trenching along my walking routes, and this would be another example of countless occasions.

And for excitement, read perp harassment antics, they arranged for a military helicopter fly by when I was out in the field picking bulbs. There was at least four back and forths, and I suppose having me outside, then inside, then outside was a big event as there were plenty of masers flitting and unfurling around me at the outdoor lunch table. Yesterday, after doing the refuse detail and dressed up in yellow vinyl, they put on a navy ship on manouvres not far away. As always, with military vessels and aircraft, there are strange blackish emanations from the craft, and they take about 2 to 4 second to arrive, long enough to get a good visual fix on the maser/wave pulse.

Time to post this one as the restless feet fuckover games are in process, and I am not sure how long I can stay connected.


Anonymous said...

Got one "player" playing her assigned role. When questioned about it, she just shrugged and blew it off, saying she doesn't know why she did it. (It was some weird spontaneous spur-of-the-moment act brought on by tiredness, according to her.) Note that they never account for the roles they are assigned... there is always some excuse to serve as justification, such as "I didn't see you" or "I was high, that's why I yelled at you" or "I was/am drunk" for justification for any rude acts or speech.

AJH said...

Answer to: Got one "player"...

My usual line, not that I get to use it as it is "forgotten" is to come at them like so; "what do you mean "excuse me"; I get shoved around in the supermarket six [or chose your own number] times per week, and "excuse me" doesn't cut it any more". One can add to the conspiratorial theme by continuing to say; "so who is organizing this shoving and when are they going to stop?"

Anyhow, grist for the mill if one isn't mind-fucked into "forgetting" this line. Thanks for the comments.